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A Flight to Remember!

Fly Girls provided tons of laughs as well as the hot action you would expect form an adult film. Evan Stone has one of his best comedic performances, and follows that up by having a great sex scene. The cast is beyond hot, and the story while outlandish, is very good. This film is also packed full of extra features, including an awesome and very funny Behind the Scenes Featurette, which makes this a sure buy!
Very humorous, hot sex, and awesome cast!
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Front Cover:
With its picture of a plane and a runway, to the pictures of the eight female flight attendants, makes this an absolute gorgeous cover. The front cover is very attractive and most certainly does its job (catches the eye).

Back cover:
While the back cover does have several provocative and sexual images it also has a few non-sexual images from the film and a nice description of the film’s plot. The female talent is all named with a picture of each of them, and all the bonus material is clear and easy to see.

The menus are very well designed; they are very attractive to the eye and ear, as well as very simple to navigate.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers

The film starts out showing passengers going through security check points after being given the all clear, one being the lovely Janie Summers, and another being a gun wielding unscrupulous character (an obvious attempt at comedy, and if I do say so, a very successful attempt!).

The camera pans over to show a group of people, several flight attendants and a pilot. We learn that they are not actually who they appear to be, they are porn stars in disguise. While they wait, the female stars give Evan Stone a hard time for unwittingly participating in a gay film. Eventually Manuel Ferrara shows up with Sasha Grey, the two are porn producers who have hidden several cameras on a plane where the new crew will replace the real crew, and will engage in a lot of sordid acts.

Evan is shocked when he finds out that the producers do not have permits and what they are doing is illegal. Manuel gives a passionate speech about how you do not need a permit to make art in France, Katsuni jumps in and the two salute France! Evan assures them that this is not France and it is illegal, but eventually goes along with the plan.

The camera cuts away and the caption shows “Airport Security Terminal”, here we find a pilot who appears to have been beaten by the corrupt security officer (Ben English). The officer is aware of the plot to film an adult film aboard one of the flights, and interrogates the pilot.

Out in the lobby a flight coordinator mistakenly misidentifies the group and hurries the group of masquerading porn stars onto a plane.

Meanwhile Manuel and Sasha have been detained, as well as three innocent female stewardesses. The officer and his subordinate (Raven Alexis) lead the group away.

Back on the plane the girls seat all the passengers, while Evan meets the pilot. Evan is astonished by the pilot’s acting abilities; he is totally unaware that something is amiss. Evan is so clueless that he even has troubles seating himself in the co-pilot’s chair. The pilot reaches out to shake hands with Evan, and Evan holds out his elbow before saying “oh, yeah that’s right! I haven’t touched my cock yet!” he then shakes hands with the pilot. The pilot just thinks that Evan is playing a joke on him.

The girls all give a strip tease to the passengers and the plane takes off.

Once the plane is in flight, a young lady (Janie Summers) wonders into the stewardess area and asks to meet the pilot. Jesse Jane thinks the young women is just another actor and leads her to the cock pit, where they find Evan telling a dramatic story about a three headed serpent that he slayed by spiting poison into its mouth (an homage to Pirates 2). The pilot whispers to Evan that he knows how it is to want to impress the ladies and leaves the cockpit.

Evan seduces Janie and the two have sex. The sex scene starts out with lap dancing, and eventually makes it to oral and vaginal sex before ending with a facial cumover.

The next scene shows Katsuni forcing two passengers (Mick Blue and Erik Everhard) to bark, while she occasionally slaps them with her whip. She determines that she will have sex with both of them, and she leads them to the stewardess area. The sex scene that follows involves a lot of oral and vaginal sex, but no double penetration. The scene ends with a double cumover.

The next scene shows Jenna Haze walking in on a sleeping passenger (Scott Nails), she must be attracted to him because she bends over and begins to perform oral sex. Scott wakes up and eventually ditches the blindfold and the two have oral, vaginal, and anal sex before the scene ends with a cumover.

Meanwhile Jesse and Riley decide to entertain the pilot, but end up giving the poor guy a heart attack. Unfortunately minutes before the pilot’s heart gave way he took the plane off of auto pilot, now the plane and the passenger’s fate is in the hands of the porn stars.

The camera cuts away and shows Sasha and Manuel seducing the female security officer from earlier (Raven Alexis). The three have oral and vaginal sex before the scene ends with a double cumover.

Meanwhile the officer (Ben English) interrogates three innocent stewardesses (Julia Ann, Nikki Benz, Alanah Rae). In order to go home, the three seduce the officer and they have a foursome that features oral and vaginal sex.

Back aboard the plane, the porn stars try to land the plane, finally they receive help from a janitor (Marco Banderas) who speaks little English. They eventually land, and Jesse and Riley set off to find the man who helped them. They find that man, and they have oral and vaginal sex with him. The credits then roll.

Camera work:
The camera work is average when compared to other Digital Playground films. That being said, the DP average is extremely high, like all their films this is shot in HD, and you will be hard pressed to find better camera quality. The angles were perfect with no issues.

Sound work:
The sound work was great; all the audio was clear and easy to hear. The music chosen was fantastic and added greatly to the mood being set (comedic, dramatic, and sensual).

Bonus Features:
Special Bonus Trailers
16x9 Widescreen Format
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes Featurette.
5.1 Digital Surround Sound
No Regional Coding

Personal Comments:

This is an awesome movie; I honestly believe that if you removed the sex from the movie, you could have one hell of a mainstream comedic film. The absolute highlight of this film is Evan Stone; this guy just can not get any funnier. Evan’s acting was superb, his delivery spot on, and he had me cracking up throughout this film.

There happens to be a part of the film where Evan Stone makes the remark “How was I to know it was a Fag flick?”. Some may be offended by this; I thought it was worth noting.

If I had to choose a favorite sex scene it would be Katsuni’s sex scene. Katsuni is a stunning woman, and when you combine her acting, her accent, and her sexual prowess you always get a great scene. She had an amazing three way, and I would say that this, for me, was the best sex scene. All of the sex scenes were great; every one of them brought something special and/or unique.

I’ve got to say that I loved this film, I am a die hard comedy fan and this really was just a great comedic film. I am going to give this a five star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this film, it has such great comedy in it, which has always been one of my things. Evan Stone does a fabulous job with his acting, and his delivery of comedic dialogue. I would love to see how this man would fair in front of a crowd with a mic in his hand performing standup, I think he would do fairly well.

The sex is great, and the picture still holds up the the modern standards.

I really can not find a sex scene that I am disappointed in, if anything I am finding more substance in the scenes than I first did. The Katsuni scene fore example, I would have initially called it above average, if you ask me now I would say it was great.

I would certainly recommend this film to anyone who likes comedies.
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