Playgirl: Titillating Temptations - dvd by Playgirl TV - review by Purple Foxglove

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A Tad Titillating

The video quality is good, most of the actors are decent and attractive, and each scene has a plot. There's good use of camera angles and setting. There's oral, there's anal, and there's regular ole' vaginal sex, so it really doesn't leave anybody out (with the exception of same sex action) but something about a few of the scenes left me unsatisfied.
Clear Video, Good Plots, A Few Good Scenes
A Couple Unsatisfying Scenes, Somewhat Obnoxious Audio
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Overall, Titillating Temptations is a decent porn flick. Along with the good video quality and interesting plots, there's a unique little feature of this DVD (and if audio effectively turns you on, or if you read a lot of romance novels, you probably won't have a hard time getting used to it) is that each scene starts with a little verbal vignette, which jump-starts the plot and kind of “sets the scene.” The voice is super-corny, and it's very sappy “romance novel” speak, but I don't think it draws from anything too much. The music is a little much in all of the scenes, but most of the time it coordinates fairly well, and can be pretty easily ignored if you aren't usually super-distracted from the visual aspect by the noise aspect. From here, I'll break down the scenes by plot and the actors/actresses in them.

Scene One:
This scene is set in a garage, the actress wants to be “serviced” and all that, I'm sure you can imagine how many ways you can allude to sex using car and machinery type phrases; and this scene uses most of them. Claudia Rossi is pretty decent; she seems to be enjoying herself without too many obnoxiously fake noises though she leers at her guy an awful lot throughout the scene. Tony De Sergio is particularly good, he has a very Tarzan meets Bad-Biker-Dude look and a great body. He does a fair amount of smacking her ass and choking her from behind too, which I thought was a really hot way to make the scene a little rough. Also, if anal porn is your thing, this scene has some really clear, great angle anal shots.

Scene Two:
This is actually one of my favorite scenes, it's got a lot of character and the retro music in the beginning really makes it, for lack of a better term, cute. She is at home, and he is the mail delivery guy, and it cycles through a series of days, where she watches him from inside the house, and finally makes her move. Naturally, he follows her inside and they proceed to undress. The piercings and tattoos are quite hot, and Reagen Maddox's corset and stockings and sexy sandals are fantastic (I'm wondering where I can get that corset). Derrick Pierce is fabulous as well, super hot and the manly displays of strength (ie: carrying her inside and moving her around) are nice too. Their chemistry is spot on and it really makes the scene, it's a pleasure to watch.

Scene Three:
The third scene really isn't my favorite of the scenes; however it isn't the worst of them either. Missy Stone isn't really all that attractive, and to me her makeup looks overdone. Also, it's hard for me to get past the fact that, despite the way she acts and looks, her character in the plot is supposed to have an actual, serious job, let alone the “computing numbers,” it just so unrealistic. Beyond that, TJ Cummings does an alright job, and plays the part of a boss babysitting a half wit employee pretty well. The rest of the scene is good and they move around the office, making use of most of the available surfaces, quite well and he's definitely hot as a domineeringly masculine figure (especially when he gets rough with her at the end of the scene). However, Missy Stone just didn't do anything for me, and it became easier to listen to her strange animalistic noises than to be turned on by her presence in the scene.
Scene Four:
This next scene is my least favorite. The idea of a naughty geisha scene is a really hot idea, and it's a shame that it's such a disappointing scene. And again, as in the third scene, it isn't really the male actor that disappoints me as much as the actress. Maybe it's the makeup or maybe it's just her face, but Katrina Isis looks a tad masculine to me, like she's a man. But she's got a nice body, a great little ass that reminds me that I should start working out again, and there are boobs, so I know she is a woman. However, I found her appearance to distract from what could otherwise have been a great scene. Jack Venice does well despite the actress, though he occasionally gets a tortured look on his face. It starts off with her painting his chest and nipples, and then she massages him through his loincloth looking article of clothing. She then proceeds to blowjob, which turns into fucking on the couch, (vaginally) and he finishes on her chest. Pretty uninspired, but at least the idea was a good one. Also, Katrina is wearing a garter belt in this scene, but it doesn't attach to anything because she isn't wearing stockings, so the claps just…dangle around, for the entire scene, which kind of bothered me a little too.

Scene Five:
The final scene is, in my opinion, the best. Sasha Grey is fantastic (as usual) and Sean Michaels compliments her well, also he has a huge, ramrod straight cock. I mean seriously, this thing has a length that has to set some kind of record. His single hoop earring kind of makes him look like a black Mr. Clean, but it's nothing major and he's consistently impressing and attractive throughout the scene. The plot starts of with his arriving to fix her TV, it turns out that she simply hadn't hit the power switch. She invites him to stick around for some compensation, since he drove all the way out to her lovely, if hollow-sounding-because-it's-actually-a-set home. It's obvious that she enjoys herself, as does he, and they pleasure one another before getting into the serious action. Also, for how impressive his cock is (it doesn't all fit in her pussy during vaginal sex) she does some unreal deep throating and actually gets all of him thrusting down her throat. There is some anal in this scene too, it's quite tastefully done, and pretty hot to watch (even for someone who is somewhat squicked out by anal porn) maybe because his dick is Just So Impressive.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    Hmm, I am used to reading reviews of Playgirl DVDs by reviewers who are quite disappointed with them. I am definitely a hard-core porn kinda girl but this sounds like it might be worth watching. Thanks for the review!
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    Excellent review!
  • lexical
    Great review! I'm more of a free internet porn kinda gal, but this sounds like it was a fun one Smile
  • Purple Foxglove
    Thanks for the comments guys, this was a pretty good flick, the scenes (with the exception of one or two) were quite originally done. Big smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review! Big smile
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    Thanks for all the info
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    Great review, thank you!
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