Teradise Island: Anal Fever Teradise Island: Anal Fever

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As Advertised, Just not Great.

This is a decent film that just feels unpolished. The editing is poor, and the DVD is not formatted well. It seems like the director really expects you to love this movie, but it falls short. I'd still give it a buy if you're a die hard Tera Patrick fan, or if you like your porn with some scenery.
Very good cast and beautiful scenery.
Poor editing, and a sense that I was expected to care more.
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I really do want to like this movie. It has a lot going for it, and it looks great on paper. This is a movie made by Teravision, starring and centering on none other than Tera Patrick. It should then be no surprise that it is bad editing and hubris that really brings this movie down. This is certainly not to say that it is a bad film, it just misses the mark.

Included in the box are two discs, but the second disc is entirely forgettable. It contains the usual behind the scenes, photo gallery, and trailers. The photo gallery is limited, and the trailers aren’t all that great. The behind the scenes is the best of the bunch, giving a better look at the scenery and some interviews. It seems that they had to go to great lengths to get to the filming areas, which gives you a little more appreciation for them. The second disc is worth a quick browse, but I doubt I’ll ever take it out again.

There are six scenes, each running a fairly standard 15-20 minutes. Two of them are girl on girl, three are straight, and one is a threesome. It’s a very good cast, starring Tera Patrick, Lucy Lee, Nikki Benz, Brittney Skye, Alexis Amore, Kris Knight, and Tommy Gunn. There is no lack of talent, and the actresses all look beautiful, especially the leading lady Tera Patrick. Each scene starts with a short black and white intro, which is nice, but a little out of place. Unfortunately, even with all this talent, it just doesn’t feel like a good movie. The scenery is beautiful, but it comes off as very forced. The camera will cut to scenery and pan out in the middle of the action. It’s almost as if the film is saying “Look! We’re in Hawaii! Isn’t that Great?” Some subtlety would have been greatly appreciated. It’s an all sex feature, so there is no story to get in the way. To my dismay, there is music playing consistently, at varying volumes. I won’t dock it any for having music, but I would have preferred there to be no music, as some of the voices were faded and drowned out. On the bright side, the music does fit the locale.

The big deal with this movie was supposed to be Tera Patrick’s first anal scene. It’s here that they lose me a bit. I really don’t feel that her career really needed her to do an anal scene, something that she had not originally intended on doing. She had made it 5 years into her career, and even owned her own production company at this time, so she obviously was not suffering from the lack of an anal scene. I have no problem with her doing an anal scene, but it really seemed as if they were expecting it to be a big deal in and of itself. She does one real anal scene, with a little light anal play in another, and it’s really not all that good of a scene. Honestly, I liked her non anal scenes better. If you’re going to make a big deal out of a single scene, enough to advertise an entire film, then that scene had better be really good.

The DVD’s editing was also poorly done. Hitting the skip button will take you all the way to the next scene, without the ability to skip the black and white intro, or skip to the next position or camera cut. For something as recent as 2006, this is disappointing. There were also a lot of little awkward cuts in the scenes themselves. Aside from the obtrusive scenery shots, there were some continuity issues. In one of the scenes, the actress is holding onto a sex toy, and goes to use it, but the DVD cuts to the same position, but without the toy. It was never actually used, and it felt very weird.

Overall, I did enjoy the movie, and I wish that I could give it three and a half stars. Some of the scenes were very good, but the presentation was just not there. With a better editing team, this could easily have been a solid 4 out of 5. As it stands though, the magic just isn’t there.
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    Poor editing sucks you out of really enjoying the scene. Thanks for the review!
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