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Bad girls do it so best!

Bad Girls features a star studded cast that includes jessica drake (the pickpocket), Kristen Price (the car thief), Mikayla (the prostitute), and Kaylani Lei (the cat burglar), all doing incredibly naughty things. Bad Girls features a good variety of sex acts that will appeal too many without turning away those who do not like extreme sex acts. While condoms are used throughout the film, actual safe sex practices are not.
Great cast, hot action, and great scenarios!
Poor safe sex practices.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover features a crime suspect lineup, with stars like Kaylani Lei (Dressed as a cat burglar), jessica drake (Dressed as a pick pocketing business woman), Kristen Price, and Victoria Sinn (Dressed as biker chick). The color scheme is mostly black and tan, with red and white lettering. The cover design works very well and gives off a high quality feel/vibe.

The back cover has seven small explicit images that sit just above a description of the film and what special features are contained within. To the right of the description is another picture of Victoria Sin, this time her kneeling and cradling money to her bosom.

If the explicit images are too much for you, flip the cover inside out and you get the same cover just with the graphic sex images removed.

The home menu is very easy to navigate, but when you do delve a little deeper the menus can become complex, especially when you are reading the star bios. Someone with little experience with DVD players may get lost and/or frustrated.

Film overview
Before each scene, the narrator (played by jessica drake), describes the scenario as it takes place. The voice over stops as the action starts.

The first scene features two car thieves, Kristen Price and Nautica Thorn. The scene starts out with the two thieves approaching an expensive looking car in a not so well lighted parking garage. The two run stealthily in and get into the car, unaware that they are being watched by a policeman. While trying to hot wire the car the police cruiser pulls up and ruins their plans. Thinking on their feet, they drop to their knees (literally). This scene features oral and vaginal sex before being finished off in typical porn fashion with a cumover.

The next scene features a male and a female (Angelina Valentine) gang member tagging their turf. Apparently spray painting isn’t as fun as I always thought it would be, because the two quickly abandon their tag and begin to tag one another. This scene features oral and vaginal sex, before ending with another cumover.

The next scene is of a woman (jessica drake) posing as a businesswoman who robs (Pick Pocket) rich businessmen in elevators. Jessica steals money, wallets, and even a guy’s watch right from underneath their noses. When the elevator reaches its destination, the door opens, as Jessica goes to leave, she soon discovers that she is not as sneaky as she thinks. One of the men grabs her by the hand and all the stolen items come tumbling out of her pockets. The men begin to rub and kiss on Jessica, leading her to perform oral sex on each before they all explode onto her face.

The next scene features a street walking prostitute (Mikayla), and a john in a convertible. The john picks up Mikayla and the two drive off together. The camera fades to black and we are taken to a car garage where Mikayla is performing oral sex on the guy. The two move onto vaginal sex before a facial cumover ends the scene.

In the next scene Reegan Reese and Victoria Sin play biker chicks. Reegan walks out of a biker bar and seduces Tommy Gunn who is working on his motorcycle. Not to be outdone, Victoria Sin, who is nearby seduces her biker man. After both girls have oral (giving) and vaginal sex with their partners, the two switch partners and repeat. Victoria and Tommy gun have anal sex, and both men ejaculate onto one of the women.

The final scene shows cat burglar Kaylani Lei breaking into a building. Unfortunately for Kaylani, she is foiled by a security guard, or is she? Thinking on her feet, she quickly seduces the guard. Kaylani performs oral sex on the guard before moving onto vaginal sex. The scene ends like all the other scenes, with a cumover.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
This film was shot in High Definition (HD). That being said, the picture quality feels dated. This was shot in 2007, and HD cameras have progressed much in that time frame. The picture quality was not bad by any means; it at times was a little grainy; however it still was decent.

The music, what little there was, was typical of most porn films, nothing special or memorable.

Bonus Features:
Bonus Scene with Jessica Drake, Exotica, Kristen Price, and Carman Hart
Behind the scenes
Photo Gallery
Star Galleries
Star Stats
Spanish Audio
Trailer for Bad Girls
Promo Reel
Personal Comments:
I really liked this film. Each scene was unique, and I can not pin point a single scene that I did not like, I can say that I felt the tagger scene (Angelina Valentine’s scene) was the weakest. The problem with this scene was, there was no setup at all. There was hardly setup with other scenes, but we still know why they are banging, this just feels like its sudden.

I believe my favorite would have to be the final scene with Kaylani Lei. Kaylani is very beautiful, and she looked even the more beautiful with her cat burglar outfit. A very second favorite was jessica drake’s scene. Jessica looked extremely sex in her business suit. This scene also had a comedic element when she was found out.

I think that there is something for everybody here. There is enough variety of sex acts that keep the film from becoming stale, however there is nothing too extreme that may keep couples away.

If you are into role play but do not want a complex story line then this would be a great film for you. If you want more of a fleshed out story and characters with a back story then this film may not be for you.

The one thing that I can say that I found annoying about this film was the use of condoms. To be more precise, it was not that I disliked the fact that they ere used in the film, quite the contrary actually. My issue is the way that Wicked portrays safe sex. If you are having sex with two partners (threesome) and you do not switch condoms when you switch partners, then that is not safe sex. The condom wearer may be protected, but the receivers are not protected, in fact it is just as risky as condom less sex (Assuming that one or both had a STD). I understand fully the dynamics of filming, and the fact that slowing down the action to show a guy put on a new condom would destroy the flow, but when you preach safe sex, it can come of poorly when you do not show proper safe sex, or at least have a special feature on safe sex.

All things considered, I am giving this a four star rating. While I did have issue with the safe sex practices, I have no proof that the performers did not switch condoms off camera. This is one that I will find myself coming back to in the future.
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