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Be my camera that I spit on!

After having seen the first Be My Bitch, I thought this one would be just as enjoyable. It wasn't anywhere close. The camera spitting, the similar scenes, and so much yelling just doesn't make a great film. Its like they tried to copy the badness of a Belladonna film, but without the enthusiasm, and the aggression in the film went too far to be believable.
Toy use, nice lingerie, some foot play.
Unsafe toy use, spitting, camera spitting, anal to mouth, same familiar scene over and over.
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Be My Bitch
Directed by Martin del Toro

Kimberly Kane, Alexis Malone, Brianna Love, Haley Paige, Delilah Strong, Valerie Vasquez, Aaliyah Jolie, Jassie, Daisy Marie, Ariel X

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Behind the Scenes, Bonus Scene, Del Toro's Flying Dildos, Photo Gallery, and Web Access.

Bonus Scene Aiden and Madison
One of the women, in a latex skirt and with a bit gag, is walking up stairs to a house. Inside is a blond woman in a underbust corset and thigh high boots, and the blonde invites the gaged woman in. Once inside, the gaged is first told to lick her pussy, before having a dildo harness on her mouth, and forced to fuck the blondes pussy. Now the blonde wields a flogger, and uses it on the others ass. Wow those are some good whacks! Now the blonde rubs the others pussy with lube, then spanks her ass, before strapping a cock on and fucking her pussy in doggy, then with her on her back. Then two very fake orgasms to finish the 20 minute scene.

This was the best scene from the movie. It was the only one not to feature camera spitting, wasn't too agressive, and one of them women wasn't a dog like most of the other scenes. 3.5 stars.

Scene 1 Kimberly and Alexis
It starts with Kimberly on a couch having a drink in a bad mood. In comes Alexis on hands and knees, and she tries to make her feel better by kissing her feet and licking. Kimberly then puts a dildo on the floor, and makes Alexis suck it. Next Alexis bends over, Kimberly rubs her ass a little, before shoving the dildo into Alexis's pussy. Then Kimberly forces it down Alexis's throat, before using the leash to choke Alexis. They undress each other, and Alexis starts licking, rubbing, and kissing Kimberly's breasts. But right before this they both look right into the camera, and then spit on the camera. Some foot play with Kimberly's foot in Alexis's mouth. Then it's Kimberly's turn for cunnilingus, and we find a silver butt plug up her ass. Quite a bit of spitting, before Alexis inserts a glass wand into Kimberly's ass. A few more position changes, but by now I was bored because of 35 very long minutes.

Too aggressive of a scene, way too much spitting, and kinda boring. 2 stars.

Scene 2 Brianna and Haley
Brinana is in a black skirt and corset, with a whip in her hand. She is using it on her own leg, and trash talking to herself in the window. Up behind her walks Haley, who startles her, and is the dominant one. Brianna immediately drops to her knees, and licks Haley's feet. Briana purchased a double penetrator for Haley, and pulls it out and hopes it makes things better. Briana then starts licking and rubbing Haley's ass and pussy, before using the new toy. Now Brianna is on hands and knees, receiving analingus and getting her pussy fingered. Haley then uses the whip handle to fuck Brianna's ass, which then gets shoved into both girls mouth. More double penetrator for Haley, and more camera spitting. And fake moaning. Now the double penetrator in Brianna, then the whip back in Haley's ass. And more camera spitting and licking even. 17 minutes.

I liked Brianna's outfit, but that's the only positive. Camera spitting, general spitting, moaning, poor toy use. 2 stars.

Scene 3 Delilah and Valerie
Delilah is walking by a house in a pink fishnet top, short skirt and boots. She has a massive black dildo in hand, and can't find her sex partner. But her partner is by the couch hiding in a trunk, wearing black boots and black lingerie. Valerie starts rubbing Delilah's clit, and there is a lot of spanking for Valerie. Now Delilah forces the massive black dildo down Valerie's throat. A lot of yelling by Delilah, then cunnilingus for Delilah. Now the black dildo gets shoved into Delilah's pussy, and it goes in surprisingly easy. But Valerie isn't doing it right, and Delilah spanks her with the dildo. Delilah finds some more toys in the couch, shoves one into Valerie's mouth, another into her own ass, and the other into her own pussy. Valerie then pretends she has the big black cock as her own, and Delilah is sucking it. Then black cock back into Delilah as it rests on Valerie. Anal toy from Delilah's ass to her mouth to her ass. Delilah spits on floor and makes Valerie lick it up. Then she puts Valerie back into the box after 25 minutes.

Spitting on camera, loud and aggressive. 3 stars
Scene 4 Aaliyah and Jassie
The scene starts with Aaliyah on her hands and knees wearing a leash, and being led back into the house by Jassie. Aaliyah has on a pink mesh top and heels, while Jassie wears black vinyl boots, panties, and bra. It starts with Aaliyah licking Jassie boots, then sucking on her block heel. Jassie then unzips her panties so Aaliyah can lick her pussy. Face slapping for Aaliyah, and Jassie shoving her fingers down Aaliyah's throat to make her slobber. Now Jassie has a strap-on, and forces Aaliyah to suck it. The camera is placed under the action, and slobber drips onto the camera, then Aaliyah licks the camera. Then Aaliyah licks her own slobber off of the floor. Aaliyah has her panties shoved into her mouth, then puts the strap-on to fuck Jassie's pussy in reverse cowgirl. After a few minutes, Jassie starts sucking the cock. Now Aaliyah is on her back with her ass in the air, having her pussy fingered by Jassie, before Jassie pulls out an even bigger dildo and shoves it into Aaliyah's ass, with a nice close-up of the insertion. Now they flip around, Jassie on the bottom of cowgirl, and Aaliyah rides the strap-on, then Aaliyah takes the other dildo and shoves it back into her ass. Aaliyah gets put into the closet after 21 minutes.

Double penetration with strap-on, but camera spitting and licking, twice, too many close-up shots, and just a lack of believable enthusiasm and orgasm. 3 stars.

Scene 5 Daisy and Ariel
Daisy comes in yelling for Ariel, wearing a black vinyl corset with her boobs nearly pooping out, and pink stockings. Ariel pokes her head up above the couch, she is wearing a black bra, a latex pencil skirt, with long latex gloves on, and her wrists are connected to a collar. She quickly gets a black cock shoved down her throat, then ass spanking for Ariel. Daisy removes Ariel's bra and spits on her breasts. Removes Ariel's skirt, to expose her ass showing off latex crotchless panties. Ass spanking, more mouth to cock play, before the cock gets shoved into her pussy in doggy, then the cock from Ariel's pussy to her mouth. More camera spitting and licking by Daisy, then Ariel licks the camera. Daisy inserts one finger into Ariel's ass, and a finger into her pussy, then two fingers into Ariel's ass. Face slapping for Ariel, and spitting on ass for lube for a big black cock. After the cock insertion, Daisy gives Ariel a vibrator for her clit. Then dildo from Ariel's ass to her mouth. Then Ariel on her back, legs spread wide, black dildo back into her ass, then back into her mouth. Then the dildo goes from Ariel's ass to Daisy licking the dildo into Ariel's mouth. Ariel then licks and fellates Daisy's stiletto heel, then licks her toes. At the end Ariel is licking Daisy's pussy, Daisy puts a vibrator into Ariel's mouth, and forces her to fuck Daisy's pussy with it. 27 minutes.

I liked the latex on Ariel, and the foot play. But the camera spitting, anal to mouth, and the same familiar scene just bore me. 2.5 stars
Follow-up commentary
I have had absolutely no desire to re-watch this one, and I don't think I will watch it again. Right now it is sitting on the bottom of the bookcase with the other DVD's that I don't enjoy. I don't know if I will throw away porn, but if I do, this will be one of the first to go.
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  • Buttercup Green
    Great review! This definitely sounds like something I should stay far away from! haha
    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks Buttercup Green. I was so disappointed, this immediately after the review went into the pile of DVD's that I will never watch again.
  • Nice to Eat you
    I wonder if they get sick after those anal to oral scenes?
  • namelesschaos
    Great review, very detailed.
  • leatherlover
    @Nice to Eat you- it happens so often, it must not be that serious. But its not something that I would want to do.

    @namelesschaos-Thanks, I try to give almost too many details of the scenes, so you know just what you are going to watch.
  • Airen Wolf
    Hrmmmm sounds like they were trying too hard. Thanks for the detailed review.
  • leatherlover
    @Airen Wolf- They were definitely trying way too hard. Thanks for reading.
  • neil i.
    Camera spitting...? No thanks. Great review for a film that doesn't seem to merit it.
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