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Chemistry review

If you are forced to put Chemistry into a category, you would have to settle with the hetero-gonzo label; though this movie did win the 2007 AVN award for "Best Gonzo Release", it is way more.
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Dana De Armon, Jack Lawrence, Kurt Lockwood, Marie Luv, Mika Tan, Mr. Marcus, Taryn Thomas

Director: Tristan Taormino

Vivid Studio

Released 9/26/06


All Sex, Gonzo, Straight

The new experiment in porn: "Chemistry"

If you are forced to put "Chemistry" into a category, you would have to settle with the "hetero-gonzo" label; though this movie did win the 2007 AVN award for "Best Gonzo Release", it is way more. This 2 DVD set is a mix of porn elements; hetero, gonzo, POV, girl-on-girl, straight strap-on sex, threesome, interracial, oral, anal, facial, DP, and documentary. There is a lot going on in this film with 8 full sex scenes and a bunch of little side seductions.

Tristan Taormino (writer, editor, sex educator, adult film director) brings a new concept to the porn community; get 7 porn stars to live in a house in southern California for two days and see what happens. It sounds a lot like the "REAL WORLD", but far less tacky and no interpersonal drama. They had no set schedule, the actors chose who they had sex with, where in the house, and what they wanted to do during those scenes. Tristan Taormino creates an environment for her performers to play, have unique experiences, be dirty, be funny, be themselves, and have a lot of hot, surprisingly spontaneous sex.

This movie takes its cues from amateur porn in some ways (with a bunch of hand-held "Perv Cams" in addition to regular camera work); there is very little over-acting, the sex feels very real to the point of actually seeing these porn stars applying lube during a scene. The industry has duped many people into believing that porn stars don’t need lube, they don’t do foreplay, and lipstick never fades after 20 whole minutes of oral sex. "Chemistry" knocks this ruse down and shows what porn should be; talented people actually having sex and actually enjoying it too. The idea is to show real sex, but show it done by professionals that know what positions have the best viewing experience for the home audience, as opposed to amateur porn where we constantly want someone to move his leg or pull back her hair.

I am frankly surprised that these stars that are so used to dealing with artificial plotlines and contrived dialogue were able to adapt so easily to Taormino’s very unique format. All the sexual performances are unbelievably memorable, but what set performers apart from one another in "Chemistry" was their ability to authentically re-act and not over-act. The only performance that felt less than real was that of Taryn Thomas. I personally have slept with people that talk dirty through the whole sexual encounter, but her "slut talk" felt a little overdone compared to the more authentic coital commentary of the other performers. As far as effective reactions go, Marie Luv’s performance stood out; she had the best balance of real sexual reactions and dirty porn talk. Marie knew just how to tip the scales when the sexual moment needed it, but also didn’t hesitate to tell her partners, "right there" when they hit that sweet spot and she didn’t want it to end.

After their sex scenes, the performers gave an interview in the confessional room. The confessions are real (like everything else in this movie); they give great insight into what it means to be in the adult film industry and there are some true, authentic emotions expressed in these interviews. Kurt Lockwood comments on his bad reputation in the industry; Mika Tan talks about her experience being an Asian American in porn; Mr. Marcus talks about the issues of the interracial genre while getting a blowjob (from a white girl), and Dana De Armond gets emotional about being stigmatized for doing BDSM films.

Special features include extra sex scenes, more confessions, position room, a behind the scenes featurette, and more. The position room feature is particularly convenient because it compiles all the clips of your favorite positions together with just the push of a button (i.e. blowjobs, anal, missionary).

This movie is a fun one for us at Eden because it has a lot quality sex toys in the scenes.

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Double D’s Favorites of "Chemistry":

  - Favorite Performers: Mika Tan, Jack Lawrence
  - Favorite Reactions: Marie Luv, Mr. Marcus
  - Favorite Confessions: Mr. Marcus, Kurt Lockwood

Favorite Sex Scene Moments:

  - Marie Luv getting viciously eaten out by Mika Tan (her first real experience receiving oral from a woman); short but very noteworthy.
  - Taryn Thomas getting some great thrusting from Kurt Lockwood who is getting fucked in the ass by strapped-on Mika Tan; I wish more films would show straight-boy strap-on sex.
  - Mr. Marcus with Dana De Armond having a crazy time on one side of the room, while Jack Lawrence and Marie Luv are way into it on the other side of the room; this was like a hardcore doubles tennis match.
  - Mr. Marcus and Marie Luv in the hot tub then taking it to the bedroom; all around hot, wet, and very steamy.
  - Anytime Jack Lawrence licks pussy; through the whole’s out of control…seriously… I lost track of the time, it was so hard to turn away from.

Favorite Use of Toys:
  - All the NJoy sex toys throughout the DVD
  - Any use of strap-ons

Favorite Stuff You Probably Won’t See Elsewhere:
  - Jack Lawrence going down on Marie Luv while she’s casually blow drying her hair
  - Mr. Marcus doing an interview while Dana De Armond is giving him a blowjob
  - Blatant use of lube in sex scenes

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