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Don’t drink the Kool-Aid…I mean Tea! On Second thought, its best to not drink the Kool-Aid either!

This film features good sex with a wide variety of sex acts. This film also features one of the best all girl orgies I have ever scene, lots of toy use and strap-on sex prevented it from becoming boring. With all of its high points, this film indeed had some blemishes, one example being that you could clearly hear the male director shouting directions in on scene. Overall, this film is worth multiple viewings but the plot may keep you from being engaged enough in order to do so.
Great cast, good video quality, and a great variety of sex acts covered.
Weak plot, and lack of bonus features.
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Front Cover:
On the front is a picture of Tera Patrick, in the background is few dragon designs, an obvious attempt to give this an Asian feel. As corny as the dragon designs are, they serve their purpose and overall this is an eye catching cover.

Back cover:
On the back is eight screen captures from the movie as well as some more Asian style artwork. The back is fairly attractive and serves its purpose.

The menus are extremely easy to navigate. The design is fairly simple; the background is just a full motion clip from the all girl orgy scene. The music in the background is a mix of Asian influences and Native American influence music.

Plot Overview: With potential spoilers
The story takes place in an Asian brothel where a murder of two policeman has taken place just days prior to the beginning of the story. Tera and Michelle are talking about the murders, Michelle is worried but Tera reassures her that the one responsible will be found and punished. The receptionist interrupts the girls with a message that a client is in to see them, after the man enters the room, the main boss calls into the room on the intercom and tells Tera that he would like to see her immediately. Tera leaves and Michelle takes care of the client alone. Michelle and the Client have sex, starting with oral (from both, on both) and then work their way to vaginal sex. All of the sudden, in between switching positions Michelle looks directly into the camera and says “I am the youngest in the Asian love palace, you want to fuck me?”, she then continues to have sex with the client. The scene then ends with a facial cum over.

The next scene shows a meeting between Tera and the main boss of the club. Tera asks the boss if he killed the cops, and he vehemently denies perpetrating the crime. After getting into an argument with the boss, he bends her over and begins to spank and finger her (no worries, it is all consensual). This scene features fingering (both vaginally, and anally), oral (only performed on the male), and anal sex (multiple positions). This scene is capped off with a facial cumshot.

The next scene starts out with all the girls in the brothel having a meeting (conveniently in room featuring a bed). The girls are all worried, and fear showing up to work, Tera reassures them by telling them that she answered all of the police’s questions and that they would find the culprit soon. Tera tells the girls that they should just stay in this room until the police return, to which one of the girls smilingly says “What ever are we going to do to pass the time?”

The girls kick things off by showering Tera in Rose petals (and annoyingly enough they all look directly into the camera and throw Rose petals at it also). Tera whispers into one of the girl’s (Lucy Thai) ear and kisses her, the said girl then promptly gets up and takes the dish containing a tea cup and leaves the room smiling. Now that there is an even number of eight girls, they all pair off and begin to have sex. During the sex scene there is oriental style music (with distinct hints of Native American influences). The sex includes a strap-on, toy play, fingering, licking/oral, kissing, tribbing, and even the use of a double dong. During this scene you can clearly hear the male directors shouting orders in the background; you could hear this while music was being played (an obvious attempt to drown out the director). Nearing the end of the scene all the girls return and focus all their attentions on Tera, and the scene ends showing them rubbing her down.

Lucy is shown entering the boss’s office where she sits the tea down on his desk. He asks her where Tera is, and Lucy replies by telling him that she sent her into his office to “serve” him (not really answering his question). He is all for her serving him and the two begin to having sex. They start out with kissing, before moving onto oral. This scene features fingering, deep throating, and face fucking. Vaginal and anal intercourse is not featured in this scene. The scene ends with a massive facial cumshot.

Before leaving Lucy pours the boss some tea, the boss drinks the tea and then with a look of horror on his face, the boss chokes and dies. There is then a flashback, Tera is shown mixing poison into the tea, during this scene Tera’s voice explains that she has gotten her revenge.

Tera Patrick
Mika Tan
Michelle Maylene
Lucy Thai
Nautica Thorn
Nyomi Marcela
Roxy Jezel
Kaiya Lynn
Spyder Jonez
Scott Nails
Alec Knight
Tommy Gunn

Camera work:
The camera/video quality was very good as were the camera angles. All of the action was clear to see and was never obstructed.

Sound work:
The music featured in this film was great, I am not so sure it is completely “Asian” but it definitely has its roots in Asian music. The music was always soft and easy to listen to. I especially liked the music featured in the all girl orgy. As for the sex sounds, sometimes the music hid them, but they were easy to hear when there was no music. There was one instance where you could hear the director shouting orders; you could hear this over the music and over the girls.

Bonus Features:
Trailers (16 in total)
Photo Gallery

Personal Comments:
This was an above average movie in my opinion; this film had its highs and its lows. I really enjoyed the all girl orgy scene, it was not boring, which some girl/girl scenes tend to become (if they are not shot right). However even my favorite scene had its flaws, you could clearly hear the director shouting directions to the girls, this was unsuccessfully attempted to be covered up with music. I also did not care for the girls acknowledging the camera, whether they spoke in it or just acknowledged it by throwing Rose petals at it.

I felt that Tera had a strong scene with the male lead that played the boss. As far as anal scenes go this is up there with one of the better anal scenes I’ve seen. I would have loved to have posted a screen shot of the awesome tattoos the male in this scene had, but sadly it would have involved too much nudity (or too much censoring).

I am going to give this a four star rating. If you are looking for a film with great sex and a good variety of sex acts performed then this is a good film for you. If you are looking for a complex and riveting murder mystery then you may want to look elsewhere. The good outweigh the bad; therefore I feel it deserves four stars out of five stars.
Follow-up commentary
I have got to say, that this film, to me, is unremarkable and totally forgettable. It was not a bad film, but offers nothing special. The plot was really lackluster, and possibly confusing to those who missed out on earlier films from the series. There was a confusing and unhelpful recap from the previous film in the series. The sex not great, and that is definitely a big let down. When I think of this film a certain phrase pops up in my head, that catch phrase “Nothing I’d write home about”.

When looking for a film to watch this one will certainly be dust covered
(well if i was to let my movies get dusty that is).
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  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Damn... looks like I missed editing out a nipple or two
  • darthkitt3n
    Great review! I laughed at the girl on the far left's facial expression in your first screen shot for the all girl scene.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

    I also thought she gave a funny expression, that is why I took that screen
  • darthkitt3n
    It seems almost like "LOL I has a dildo!"
  • Danielle1220
    Great review!!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Damn nipples lol
  • KnK
    You could hear the director? Lol, that really gets me
  • KnK
    Also, nice review. And thanks for the play by play with included pics!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks everyone!

    @Twistedfinger yup I could hear him, he was telling the girls what to do! Thanks

  • Airen Wolf
    I love your video reviews!
  • Porfiriato
    Great review!
  • P'Gell
    Great review, Viktor! I wouldn't worry about spoilers in this genre of movies. We kinda all know how they end.
  • leatherlover
    Great review. The screen shots are a nice touch.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review, as usual! I also hate it when the actors/actresses "break the third wall" by acknowledging the camera -- not to mention when you can hear the director! This sounds like a pretty good one though.
  • Illusional
    Lol, it sounds amusing to watch. I really like Tera Patrick.
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