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This film features some of the hottest talent in the Adult film industry as well as some of the best camera work. Teachers features a great story line that is delivered very well from the talented performers. The acting was superb as well was the sex scenes, this will definitely be a movie that gets multiple viewings.
Awesome film quality, awesome acting, awesome story, and great talent!
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Front Cover:
The front cover is amazing and features all four major starlets and the French teacher Katsuni. The background is of Fillmore Bush Academy. Overall this has a very attractive front cover.

Back cover:
The back is your typical porn style back cover, with small screen captures from the movie and a list of performers in said captures..

The menus are all very attractive, with a picture of Riley Steele, Jesse Jane, and Stoya, the same pictures of each that were on the front cover. The menus are also easy to navigate.


Film Overview –
The movie starts out with three girls talking outside of Fillmore Bush Academy, the two popular girls Riley and Jesse, and the anti-social Stoya. The girls discuss a book, and Stoya was not happy about Riley bringing it to school. The girls go inside and meet another girl Angelina. Angelina looks nervous and tells the group that she is pregnant. The girls then ask Riley for the book, to everyone’s disbelief Riley has lost the book.

The screen cuts away to a bus driver carrying a notebook and taking it to the schools receptionist. The receptionist opens the book and begins to read.

The next scene takes place in the past (from the receptionist reading material). The three girls Stoya, Riley, and Jesse are all ditching P.E class in the Girls restroom. The party is broken up by P.E teacher (played by Tommy Gunn). He is upset with the girls for cutting his class and he tells them all get to his class pronto. Jesse who stays behind has a discussion with the P.E Teacher; she ends up stroking his ego and seducing him. Jesse ends up kissing the P.E Teacher, which then leads to a blow job, and then finally to vaginal sex, before the scene ends with a facial cumover.

Back in the present time, the receptionist picks up the book and takes it into the Dean’s Office, where the Dean is giving young Scott (Scott Nails) a hard time over cutting class. He dismisses the truant Scott, who out in the Lobby he finds the horny receptionist, who after meeting eyes commence to kissing, which escalates quickly to oral sex and finally vaginal intercourse, before the scene ends with a facial cumover.
The Dean exits his office and enters the lobby where the clothed receptionist and Scott are still starring at each other. He gives the book to Scott and tells him to give the book to Riley since he has class with her. After leaving the class he meets Riley (who doesn’t even know he is around), who is at the bottom of a staircase, and when he (who is standing on the platform above the stairs) says “Hey Riley” she says “God is that you?”. Scott just says whatever and drops the book into her hands and she says “Thank you God!” and cheerfully exits to French Class.

In French class Riley flashes the book to Jesse as to show her that she recovered the book, seeing this the French teacher (portrayed by Katsuni) becomes angry and takes the book and demands Riley and James (James Deen) to remain in class once the bell rings. James had nothing to do with it but the teacher was mistaken. The French teacher continues her lesson and concludes by telling the students to read certain chapters from their text books. Once everyone is reading Katsuni gets in some light reading also, and she opens Riley’s book.

The next scene takes place in the past. Stoya and Jenna are in Health class, where the uptight teacher tells everyone “Don’t have sex, you’ll get pregnant and die!”. After class Jenna and Stoya remain after class to ask the good professor some questions. They ask him to demonstrate how to put on a condom, and after some seduction they convince him to show how to on himself. This leads to oral sex and a three way, featuring multiple positions of vaginal sex with both girls.

Back to the present, Katsuni has gotten into it so much that she has begun to finger herself underneath her desk, all the boys notice, but none of the girls seem to. She is interrupted by the class bell, and then everyone except James and Riley leave class. She determines the best way to punish Riley is to spank her instead of sending her to the Deans office. The spanking leads Katsuni to pull down Riley’s panties, and when she does it reveals that Riley has a diamond butt plug in. Things escalate and James joins in, and after lots of oral sex on all performers and vaginal sex on both female performers the scene ends with a double facial cumover.

The French teacher is shown exiting the class room shortly after the two students, book in hand and headed towards the Deans office. She is interrupted on the way there by the Science teacher, she asks the science teacher to deliver the book for her for she is busy. The Science teacher takes it into his class room and begins to read the book.

The next scene takes place in the past. This scene starts out with two raven haired beauties (Mason Moore and Angelina Valentine) kissing each other and seducing the assistant Science teacher. They are trying to get the answers for the upcoming test, and the assistant teacher seems willing to give them out after the girls start kissing. The scene leads to a three way with lots of oral and vaginal sex. The scene ends with a double facial cumover.

Back in the present The Science teacher is confronted by Angelina (Angelina Armani) and she quickly seduces him inorder to get the book back. The two have sex, featuring lots of oral and vaginal sex before the scene ends with a cumover.

The French teacher shows up and confiscates the book from Angelina (Armani). She takes it directly to the dean who demands to see Jessie and Riley. The two show up, and while the upset Dean is interrogating them, Jesse sees someone jumping up and down outside the window, it is Scott, who has somehow gotten the book. The two girls seduce the Dean for fun and after lots of oral sex performed on all the performers, and vaginal sex with both girls the scene ends with a facial cumover.

The next scene is the final scene of the movie, the girls decide to give Scott a reward, and they pull him into a school bus and begin to have sex with him. More and more teachers show up and join in and it becomes an all out orgy, before the credits roll.

Camera work:
The camera work was astounding, the picture was very clear and everything was well documented.

Sound work:
The sound was great, the action was always clear and the selection of actual music (even though there was very little) was great

Bonus Features:
Behind the Scenes

Personal Comments:
This was an awesome movie, the actors all performed above and beyond what you’d expect from porn. James Deen was the highlight of the film acting wise, this guy was near perfect in his acting role, with his reactions and his delivery of his spoken lines.

As for the sex, I personally loved the Angelina Armani and Science Teacher scene, this girl was incredibly hot, and she appealed to me more than any other girl in this feature. An honorable mention goes to Stoya, who is also incredibly hot and had an excellent scene in this feature.

I am going to give this a perfect five star rating.
Follow-up commentary
Teachers is an excellent film, one that is very enjoyable. The picture quality is amazing, and the angles are also. I still watch this every now and again, and I still find it very apealing.

The only thing I did not care for was that the discs are very temperamental when it comes to my laptop, sometimes it frezzes/stutters, sometimes it works great. This does not happen with other discs, but it works great on a standard DVD player. I still would recommend this. Especially if you are an Angelina Armani fan. In my opinion (for whatever it is worth) is that this film features Angelina's best scene, from what else I have seen of her has been disappointing, which sucks because this was her first scene.
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