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Failure to Launch the Kink

NoFauxxx is the longest running queer kink site and is the only one to provide this stretch of content variety and acceptance all in one area. Bravo to that! However, the load times, glitches, bad links, and inability to find specific content makes this site a no-go for me. I will buy DVDs produced from this site, but I won't be paying to use their site.
Variety of content all in one place, Mission, Approach, and Message
Load times, Glitches, Search, Bad links, Update frequency, Layout, $
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DESCRIPTION: is the oldest running indie queer porn site. It was created by Courtney Trouble in 2002. It's the only porn site to have so many different types of porn all in one place: alternative, gay, lesbian, straight, trans, kink, and bbw.

“It’s sexy, artsy, entertaining, all-inclusive, and totally DIY. In a word: ours.”
- SF Gaurdian’s Best of the Bay, 2009

The site offers a free tour, videos, photosets, message boards, "foxes", search feature, and shop. They "draw from many sources to create a community of varied identities". What's cool is that they "do not take gender, size, race, or any other “consideration” into consideration when choosing our models". They don't follow any preconceived "mold" of what erotica or porn should look like. Most of their models fall somewhere between male or female and so no one is in categories. It's run by females and most of their photographers are female. The site also says that safe sex and consent are very important. The performers use condoms, latex gloves, and other safe sex practices. Most of the shoots are self directed or self shot.


The site strives to keep their fees low to increase their customer set. For as low as $9.99 you can gain access to the site. Memberships range from weekly to 6 month subscriptions. You can also buy a life-time membership for $250.00!

-5 Day for $9.99
-14 Day for $17.99
-Month for $28.99
-2 Month ($5 off) for $52.99
-3 Month ($15 off) $71.99
-6 Month ($50 off) $125

You can only pay by credit card.

Honestly, due to load times and glitches, I won't be paying for this website any time soon, for any price. I'd love to support this cause, but I don't like to be frustrated when I am trying to watch porn. I've never paid for an online site, but I never stay on a free site long if the load times take forever or if there are glitches. It seems NoFauxxx is in the process of changing over and reorganizing older content. Perhaps this is the source of current issues. Seeing that it's been around a while, I'd hope that it hasn't always been this way and won't stay as is.

Another reason is because of bad links. I'd love to link you to the supposed free video and free photo set content via the links provided on the website, but when you click them they bring you to a page on the site that says it's a bad link.


You can find...

"Soft core, pin up girls, black and white erotica, sensual shots.
Hard core, masturbation, role-playing, kink, and fetish.
Straight, lesbian, gay, queer, and bisexual couples and groups.
Girls, Boys, Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, or gender-bending models.
Fat, thin, chubby, curvy, zaftig, short, tall, and athletic models.
Models of all races
Disabled and non-disabled folks.
BSDM, bondage, SM, shown as a positive thing as opposed to scary, dangerous, or perverted. (And also maybe some really dark creepy stuff too…)
Punks, goths, emo kids, hipsters, hippies, and other “alternative” models."

Everything and anything! There is a good mix of solo or couple content and also a good mix of the different sexualities and genders. You will surely find content that isn't readily available on the internet and is far from main stream.



The photosets also have a wide variety of body types and subjects. They have a very out of the studio organic feel. There are free photos for each set. If you are a member you can gain access to all of the photos in the set. Some have well over a hundred in their set! The attitude in most of these sets is wonderful and fresh!

The thing I don't like about the photosets is the way they are presented. Thumbnails are lined up and you can choose to start on any one of them. The site will enlarge the photo. If it is landscape, you can click an arrow at the bottom of the picture without having to scroll your screen, but if it is a portrait lay out you will have to scroll. I got so sick and tired of having to scroll to see each picture! It would be much better if either all the photos fit the screen (go figure...) or you could click on the photo to go to the next picture instead of clicking on the photo to close the whole thing. I didn't look at many whole sets because of this. I also tried to download them, but couldn't figure it out. The links were not working for me.

You'll find the same variety in the videos. On each video page there is a free trailer. There's usually a tidbit on the performer(s), but I wish there was more. The videos seem to have a length that averages between 15-30 minutes. A lot of what you see is real couples and very natural interactions.

The ugly is that this is thee slowest porn website I have EVER been on. Most videos have a delay to start. Using their most recent video as an example, it took 10 second for any images to start. It had to buffer after 45 seconds. It takes over a half an hour for an entire video to load the whole thing for watching without interruption (and some didn't load at all or 100%). I compared this with another website, in which I had to wait 2-3 seconds for a video to start and videos of the same length or longer would take only a few minutes for an entire video to load and not once did I have to buffer during a video if I didn't do the full load prior. That was a free site by the way. For me, the load times of NoFauxxx are the biggest issue.
The videos aren't even all viewed on the same types of players.


The shop allows you to pay to download videos to own them. There are also DVD box sets, T-shirts, and posters. For some reason, the list of items is cut off on my screen, and I can't find a way to scroll.


Looking at their update calender they seem to add a single new video or photoset a handful of times a month (maybe I'm getting this wrong, but I looked into it for quite a while). I'm used to sites that update at daily, and I'm not talking about sites that just have random stuff. I'm talking about websites that have exclusive self shot content. Their rate of updates is way too slow for my taste. A lot of the content seems to be buried within the site and sort of lost since it is not in their search. I was also unable to find their forum.


In short, I'm very impressed by the approach, mission, and message, but I'm not at all impressed and am frustrated with their site. I also compared their prices with leading porn sites and their prices are higher while they claim to be keeping prices low (I also compared to alternative sites - in most cases their price was the same or slightly higher). YES, this site has a great message and is something to support for sex positive culture. BUT, in a world where everything is on the net and so much of porn is free, this site is not yet something I would invest in. However, for someone who is part of the LGBT culture exclusively, I can see this being a good investment for them if they don't enjoy other porn.

So, I'm torn here. I think I'll just opt to buy the DVDs produced from this site if they peak my interest, but I won't be paying to use their site.
Follow-up commentary
This was a really cool assignment, and I enjoyed getting to peak around the site, but I won't be purchasing a subscription from this site and don't plan to return to it.
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  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Wow never even heard of this site might have to check it out. Thanks Lauren for the great review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    It is totally worth checking out! I hope you like it
  • Tagmstr
    Thanks for the review!
  • leatherlover
    The load times would be a total negative for me. Definitely not worth an online membership.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I thought it was just me and I didn't want to write my review until I knew for sure. I guess it's more important to me than the other reviewers, though.
  • Liz2
    Great review and insights. Honestly, I don't want to work so hard to watch porn! I totally agree with their mission. Hopefully they will improve!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I hope so too!
  • Boobs and Lubes
    Awesome work, your patience shows in your work. Ill pass, but ty!
  • Boobs and Lubes
    Awesome work, your patience shows in your work. Ill pass, but ty!
  • Deidrenicole
    great review! I saw a cucumber joke the other day made me think of yours ha ha
  • ~LaUr3n~
    HAHA! ;p
  • Jenny Smith
    nice review
  • ~LaUr3n~
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