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Fetish Fanatic is Right!

Fetish Fanatic 6 is a smorgasbord of strange and fun sex acts. Foot and anal play are featured prominently throughout. Scenes are also devoted to stockings, contortionists, and food play. While I wouldn't say that there is something for everyone in this film, there is a LOT to enjoy or gawk at or hit fast forward on in a frenzy. Belladonna is super freaky and brings her passion to her work as a porn star. Lucky us, we get to watch!
Belladonna, toy play, so much freaky sex
Trashy style design-wise though this can be good at times, audio and production work is so-so
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The thing that I love about Belladonna is that she is so into what she does. Sometimes porn performers look like they are not totally committed to what they are doing, but watching Belladonna I can always expect full commitment. She takes a big sniff of those tootsies and a lung full when approaching an anus with a delectable smile. When she pairs up with someone else who is also really into playing with her, some lovely scenes are made.

I found Belladonna's scene with Rebecca Linares to be this kind of quality. I could see Rebecca taking quite a bit of pleasure having her feet sucked, and sliding the heel of Belladonna's stiletto in and out of her mouth. Belladonna's in her element on her back, sucking her own toes with one leg wrapped around her head while Rebecca plays around on her crotch. This scene also includes FIV (foot in vagina) sex. And who doesn't enjoy that?

Other acts to enjoy in this flick are rimming, anal play, talk of virgin anuses and tight pussies, ripping tights, stretched pussies that you can see into, trashy costumes, anal douching, queefing, messy food play and more…

So clearly this is the kind of flick where not everything is going to please everyone. That said, there is a lot on offer here and the fast forward button's always an option to skip past the things you just don't want to watch.

It's also a joy watching Roxy DeVille and Belladonna negotiate throughout their scene. Boundaries are being pushed when it comes to their play and they talk about it. "Tell me when this feels good and when it doesn't, OK?" "Is this too much for you?" I find it refreshing and realistic to hear this during porn scenes. We also see lube being applied during several scenes in this film, a moment that is most often edited out in post-production.

And can we talk for a minute about Belladonna's acrobat-like asshole and pussy? The chick's insane. She can just bend right over and open her asshole wide at will to an inch or two in diameter. It's like she wants to put the whole world in there. And her cunt: when an inflatable dildo is put in there, pumped up and removed it's shocking how big it gets before she cries uncle!

Cast: Belladonna, Sammie Rhodes, August, Rebecca Linares, Claire Adams, Katarina Kat and Roxy DeVille.

2 disc set includes a 3 hour movie with 3 hours of extras
My first exposure to Belladonna was watching Fetish Fanatic 8. While only two videos further along in the series, I found FF8 to be much more classy and stylish than FF6. Fetish Fanatic 6 has a more trashy feel. There's lots of costume jewelry, consumer lingerie and stark lighting. That said, I tend to forget this all at some point and just fall into watching the scene. The performances are so over the top that when you buy into them it's hard to look away.

Technically this whole film is girl-girl scenes, but it doesn't even seem like that. Belladonna's her own creature in my books, the super short purple hairdo she sports in this film just adds to the effect. Plus in one of the scenes the two are wearing bunny rabbit ears. Wouldn't that actually make them bunny rabbits?
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  • leatherlover
    I just noticed, was this supposed to be a review for number 8? Because it shows number 6 on the product info on the left side of the page. Thanks for the review.
  • M121212
    Oops, yes it is. Thanks for pointing out the typo!
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Good review. I have never watched any of Belladonna's movies, but I can certainly appreciate someone who is into the performance. I also like the idea of negotiation being portrayed in the movie. Though I am not into certain things described in your review, this sounds like a good movie.
  • M121212
    Cheers, Yaoi
  • oldman
    Sounds like this is out here...
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    Thanks for the review
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    You're very welcome, MrWishyWashy ^.^
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