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Toys Over Boys

DVD by Erocktavision

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Forget boys, they've got their toys and are having a great time

Toys over Boys starts to represent the variety of ways women have sex with one another without relying on the fantasies of straight men. It shows women with great chemistry having sex with dildos and strap-ons, evidence that a silicone dick can get the job done perfectly well. It will appeal to those folks looking for a realistic, somewhat artsy film with a good soundtrack. If you’re into hearing the noises of sex, though, you might hesitate, as it doesn’t have this audio track.
realistic sex, great music.
no sex sounds available (only music).
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I’ve got pretty high standards for girl on girl porn. I mean, let's face it. There's a whole lot of terrible “lesbian” porn out there made by straight men who rely on their fantasies of what girls do in bed together to provide inspiration for porns. And that's nice for the straight men out there who want to watch their fantasies played out. It's not what you're going to get with Erocktavision's Toys Over Boys, though. What you'll find here is a somewhat more realistic (though, given that it's porn, still including some rather outrageous fantasy sets) representation of lesbian sex.

What I loved about this movie was its realism. I appreciated that the sex in Toys over Boys rang true to the experiences I've had and witnessed of what people with female bodies can do in bed together. When the women went down on one another? They focused on the clit. Not too revolutionary for anyone who has sex with women, but somewhat revolutionary for “lesbian” porn, unfortunately. And, hey, women didn't just shove 3 fingers into another's vagina without any warning—because that's not how most vaginas work. The scenes with strap-ons also had a really healthy dose of awkward moving around to find good positions. Anyone who's used a strap-on before knows that these things happen and it was refreshing to see that in a porn. A final perk—the special features section has an additional montage of extended kissing scenes, if you're the type who's always frustrated by the lack of such things in porn.

Ultimately, the realism of the scenes carried the film. A few flaws, I found though, did take away significantly. The major issue for me was the lack of human sex noises in the film. While the audio track has some really great music, from house to hip hop, it doesn't have the actual moans and breathing patterns of the actresses. A big part of the turn on of porn for me is the noises that folks do make. Everyone has their own unique sounds in sex, the patterns of breathing that you come to recognize as their own, and ways that breathing or moaning changes as they approach orgasm. Not having that for these scenes took away from the sexiness of the scene, for me. It also made the moments when the camera was focused away from the faces less enjoyable because I couldn't hear the actresses enjoying themselves—I could just see a disembodied clit or vagina getting rubbed or penetrated or whatever.

There was also a lack of variety with respect to both genders and toys represented. No, I didn't expect any boys, but I would have loved for all the actresses to have not been long haired and lip-sticked. And for a film called Toys over Boys, the girls seemed to know only of dildos and ignore the rest of the toy industry. What I wouldn't have given for a scene with nipple clamps or a vibrator. But we'll save that for another film, I suppose.
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  • Femme Mystique
    I own one of the other Erocktavision movies... I love the chemistry they seem to have. I like that, as you stated, that it seems centered on what actually happens during lesbian sex. I also would have liked to have seen some more diversity as far as gender expression. While it's definitely a step up from all manicured platinum blondes, it's not quite revolutionary. Thanks for the review!
  • Butterkups
    I lke the sex sounds toooooooo
  • Lady Alexandria
    I love that this is one of the better lesbian porn, but...I like the sex sounds!! Without the sounds the scenes are lacking. Sure, music is great and can really get you in the mood...but the noises are practically a must for me.
    But, despite it lacking the sex noises, this may be a film I purchase one day.

    Thanks for the review!!
  • snowgirl
    I think Im going to give this one a try. Im a 37 single mother and the idea of having one video that the no one will over hear sounds nice (although I do like sounds). Thanks for the review!!
  • ijako9
    Thanks for the review
  • Triple X Moma
    Thanks for the review.
  • arewehavingfun?
    As my mother in law would say, "Girl power!!!"
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