Priscilla Pornochic 6 Priscilla Pornochic 6

Erotic novel

Great setup, but the execution is lacking

Marc Docel once again brings his signature style to this film. The setup scenarios are sexy and well thought out. The scenes themselves have an inconsistent tone and bad transitions, but the content is good nonetheless. Includes group sex, anal and foot fetishism on top of generally mainstream content.
Beautiful settings and sexy scenarios. Works well as a couple's film.
Video quality is low. Scene transitions and camera work give uneven tone
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This is a very sexy film. It holds the line between tasteful and hardcore, and does a fairly good job of doing so. Made by director Marc Docel, it carries his style of filming and directing. The scene setups are excellent, but the visuals in some of the scenes aren't up to snuff.

Each of the eight scenes come with a lengthy setup scene. There doesn't really seem to be much of a story, and stereotypical porn music drowns out any dialogue. If I had to say, it was one man's quest to seduce and gather several different women for an orgy. Although the one scene where a woman searches for homeless men to have sex with doesn't really keep in with that theme. The scenes set up generally romantic or erotic scenarios, with light bondage play, teasing, wine etc. Very by the book, but also very well done. I would even give this as the best movie for couples that I have found, as the scenarios work very well, and set a sexy tone. The movie is filmed in France, and the settings are tasteful and elegant.

The execution after the scenarios are set up leaves a little to be desired though. It follows the basic pattern of oral, sex, and cumshot for each scene. The camera angles are a little off, and the use of slow motion does not fit well with the feel of the film. The transitions can be jarring, as the pace of the scene often changes as soon as the transition hits. For example, it goes from slow oral to fast sex within a second. It gives something of an uneven tone to the scene. The music cuts as soon as the scenario ends, and the bulk of the sex begins, which is fortunate.

From a technical aspect, this is a DVD from a bygone age. Produced in 2004, it shows its age a little too much. The film quality is poor, even for the time. The scene cuts are erratic, and skip over the scenarios and transitions entirely. Each scene generally has one cut, with one having two for whatever reason. It skips to the end of the scenario and right into the sex. You can get from one side to the other quickly, but it doesn't have the control that I've come to expect from modern films. The special features are poor. It includes an hour long behind the scenes, some condom ads, and a French rap video. Not quite sure why that last one is in there, but I'm just going to move on.

Its distributed by Wicked pictures, but stars a primarily European cast. There really isn't any dialogue, so English speaking viewers will only be lost if watching the special features. The cast includes Kathy Anderson, Neeo, Nikki Sun, James Brossman, Bibi Fox, George Reno, Lucy Ann, Melissa Black, and Priscila Sol. I can't say I've heard of any of them, but the film is foreign and eight years old at this point. All of the actresses are made up well, and wearing stylish lingerie, mostly black. Smaller breasts abound, so take that as you will. The male talent is a bit lacking, but that could be said of most films. The action is generally mainstream, but also includes some group sex and an orgy as well as a bit of anal and foot fetishism. Nothing too hardcore, but still has some kick to it.

Overall, this is a good film. The film quality and DVD formatting are poor, but the mood more than makes up for it. Casting and costume design are pitch perfect, and the settings are beautiful. The action varies, and each scene feels genuinely sexy(Except for maybe the homeless guy one, but it doesn't miss by much). A good couple's film if you don't mind the video quality, and well worth your money.
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