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Grenades and Razorblades!

Razordolls includes some of the most beautiful "Alt" Girls out there. These are the kind of girls you'd see in SucideGirls, only that this is a hardcore presentation. Not only is the DVD loaded with awesome extra content, but you also get a copy of the soundtrack (on CD format). This is a great watch and a great listen all wrapped up into one 2 disc set.
Beautiful “Alt” girls, artistic editing, and great soundtrack CD included!
Some questionable editing, and despite the back cover mentioning it, there is no zombie sex!
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Front Cover

The cover is set different from most movies, this cover is set horizontally.

On the front there are seven "alt" girls posing, with four small window-like boxes that show screen captures from the movie. These small windows show pictures consisting of, a girl on girl, blow job, finger play, and a cumshot. Also on the cover are several bottles of beer and razorblades, along with a pair of grenades and brass-knuckles. Along the bottom is the title "Razordolls" in unique red lettering that stands out fairly well.

Back cover

Five beautiful "alt" models adorn the back, along with six small windows that show screen captures of the action from the movie. On the back are the words in brown block lettering (black outline) "Jackthezipper does the Razordolls!", "Highway Stripshows", "Backstage Sluts", and "Zombie Sex" Beneath this is a credit-like text that you see at the end of major Hollywood movie trailers.


The home menu is fairly simple, two pictures of two models (the same used on the front cover) are moving back and forth slightly, making the appearance that they are cardboard cutouts. There are more grenades and razorblades and one very small window that features a clip from the movie. From the home menu you have three options "Play movie", "Chapter Index" and "Special Features".

Scene 1 - Ruin It

This scene starts with Sasha Gray doing a sensual dance; she is wearing a white tank top and no bottom. She fingers herself for a short while as music plays and the opening credits roll. There is a slight cutaway and we are shown two men hanging over Sasha, kissing and groping her. Music is still rolling at this point. They rip off her panties and begin to finger her, don’t worry though she seems to enjoy it. At this point the music has ceased. There is some blindfolded double oral action and then we go to one man banging Sasha's pussy from behind while she performs oral sex on the other. The anal sex follows the same recipe, no double penetration in this scene. This scene is very long (31 minutes and 45 seconds) and involved a lot of rough sex.

Scene 2 - Ass Out

This is a very short scene featuring a beautiful girl in pigtails, white panties, fishnet stockings, and roller skates. She blows bubble and dances on the side of the highway. The camera has a "purple" tint to it, highlighting the stripped shirt and her purple hair. This scene only lasts about a minute and a half.

Scene 3 - Welcome to the F Show

This scene starts out with a large breasted naked girl bouncing up and down on a bed while heavy music plays. This scene features a strange tint to it also. The performers’ skins have a purple tint, while the background has very bright colors like orange and red. There also is a lot of grain filters used sporadically in this scene. There is also a great POV style blowjob in this scene. After oral sex, we go straight to some vaginal sex during which, the male performer uses his bandanna to make a makeshift gag. After multiple positions the scene ends with a cumover.

This scene is about seventeen minutes in length, broken into eight chapters.

Scene 4 - Jade and Stoya

This scene features two stunning girls, one of which was the girl in the second scene. The other, a long black haired beauty wearing both knee high socks and fishnet stockings.

The scene starts out with the two girls blowing bubbles at each other and then kissing each other. The opening song features a banjo, and a female singer, it’s not bad, really its not! There is some caressing and then the one girl, who is still wearing the roller skates, receives oral sex. Once the music ends we are treated to some 69 action (both performing oral sex on each other). After different positions, each being the giver and receiver the scene ends.

I loved this Scene!

This scene is about nine minutes in length, broken into four chapters.

Scene 5 - Gimme a new Drug

The next scene starts out with heavy music and sped up action involving two girls and two guys. The music never ends in this scene as it did in the others. I love the music on this DVD but, I think this scene suffered due to the sped up footage and the constant heavy music. The girls are beautiful (one being Riley Mason), but all the filtering effects distract me from them and the action. At one point it’s so sped up and blurry I can’t even tell what is going on! This scene features everything from oral to vaginal sex. No anal or double penetration.
(Continued- Scene 5)

I did not care much for this scene.

This scene is about four minutes in length, broken into five chapters.

Scene 6 - Slave Trader

This scene starts out with a guy and a beautiful blonde girl in tight faded jeans and a black top touching and kissing to the humming of a building heavy metal song. The song has a lyric about “slave trader” so that is my guess where they got the title of this scene. This scene takes place in what appears to be a dark storage warehouse, the actors are well lit and the contrast between them and the background is great. Very beautiful light work on this scene. After the music builds and takes off so does the action. The girl performs oral sex and by the end song they are having anal sex. There is some boob sex and then a blow job, closing the scene with a cumover


The credits roll, but this is not your normal porn credits. It is more like a music video, with a singer of a band mimicking the words while the girls hang all over him.

Bonus Gangbang: Grupo Raw

This is a supposed to be a gangbang featuring four girls and one guy, however the guy mostly just bangs one while the others just watch from the side. Going so far to actually light up a cigarette while watching. I wouldn’t exactly call the first half a gangbang. At best it is a two on one scenario, with some girl on girl. Around the seven minute mark another guy enters the scene and we finally have something that resembles a gangbang, but that doesn’t last long, as they soon do more one on one and more two on ones.

It is not a bad scene though, the women are pretty and the action is nice. Overall it is a great bonus feature.

This bonus scene is just over fourteen minutes in length, broken into twelve chapters.

Camera work:

The camera work is great; I loved all the camera angles. Most of the editing was superb and artistically done. I would only make a few changes, that being, only to the fifth scene.

Sound work:

The soundtrack is just awesome; there is no other word for it. Sure, if you do not care for this style of music you may not like it, but if you do, you’ll love it! The sound quality was top notch.

Bonus Features:

Behind the valley of the Razordolls –Bloopers to behind the scene features.
Bonus Gangbang: Grupo Raw (correct Spelling)
Three Deleted Scenes (All of which are not very exciting)
Photo Slideshow
Razordolls Trailers
Pulse Trailers
Bonus Soundtrack CD

Personal Comments:

I liked this DVD; it is loaded with special features. The action is hot, the women are very beautiful, and the editing mostly was great. There were a few hiccups with the editing. I did not like the sped up effect they used in a couple of the scenes. However this is still a great film and when you add all the extra features you get a five star production. That is why I am giving this a five star rating.
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  • Tuesday
    Very thorough review. Excellent job.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks Tuesday!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Maybe it is a good thing there is no zombie sex? LOL good review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Maybe! haha

    Thanks for reading and commenting
  • Kayla
    Great review.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks Mistress Kay!
  • Selective Sensualist
    Excellent review! I am about to write my first review on porn and am taking notes from you on what I should include.
  • namelesschaos
    Great review I've never heard of a porn coming with a Soundtrack CD before interesting.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks Selective Sensualist! If you have any questions feeel free to PM me

    Thanks namelesschaos! The soundtrack was an awesome addition, hope some of the more musical porn do the same in the future.
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