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Hendrixxx, as you've never seen him before!

I think that any Hendrix fan, porn fan, or music historian would enjoy this DVD. It is definitely one of those discs that EVERYONE should see at least once.
The Hendrix scene is really good. Lots of cool extras.
Only 10 minutes of Hendrix porn.
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Of all the celebrity sex tapes that are now circulating on the Internet, and being released on DVD through the adult video industry, this one certainly stands out boldly. Before going into the review of this DVD, I must explain what this DVD contains, and how it is laid out. In doing this I will be revealing a bit of what might be discouraging information to some… but please stay open and objective until the end!

- The actual x-rated clip of Jimi Hendrix and the 2 foxy ladies having sex, is approximately 10 minutes long. Aside from this 10 minute piece of footage, there are no other x-rated scenes of Hendrix. It is however a very good and dynamic scene!

- The majority of the DVD feature is a documentary style piece that features the commentary and stories of Cynthia Plastercaster & Pamela Des Barres, both of whom were intimate with Jimi Hendrix in one way or another, and helped to verify the authenticity of the film. The total running time of the feature is approximately 40 minutes. So subtracting the 10 minute sex scene, that is about 30 minutes of Documentary with Cynthia & Pamela.

- As a bonus feature, this DVD contains 3 Vivid sex scenes from other movies. Together these scenes are 57 minutes worth of porn. Which I think helps to make this DVD worth it, since there is technically only a small amount of Jimi Hendrix porn. Vivid in general is usually way too mainstream for my tastes, but these bonus scenes are pretty good.

- The extras and bonus features are pretty impressive. Granted, since you are selling a 10 minute piece of porn, you’ve got to beef up everything else… and they did a great job of putting together a high quality DVD. Now onto the review.


The Jimi Hendrix Sex Tapes, as I already mentioned, is one 10 minutes long scene of him with 2 girls. You can watch the main feature which ends with the sex scene, or you can go into the bonus menu and select the ‘Positions Room’. In the positions room you can directly access any of the 5 positions the scene cycles through: Pussy Eating, Blow Job, Reverse Cowgirl, 3 Way, & Cum Shot.

Blow Job: The scene opens with the two girls, one on each side of Jimi, taking turns going down on him and kissing each other. This position lasts for almost 4 minutes.

Reverse Cowgirl: The blowjob scene then cuts to one of the girls riding on top of Jimi in a reverse cowgirl position, while the 2nd girl kisses, licks, and fondles the 1st girl. This position lasts for just over 2 minutes.

Pussy Eating: The reverse cowgirl scene directly cuts to the two girls both on their backs, with one girl lying on top of the other. Hendrix is on his stomach in between the legs of both girls, alternating between the two as he goes down on both of them. This position lasts for almost 2 minutes.

3 Way: The Pussy Eating scene then directly cuts into a 3 way scene, that appears to be an extension of the earlier Reverse Cowgirl position scene. The same girl is riding Hendrix in a reverse cowgirl position, but now the 2nd girl is squatting over the 1st girl while the first girl is giving her head. Towards the end of the scene whoever is filming, zooms in on the penetrative sex as a close-up, and you can clearly see that Hendrix has gotten off and gravity is causing it flow down and out of the girl. This position lasts for just over 2 minutes.

Cum Shot: This just directly cuts to the very end of the 3 way position scene.

Overall this scene is really good. It is well lit, and someone is filming it, so it’s not just a stationary tripod view of the scene. Everyone in the scene looks very relaxed, and no one seems to notice the camera at all. This makes me wonder if they had been rolling the camera for a while and everyone was used to it, if everyone had made movies before, or if they had all been ‘partying’ and were just really into the sex. Either way it was really laid back. The age of this film pre-dates most of the early porn movies we’re are all familiar with today, but it does have that 70’s porn kind of look and feel. Also it does have a bit of that amateur film look, but it is way more ‘pro’ than any amateur porn I’ve ever seen.

(This review continues into the ‘Experience’ section.)
I personally think that any Jimi Hendrix fan will have a great time watching this DVD, not just for the sex scene, but also for the documentary stuff that you are not likely to find on any other Hendrix documentary.

Aside from the DVD feature there are a lot of extras included as well. There is an image gallery of all the photos and pictures used in the feature. There are of course Vivid DVD & product previews and advertisements. There is an option of watching the sex scenes with Cynthia & Pamela’s commentary. There are some deleted scenes which are just clips of Cynthia & Pamela telling other stories, like wandering into a friend’s neighbor’s house, that just happened to be Jim Morrison, or about a friend (Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira) injuring herself at a concert, meeting Hendrix in the first aid tent, and making out with him. If you enjoy the documentary aspect of this DVD, you will definitely enjoy these extra clips.

The most significant portion of the extras are the 3 bonus porn scenes from Vivid. By including 3 bonus scenes they make sure that you do not feel let down by the otherwise lack of porn on this porn DVD.

Bonus scene 1 – is from Savanna’s Been Blackmaled, with Savanna Samson, Tyler Knight, & Brian Pumper.

Bonus scene 2 – is from Call Girl Confidential, with Monique Alexander, Amber Peach, & Mr. Marcus

Bonus scene 3 – is from Janine’s Been Blackmaled, with Janine, Sean Michaels, & Mr. Marcus.

These 3 bonus scenes are pretty good, and cycle through all of the typical standard porn scenarios and positions. Again, as I stated before, these bonus scenes do really help to round out this DVD.
Follow-up commentary
I actually got to see this DVD a few days before it was released (I think it was released in May 2008), since I work at a porn store. I enjoyed the DVD then, but felt a little let down by how short it was. After thoroughly watching every part of this DVD again, to write my review, I definitely enjoyed and appreciated this DVD more.
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    Excellent review! Thanks Gary!
  • Sir
    Very cool! Nice review, Gary.
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    Excellent review! Thanks Gary!
  • Owl Identified
    This is both hilarious and awesome. Totally getting this for my boyfriend for Christmas. You have no idea how much Christmas shopping you just saved me.
  • Gary
    Thanks Everyone!

    Sex, Lies, & Pre-Law: Ha, this would make a great Christmas present! Smile
  • Sammi
    I so don't want to watch Jimi having sex! But, I'd rather see him than Paris Hilton Smile
  • sarahbear
    I may have to hire you to screen any porn I'm interested in. I'm so picky. This was a very detailed and awesome review. Smile
  • Gary
    Sammi: I've still never seen the Paris Hilton movie, and I have no desire to!
    Sarahbear: Thanks!
  • Maiden
    I'm glad someone finally reviewed this. It has been in my assignment cart for awhile now, but I never submitted it.
  • Airen Wolf
    Sigel is a Hendrix fan...I was looking at this for him. I think he might like it even if the scenes are short just for the trivia. Thanks for the review!
  • Love Buzz
    Monumental *must have*
  • shinypinkstars
    I had no idea this was out there.
  • mistressg
    I just found out about this a few months ago, and just now found out Eden carries it! Didn't know this was out there, but not really shocked. Very thorough review. I don't even like porn really, but I was curious about it. Now that I know it's just a 10 min scene, sounds less interesting.
  • eroticmutt
    Wow, I hadn't known he had been in a porn. Very interesting!
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