I'm Not A Lesbian But My Girlfriend is I'm Not A Lesbian But My Girlfriend is

DVD discontinued

Is this an Infomercial?

This is just a bad dvd. They didn't care about quality of the picture, which gives me a headache. Not to mention the hour of commercial [collective on both discs] you have to sit through to get to the movie.
Um... it comes in a dvd box? Scene selection on the menu?
Extremely low quality, all the commercials.
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You have to watch around ten minutes of ads for Vivid products before you can get to the menu. You can't skip them. It is annoying. So you figure, at least once you start the movie, you are free and clear, right? Wrong. There are commercials DURING the film. These are NOT previews/trailers for other movies; think more along the lines of the late night phone sex ads. My best suggestion is putting the movie in ten minutes before you actually want to use it so you don't have to sit through the cheesy ads.

I was excited to get this dvd, I like lesbian porn. This is a compilation dvd, which means that none of this material is new or special to the dvd. It is just scenes from other Vivid movies all put together. So, no storyline or anything. Which is cool if you want a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type thing, which sometimes I do. I don't think porn needs a storyline to be great.

My biggest complaint? The quality of this movie. I first started watching it on my computer, and the scenes themselves are fuzzy. They just aren't top quality. It makes watching the porn aggravating. I thought maybe it was just because I was playing it on the computer, so I tried the TV, WORSE! Obviously because the TV has a bigger screen. It makes watching the movie completely worthless. It hurts my eyes. There are 18 scenes total. Most of them are fairly boring, but a couple are worth watching. If you want quick action, repetitive, then this is a good choice for you. There are a couple fetish scenes too that were interesting to watch. But ALL of the scenes have the weird fuzzy look to them. Which is weird because the menu nor the commercials are like this, so I know it isn't the dvd itself or my computer. It is really disappointing and distracting. It seriously hurt my eyes to watch it. So even scenes that I normally would be interested in, I couldn't get into because the low quality gave me a headache.

The second 'bonus' dvd is from Vivid as well, Superstars: Cheyenne. Once again you have to sit through agonizingly long commercials. This annoys me, and is a surefire guarantee that I won't buy their product again. I am fine with promoting other films that you have, but sex phone hotlines? Not what I bought the porn for. Nor does it interest me. Not being able to skip it ensures that I am well into annoyed-land when I get to the actual menu. It also means I won't watch the dvd as often because of everything I have to sit through first.

This has ten scenes with three bonus scenes. The movie itself is two hours long and once again, a compilation. This time though? The movie actually is a quality that doesn't give you a headache! Yea! Some of the scenes are pretty cheesy, both with dialogue and plots to certain scenes. Humorous to a degree actually. But at least you can watch this without wanting to push your eyeballs. So really, the bonus dvd is better than the actual dvd. But that isn't what I bought this for. I bought this for the first dvd, which is why I was supremely disappointed with it.

Really? It was more like a late night infomercial than a porno with all the commercials.
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  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Wow, well that explains the low price tag.
  • Contributor: TitsMcScandal
    Yeah, I mean I understand it is a compilation and those usually have a lower price tag since they aren't paying for a whole production but I wasn't expecting the low quality.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    Definitely sounds like one to skip.
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Samanti
    I so wanted to get this one, and then i read your review, trust me i have seen a movie just like that and i wanted to throw it out the window. I dont want to hear some phoney sex ads. Freaking dumb! But hey, awesome review.
  • Contributor: Jessica Elizabeth
    Good review but ish! Definitely not getting this one!
  • Contributor: zeebot
    Wow, this sounds terrible! Thanks for the review, I'll definitely give this one a miss.
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