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Playgirl: Heavenly Heat

DVD by Playgirl TV

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It's Hot, but not Red-Hot

Overall, a really hot DVD, definitely a worthy purchase. It didn't hit -all- of my buttons, but the majority of the scenes are well filmed with decent angles and varying positions. The actors/actresses were all sexy and did a great job with creating on-screen chemistry.
Majority of scenes well filmed, some really arousing shots, and some inventive sets.
Angles sometimes didn't do it for me, music could get overpowering.
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Content / Genre / Audience

Heavenly Heat is a series of semi-plot porn scenes on one DVD. Exceedingly more convenient than sifting through thousands of virus riddled clips online, but a little inconvenient if you're particular about what you want to be seeing.

Individually, each "scene" was well designed and the sets were inventive and interesting. The oral and vaginal sex were well choreographed and the actors all appeared and sounded like they were enjoying themselves. My only complaint really, is that the action is a little soft, more moving around and music (which was a little overdone in a couple of the scenes) than any really good filming angles to catch what I watch porn to see. I'm visual when it comes to my porn, so I like it hardcore, with good angles and right up in there shots. Heavenly Heat didn't really excel at this, but if auditory stimulation and basic movements can get you off, this is sure to please.

As far as the target audience goes, I really think there's a little for everyone in this. With the exception of anal, which I didn't see any of. But as a personal preference, anal porn kind of squicks me out, so I was pleased that this stuck to oral and vaginal. I'm sure the guys could appreciate the streamlined and well endowed qualities of the actresses, and the ladies could appreciate the masculine and sculpted figures of the actors in Heavenly Heat. All of the couples seem to have a genuine connection too, and I can definitely appreciate that, it does wonders for the in-action chemistry.


The first scene is set in an abandoned building, Grant Michaels is a tad over-muscled (if that's possible) but plays the part well and is pretty hot in a leather jacket. Kim Chambers, while she's definitely sexy and this is one of the best scenes in the DVD, sometimes just looks...old. I -think- that the angle/lighting just fails to flatter her every now and then, because then it'll flick to another view and she'll look great. Overall, this is probably the most dynamic of the scenes, the positions are great and they use these metal bars that go across a window a lot. Great, raunchy sex in a public place.

Scene 2 is titled "Good Morning, My Love" and the music is just too much in the beginning. It's sweet, but almost too much so. The bedroom setting is nice, but to me this scene is just "okay."

The third is really neat, because it's set up like an old Hollywood show. The actress plays with a long strand of pearls, and she invites the debonair man (her audience) to join her on the fainting couch, center stage. He appears a tad younger than her, but it's great in a cute "here let me show" kind of way. It's a pretty good scene, with some good angles, lots of varying positions and gentle jazzy music.

The next scene (with Marco Banderas) is probably my least favorite. She's pretty (her boobs are amazing), he's attractive. She's the maid, he comes in and they fuck. It's so cliche down to the hotel-looking room and her rented blue maid uniform. The angles weren't anything special, and his gold #1 necklace kind of rubbed me the wrong way from the start. But, she does give him a great blowjob, and how much he seems to enjoy that is quite steamy.

The fifth scene is called "Lights Camera Action" and it starts a little slow, with a girl cleaning up a nightclub or studio or some such place after hours to some sassy jazz music, when she finds a poster on the floor. Sexy rock star man comes in, long hair, ripped jeans, leather jacket. He carries her up some stairs and proceeds to do naughty things to her -on- those stairs and boy is that angle hot. Some progressive music plays in the background, and this is probably my favorite scene of the bunch.

The final scene is really exotic, and takes place outside by a hot tub, he gives her a full body rubdown with oil that is pretty great, but what I love about this scene is how she grabs an ice cube out of the margarita they share through the course of the scene, and uses it to compliment her blowjob, which in itself is pretty spectacular. Granted, he looks a little bored and sips the margarita in the middle of it, but whatever I guess. ;) Another really great thing, as he starts going down on her, she takes the drink, and pours it down her chest, so he can drink it out of her pussy. This too, was very sexy. Definitely in the running with my other two favorite scenes, but it kind of drags on after awhile.

DVD Features

The only extra scene really worth mentioning is the Bonus Scene, with JC Stinger. It starts with him playing some soulful acoustic guitar, and a pretty brunette girl kind of wanders in, looking dazed and following the music. This scene is pretty awesome as the music transforms into more wild electric guitar, and they proceed to get down to business on an retro looking orange couch. This couch takes one hell of a beating too, and throughout the scene I wondered if it was going to survive to see another day.

There was also a solo scene with Brent that was moderately interesting, and an audition with Blake, but I sort of found that to be mediocre.
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