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Jenna loves Justin, and her girlfriends, and herself too!

Jenna Loves Justin is another addition to Club Jenna. 2 hours, 9 minutes long. One disc. The film has a large variety of scenes, models, and fantasies. I recommend Jenna Loves Justin to all Jenna and Justin fans.
Lengthy,variety of models and scenes,Jenna film,some S/M scenes
Music input is too loud,scenes are sped up
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Jenna Loves Justin is yet another pick from Club Jenna. One DVD, 2 hours 9 minutes, and loads of steamy play!

The DVD features: Chapter Selections, Interactive Menus, Slide Show, Trailers, Web site access, and Bloopers and Outtakes.

- Release Date: 12/18/2006
- Production Year: 2006
- Studio: Vivid / Club Jenna

Jenna Loves Justin is not the best porno I have seen. I bought it because I love watching Jenna Films. The camera quality was great, it has a variety of models, and it is lengthy. But the entire DVD has music playing louder than the models. I cannot hear them and I could not enjoy it. Also, a lot of the film appears to be clips from photo shoots with little sex or masturbation.

The DVD starts off with copyright information that leads to the Main Menu. The Menu has three choices: Play Movie, Scene Selection, and Special Features.
Once the film is started the screen scrolls through information: casting models, editors, directors, and producers. Justin Sterling is the Director and Writer as well as an actor in the film.

The film begins with what I call the "main event" of the film: Scene Jenna Loves Justin. It is a fantasy empowered scene with Jenna and Justin. Chains, metal, sucking, licking, collars, face sitting, jerking, and sexing. The entire scene seems to flash by. It has visual effects that drive me crazy! Everything is sped up and it goes by way too fast with too many effects to enjoy it. Next it moves on to a photo shoot of Jenna. It's angelic, pink and white fluffy stuff. And a very small amount of fingering toward the end of the shoot. Moving on to an outdoor scene: Jenna loves Krystal. The babes share some kissing, rubbing, licking, 69, and finally a quick jack off session together with toys. This scene was not bad, I just wish I could have heard the ladies more, and the music less. Next is Jenna Loves Nikita. A S/M inspired masturbation scene with a pony whip and double penetration action with her toys. The scene was okay, but another photo shoot with too much music. Moving on to Jenna Loves Jenna. A sexy Jenna in roller skates and hot pink. This scene, Jenna is looking very sexy! Loud music again of course, but Jenna can be heard over some of it. It turns into Jenna fingering herself with lots of pussy close ups. Then it is over. The next scene is, um, strange. Jenna Loves Justin. It starts with drowning and Jenna washing her bloody self off in a sink. It then skips directly to a scene in what appears to be a morgue. There is a patient watching as Jenna gets ate out by a Zombie. This scene has a lot of sucking, licking, and fucking. Then some hair pulling, arm stretching, and mouth grabbing. It ends with a face shot. Pretty good scene. Probably my favorite of the entire film. Then another photo shoot of Jenna Loves Tawny. They are both dressed in black leather with red spikes and silver rings. Some pussy licking, fingering, and strap on sex. Yeah baby! I liked this scene as well. It could have had better angles but was still good. Then we are back to Jenna Loves Jenna. A very hot, steamy, sensual scene in a bubble bath. There is some pussy rubbing and ass fingering. And next, back to Jenna Loves Krystal. This scene is on a dance floor that is translucent. Jenna is giving a damn good blow job and the view is from beneath the floor. It was pretty cool. Then on to some hard screwing. It turns into a blow out threesome with Jenna and Krystal. The next scene appears to be in a boiler room. Jenna loves Nikita. Nikita turns Jenna into a good little submissive and gets pussy licking. Strap on sex here too. And that's it folks.

Special Features include: photos, web site information, trailers, and bloopers.
I liked the film because it does have Jenna in most of it. I would have loved it if they turned down the music input and turned up the voice. It just drove me crazy. I could not hear the models enjoying themselves at all really. A lot of it is staged too. It does not seem realistic. I still like the film and will keep it with my Jenna Collection. I recommend it to all Jenna and Justin Fans! Not the best I have seen, but not the worst. The film is still pretty good and has a good variety of scenes.
Follow-up commentary
I still watch this from time to time. I will continue to recommend it to Jenna fans. It isn't my fav porn to watch. I do adore the odd, and original Zombie scene and the face sitting. It still gets popped in the dvd player from time to time. I am happy with it.
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  • Lustful Dreams
    I hate when the music is so loud you can't hear ANYTHING going on. Thanks for the review
  • Kayla
    That doesn't sound like a very good porn to watch.
  • Alicia
    LOL the zombie scene! That one sounds...interesting..
  • LucyLemonade
    Some of the scenes sound interesting, but it seems like such a strange pairing for the entire dvd, especially the morgue/zombie scene? I like zombies, but I like a continuous plotline
  • Blinker
    Most random zombie scene EVER. I totally need this now! I love Jenna!
    Great review
  • UrNaughtyaAngel
    Oh I am sorry to hear this. I have scene a few of Jennas sex scenes from the old days on Porn Hub. I thought her own productions would be better. I hate music in Porn. I love hearing dirty talk along w/ moan and groans. Glad I read your review I would have assume that it was good. I think its Jenna love ... its a girls name that I hear a lot about.
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