The Wedding Day by New Sensations - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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The Wedding Day is full of sexual tension and drama, and is a very good couples movie. The sex is not to hardcore, and will be accessible to a wide audience. While there is great acting and great sex, there is one thing major annoyance in this film is the condoms that are used are rendered useless when the guy pulls off his condom and ejaculates on the woman's pelvic region, contradicting the point of condoms in the film.
Good storyline, great acting, and beautiful sex scenes.
Improper use of a condom and passing it off as safe sex.
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Covers & Presentation
The Wedding Day comes with an elegant ribbon attached to the exterior of the case, outside the plastic wrappings. Beautiful and well designed as it is, only hardcore fans will keep the decorative ribbon, others may toss it aside. The front cover has a picture of the happy couple, seconds from the ceremonial kiss. The background has lots of little rose petals strategically placed and does not appear gaudy or corny, but comes across as elegant and romantic.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film opens up to the hustle in bustle of a group of people trying to set up a romantic scene for a happy wedded couple to be, the soft and relaxing music in the background is really sets the festive yet very formal occasion.

Meanwhile bride to be Sabrina is getting ready for her special day. In walks Robert, a former fling and lover. Robert explains to her that he made a mistake in letting her go, but he wishes her and her husband to be Jake a good life together.

After delivering a gift (a necklace) to Sabrina, Robert visits Jake who is getting ready for the wedding. Jake wonders why Robert is sad. Robert quickly lies to Jake, telling him he is sad to lose his best friend (or was this really a lie? Maybe he was speaking of Sabrina). After the two have a bro-hug, Robert leaves, and in enters Carolyn, Jake's sister. Carolyn begins to tell Jake a story about something that happened to her on her way to the wedding, but he dismisses her and she leaves disappointed and hurt.

The wedding coordinator tells the group that they must all pair off and begin to work in order to get things done faster. Alexis and Peter pair up to arrange flowers, the two hit it off. Alexis wonders how Peter is doing in the big city now, she asks him if she misses anyone. Peter tells her he does, and that he was too nervous to tell the girl (Alexis) that he loved her. Alexis tells Peter she loves him, and the two kiss, and head off to another room where they have sensual sex. After having vaginal and oral intercourse, Peter rips off his condom and ejaculates onto Alexis' belly and pelvic region.

While looking for Jake, Jason runs into Marcia, Jake's mother. Marcia is sad about her son getting married and her fears of growing old. Jason comforts her and one thing leads to another and the two have vaginal sex.

After being blown off by her mother, Carolyn sits depressed and alone in a room. Cooper enters and comforts her. To blow off a little steam the two get down, featuring vaginal and oral sex, before ending the scene like the previous two, with the guy ripping his condom off and ejaculating over the chick.

After being blown off by the groom Jake, the wedding planner Chris is depressed, Robert enters and comforts her. The two hit things off and have sex, featuring oral and vaginal sex, ending the scene in the same condom ripping acts.

After the wedding, the bride and groom relax and consummate their union. The two are shown on their honeymoon having sex. The sex features oral and vaginal before ending in the typical cumover.

Ashley Brooke as Sabrina
Mikey Butders as Jake
Tony De Sergio as Robert
Lyla Storm as Chris
Briana Blair as Carolyn
Ralph Long as Cooper
Bill Bailey as Peter
Victoria Lawson as Alexis
Devon Lee as Marcia
Johnny Castle as Jason

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality is very good, which is expected since this film was shot in HD. The camera angles were very good and the action was always in focus.

The sound quality was also amazing, the dialogue was clear to hear as was everything else. The music chosen was great and fit the film well, the music helped set the atmosphere.

Special Features:
Full Motion Menus
Chapter Index (although this is listed as a Special feature, do not all modern DVDs feature this?)
Behind The Scenes
Photo Gallery
Pick Your Pleasure (A.K.A Position Room)
Web Trailer
16x9 Widescreen Format
No Regional Coding

Personal Comments:
I have said it numerous times before, using condoms in adult films is not a bad idea, it promotes safe sex, but what message are you sending when the guy rips the condom off and explodes on the woman's exposed vagina? Yes, it may look good on the TV, but it is a huge contradiction. How many times does this have to happen in films that are “promoting safe sex”? The only thing I can come up with is that the director wanted to show the guy getting off, a visual proof that someone enjoyed themselves, but the only way the director could think of showing this visual proof was to have him ejaculating over a chick. I suppose there could be a faction out there that may feel unfulfilled by lack of traditional cumshot. My suggestion, instead use a more realistic approach to the scene by having an “Internal” cumshot, with the guy wearing the condom. This can be easily faked with some good acting, and perhaps one reason this course was not chosen is because the coveted gooey proof would not be present. It is my opinion that my suggestion would have added a “spontaneous” and the romance factor to the film, and isn't that what this film is all about; alas I am not a director.

This film was not bad, a good couples movie. The story was alright, and had a lot of drama and sexual tension. The sex was pretty good, with only one compliant, and that was listed in the previous paragraph.

If I had to pick a favorite scene I would choose the final scene. Ashley Brooke (Sabrina), is just stunning, and she did a fabulous job. A close second would the Peter/Alexis (Bill Bailey/Victoria Lawson) scene. Victoria was very beautiful, and the scene was very sensual, maybe more so than the other scenes, including the final scene.

I am giving this film a four out of five. I am subtracting a star from what I consider a contradiction with the condom usage.
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  • The Curious Couple
    Good review, thanks for sharing!
  • Jobthingy
    It really is so dumb when they do that. Like at least aim higher onto the belly or boobs.
  • Kayla
    Amazing DVD review as usual, Viktor.
  • Love Buzz
    As always a fantastic review Viktor. I get so happy when I see condoms and safe sex being practised in porn but as you point out WTF is the point if they end a scene in such a manner. It frustrates me!
  • Lady Nina
    amazing review!
  • Miss Anonymous
    Very good review!
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    I've always thought the same way about the use of condoms in porn. Pulling it off and ejaculating everywhere completely defeats the purpose. Also, some porn shows the girl giving the guy head before he even puts on the condom. I guess nobody worries about STIs in the mouth.
  • zracer
    Great review seems like I would like this thanks
  • SiNn
    great review ty!
  • The Mother of a SiNner
    ty for the review
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