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Lady Scarface, more like just scarred.

It's a bizarre mix of death and sex, blended with some poorly shot scenes, starring camera men and not just porn stars. Its lack of realism leaves something to be desired, which is unfortunate since this is meant to satisfy.
Tries its best to be authentic.
Not very well shot, weird mix of violent death and sex.
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Lady Scarface was released by Adam and Eve studios back in 2007. The film lasts about three hours, and is jam packed with an intriguing mix of sex, and an attempt at recreating the Scarface theme. They use condoms all throughout the film, so they deserve a great deal of credit of encouraging responsible and safe sex. It was a two disc set, one for the film and one containing special features (Which were nothing to squawk about. I watched about five minutes and quit because I was horribly and terribly bored).

As a general porn it was good, not amazing, but it satisfied its purpose. Personally however I had a really hard time watching this film. It is a story of a young woman using sex, drugs and violence to get through her days, and rise until she can live her life ’on top’. Normally I don’t have a problem with a little rough and tumble during sex, in fact, usually I enjoy it. The strength, power and threat of potential violence that is never acted upon, it can add an element of spice to the lives of those who enjoy that sort of thing. But this, this is way too much for my tastes. I couldn't feel aroused watching her shoot a man in the forehead, or stab and hack at people. The mixture of violence resulting in death followed by sex just didn't suit my interests, but I'm sure it suits someones.

I found the authenticity of this video to be unique. The lead female character, Carmen Luvana, who plays Toni Luvana, a poor refugee woman just trying to make it in the hard world sounds the part. The rich accented English, and quirky catch phrases in the heat of the moment, allow you to believe that she IS that poor girl working her way to the top. She is relentless in her pursuit of money and power, and stops at nothing, not even murder, to achieve her goals.

The actual video quality of the film left something to be desired. I thought, compared to something like Fallen, it was very low quality. You could see the difference between college kids filming, and a high budget studio putting the production together. You can see at times the shadows of cameras, and people moving about the set as they are filming the more sexual scenes. It wasn’t something that happened on a regular basis, but happened often enough to be noticeably distracting. All the scenes are nicely shot, with a homey and realistic feel.

The costumes aren’t anything to fawn over, but then again, no one in real life ever looks THAT stylish, so I suppose that is okay. I also should mention is that it lacks a sense of realism; when the gentleman is shot in the forehead he doesn't really bleed, and when they zoom out to show his fallen body there isn't a pool of blood forming around his body. I'm aware that this isn't critical in making a porn, but I mean... if you're going to do something, do it all the way, not half way, k team?

There is a variety of scenes to choose from, mostly a heterosexual or bisexual buffet of body parts. Toni and Angel spend the afternoon working at the carwash, and their passions flames from afternoon until well after dark. This is a scene to tickle the fantasy of a lovely lesbian, but they shy away from satisfying the gay community, which I find unusual and mildly upsetting. They have a scene between a restaurant owner and his girlfriend. Toni, and her arresting officer in the immigration office, work out an ‘arrangement’ to get her into the country. Crime boss Tommy Gunn and his lovely lady friend share some quality time together. Tommy also has a little tryst with Toni’s friend Angel. All is fair in love and drug wars I suppose.

As porn it was good. As a sexy movie, it leaves an awful lot to be desired in my opinion. And that's the problem with films like this, its quality is dependent solely on the viewer. For those who are a fan of the mobster and gangster movies and culture this is something kitsch to have in your collection. It might never be your favorite but it's one you want to have just to say you've got it.
Follow-up commentary
I have a really hard time watching this film. Giving it some extra screen time to be through did not improve my reaction to the scenes. I just can't blend the weirdly violent murders and sex and feel turned out. There is nothing saying that others won't find this to be a delicious addition to their collection, but in my case it's something that will continue to sit in my DVD cabinet collection dust until I can find something useful to do with it, like steady a table, or pawn it off to friends. It's sad to be so unimpressed, but unfortunately me and this film were just not a good match.
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  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    You are tottally right! TYhis movie is just... soooo soooo Horrible. Worst $32 I ever spent. Just awful. I loved the cover, and that is it. the rest just just sucked.

    Great review.
  • Emma
    cool review
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