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Frisk Me

DVD by Heartcore films

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Look Out, You're Being Watched!

"Frisk Me" is for those out there who want a little naughty adventure with their porn but don't mind cheap sets. From criminals holding the cops at gunpoint and making him please them to airport security scans that go through every possible point of entry, "Frisk Me" is full of entertainment. A little cheesy, but I'm a guy who likes a little cheese now and then.
A lot of variety, kinky, great concept
Cheap and unbelievable props
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Ever wondered what really goes through a criminals mind? Why do they get pleasure out of stealing? Why do they tie their victims up? Why do they enjoy torture? Well, the answers are all right here. “Frisk Me” starts out with two attractive, Gothic women getting ready for a day of theft. They find their work very pleasurable and can't keep their hands off each other before they even head out the door. Right as they're putting on their clothes they get at it, licking each other and bringing out the toys. The day’s work has to be done though and they drag themselves out to the local police station.

At the police station they hold the only cop in the building up at gun point and demand the combination to a safe. Which safe, I really don't know. Anyhow, the cop refuses. They tell him he'll be sorry and tape his mouth shut. Then, at gun point, he's undressed and punched in the chest. He still won't talk. It's time for a little fondling with the police stick. Still, nothing. One woman uses the stick as a dildo while the other rides the cop. Then, they share him, making him cum all over their black boots. He's not done yet though, he's forced to lick it off. Then, he's tied to the chair by his neck tie and left for his coworkers to find.

Next, big brother is watching. A man's face, which you only see in red, watches from some hidden room as a woman in retro dress and a pearl necklace stirs a cake mix with a dildo. Hmmm, something isn't right. She looks directly at the camera and says that if she's going to be watched she's going to put on a show. Then, she reveals herself and plays with her chocolate cake batter covered dildo. The man just watches, unmoved. To finish it off she takes out her Hitachi wand and gives herself a screaming forced orgasm. Still he's unmoved. Nothing moves this dude.

The next scene is a little confusing. It is supposed to take place in an airport but it's not in anything remotely like an airport. Anyhow, we all know the drill, no liquids on planes. Well, this girl has a whopping amount of lube in her suitcase and she's caught. The inspector asks her to remove her overcoat and low and behold she's in nothing but lingerie. Hmmm, he suspects she's looking for trouble, and he's just the one to give it to her. He searches her, slaps her around, gags her, and inspects every single hole with his fingers and penis until he's sure she doesn't have anything to hide. Then, with cum in her mouth, he tells her to get up and hurry, otherwise she'll miss her flight.

Finally, the last scene involves a woman on a side walk strolling along with her latte in hand. She falls right beside a cop and spills her latte. He tells her this is a horrible offense and has to give her a ticket. Oh no, how will she ever pay? He has a way. He takes her back to the station and fingers her, making her give him a blow job before he pounds her. Next time, she'll remember not to spill her latte!

The two stars of the movie include Satine Phoenix and Tyler Knight. None are very believable. The acting is half witted and the sets are normally unbelievable. The concept is great though, which makes up for the shortcomings.

The menu screen is pretty basic. It shows a light against a dark wall. The light flickers. From here, you can choose to play the movie, choose a scene, view the sideshow, or go behind the scenes. There is no special features menu. It's all right there, on the main menu.
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  • El-Jaro
    Looks like you summed up the whole movie!
  • Kayla
    I've never heard of this porn before. Great job with the synopsis.
  • Jessica Elizabeth
    Good review thanks!
  • kck
  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds like you should get a box of free crackers with the cheese, but sounds fun!
    Great review.
  • Pleasureman
    Thanks everyone!
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