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Man on man action, in a way you've probably never realized you always wanted to see

Cubbyholes provides any viewer with a great window into how some trans men have sex with one another, and with non-trans men. It features safe sex practices, and actors with more body type variation than seen in most porn.
Variety of men and sex practices, safe sex.
Dialogue and acting weren’t outstanding.
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Sometimes you watch a porn and can’t enjoy it because there are things x, y and z, that have just been done so… ‘Terribly Wrong!’. Other times, you watch a porn and find your mind wandering from the hot sex because, they’ve managed to hit on a number of key things so... ‘Incredibly Well!’. Welcome to Cubbyholes: Trans Men in Action.

A few things Cubbyholes does well:

1. Hot sex. Okay, the cornerstone of good porn and they’ve definitely got it down. You not only get a variety of different sexual styles that do a great job of portraying the myriad ways in which trans men like to get it on, but you get really hot men getting it on. One of the reasons that I love watching this porn (also check out their second porn, Couch Surfers) is that, as a trans man, there are very few realistic representations of my kind of sex in porn.

Trannywood productions is fabulous in that it shows real, hot, trans man sex. It does so in a way that doesn’t feel like exotification, in the way most trans women are portrayed in porn. In Cubbyholes you’ll see trans men who enjoy being penetrated in both holes, as well as trans men who love to penetrate. You’ll also see that type of variety with respect to bio guys. The bio man in this production is fucked in one scene, and flips around to do the fucking in the next.

2. Hot trans men. The diversity doesn’t stop at sexual practices. Let’s be honest: there are a lot of folks out there who think trans guys are hot. I’m definitely one of them. I also think trans guys of a variety of races and sizes are hot, which makes Cubbyholes a new favorite for portraying a plethora of hot boys to choose from. Yeah, you’ve got the skinny, post top surgery, indie boys who come to mind when I think of the popular trans guy image. But you also have bigger guys, guys who are pre or non-op (who knows, we don’t really get bios…), bears and a variety of other looks. If you were looking for bleached blondes and perfectly waxed ass cheeks, this probably isn’t the film for you; for everyone else, you should be pretty happy.

3. (HOTT) Safe sex. If every porn producer put the effort into promoting safe sex that these guys do, I’d wager that we’d have less STDs around. It’s everywhere: the guys are wearing condoms, switching them appropriately; they’re using gloves for penetration with fingers, and dams for oral sex. The movie even comes with a guide to safe sex with trans guys. Go Team Safety.

4. Hot, respectful bio men. I can’t emphasize how awesome this was to see. The bio man involved in this production is a dream come true. He follows the guys leads with respect to language, and where they want to be touched. Another moment when he won me over was when he chose to strap on a prosthetic dick; what an amazing example for the guys out there whose partners would rather a monster cock of sizes that are not usually seen on the average Joe’s body.

That’s the end of my love-rant on Cubbyholes: Trans men in action. It wasn’t perfect, the dialogue was a bit lame, and the acting could definitely be improved, but it was a damn good movie with all the key elements I wanted to see.
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  • Backseat Boohoo
    Really great review! This isn't my type of porn, but it sounds like it was well-made enough, and the cover is really intriguing.
  • Viv
    Why isn't this on my wishlist already!? Thanks for the review! There needs to be more good trans men porn.
  • Femme Mystique
    I've heard some glowing reviews about this movie, and about the company in general. Thanks for the review!
  • Naughty Student
    What a great review, thanks!
  • ThePornLibrarian
    I love this one! great review...
  • Gabe
    Thanks folks for all your comments (and you're welcome, to all the thanks)!
  • Spicy Sunday
    Interesting! I'm glad that Eden carries such a variety of videos. I've definitely never seen a video like this before. Nice review.
  • Sir
    You shouldn't say "non-trans men." You should call them cisgendered or biological men. Other than that, good review. You didn't say whether it was purely gay sex, though. There aren't any women in it, correct?
  • Sir
    Whoops, nevermind! I apologize, I didn't see that it said that on the product description!
  • Gabe
    Hi Sir,
    Your point about language is well made. I actually tend to flip flop between the terms pretty readily (you'll note that I do use bio men at one point, and use cisgender men in one of my articles--[]) because none of them really satisfy me as a good term. Yeah, cisgender is a standard one used, but a whole lot of people wouldn't know what it meant if I used it unless it was followed by a parenthesis that said, essentially, not-transgender-men. There's not really room for that in a product description, which is where I used non-trans men originally.

    "Bio men" is also a term that I use as shorthand sometimes, but am ultimately unsatisfied with. Why, really, should that term be reserved for men who have "always" had male anatomy when plenty of trans guys have such anatomy post transition at least in some way (a flat chest, testosterone in their body, bottom surgery)? I don't buy that it should just be accepted as the right term to use since I know plenty of trans men who identify as biologically male at this point.

    I can make the same criticism of "non-trans-men." Yeah, there are plenty of men who have transitioned and currently feel male, not trans-male. But in a 2 line description, that seemed the best way to describe cisgender men for folks who may or may not know what that term means.

    I hope this post didn't come off as combative as I'm genuinely interested in hearing what you think would be best to do. It's such a hard balance to hit in reviews of this length to be both respectful and inclusive of all readers.
  • Epiphora
    Awesome review. I really, really, really want to see this. If I end up reviewing it at some point, I might contact you about the language issue. I always thought "bio men" was sufficient, but now I see how it can be obnoxious.
  • Sir
    I completely agree with you on that respect. I heard a new term recently used, called "chromosonally" male, which also still doesn't satisfy me because there are people that are chromosonally male who have certain medical conditions where they're not fully developed or etc. I just feel that non-transgender male seems awkward as well as unnecessary.

    To me personally, I wish that we could just say, "They're men, period. If they have genitals different from what you might normally expect, then who cares, deal with it. You shouldn't be expecting anything anyway." But I know that people most times wouldn't understand that.

    And no, it didn't at all. I appreciate you replying! I do understand though why you used "non-trans male" in your review. It was mainly to discern between the two, though really, you and me both know that there's no reason to.

    Best to you too,
  • Gabe
    Thanks, Epiphora! Feel free to contact me. (sorry for the delayed reply!)

    Luke- I'm with you. I definitely know trans men who feel that they are different than cisgender men in some ways (particualrly sexually) as well as those who feel that they are similar. It'd be nice if folks had no assumptions going in, though, rather than assuming difference.
  • M121212
    Wonderful review. This was already on my wishlist, but it's so great to hear your opinion on it. Cheers.
  • LittleBird
    Great review!
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