Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story - erotic video by Comstock Films - review by Dragon

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Real Sex is Hot- When There's Not Cheap Distractions!

The focus of the movie is on how couples in the adult industry manage their own sex life. Nice discussion of sex and relationship issues. Sex was remarkably well-filmed with close-ups and emotion both.
Special effects that allow you to just watch the sex! From either camera angle.
Appears to be a very low-budget movie.
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Have you ever wondered what it's like for the actors or actresses involved in adult porn in their own sexual relationships? Have you ever questioned how someone can watch their significant other have sex with another person? This movie is great for answering both questions from their perspective! Marie and Jack are both involved with the adult film industry and worked with Comstock Films on their "Real People, Real Life, Real Sex" series.

This movie is half-documentary and half-porn so don't expect more than that from the beginning. At the beginning of the movie, Jack and Marie spend a lot of time talking about their relationship and their sex lives. The remainder of the movie will switch back and forth between the interview type scene and a scene of the two of them making love. I'm not calling it fucking on purpose. Marie calls sex between her and Jack "pretty boring" or routine compared to porn. They both feel that part of what makes it special is the intimacy and emotional connection between them, and they are working to convey that side of sex in this movie. There is a discussion how when working in the industry often scenes are created and props are used, but that's not as spontaneous or natural for a relationship.

Just because they emphasize the emotional connection of sex between the two of them does not mean they leave out the physical. They discuss how Jack seems to make Marie come every time- with specific details. They use two cameras when shooting and alternate between them. One is generally focused on the faces and emotional side. The other is up close and very personal! There was some pretty *hot* footage of Jack's cock fucking Marie's cunt. I'm not sure where the camera was, but they found a couple of great angles some of the time. One of the special effects of the DVD that is especially nice if you are just looking for visual stimulation- you can watch the uninterrupted sex from either or both camera angles without the discussion.

The main drawback that I found is that it feels like a low-budget movie done in a hotel suite. I was bothered by the lack of lighting or surroundings when they were talking with Jack and Marie. I was ever more annoyed by the lack of any detail or color surrounding the sexual scene on Jack and Marie. This is a movie about real sex with real people|Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story in a completely neutral environment-- nothing as personal or scene-setting as a bedspread or a candle.

If you know what you are expecting the film is pretty good. It would be a great movie to introduce porn to someone that is less sure about watching or has seen some movies that really turned them off. I personally know that a lot of the porn on the market is not appealing to every woman.
Follow-up commentary
I wasn't sure that this particular video was actually going to manage to stay in my porn "staple." There are only a few that I've enjoyed enough to enjoy watching them more than once. My favorites, just so you know my taste, include Playboy's Sex in Dangerous Places and Wild Orchid. There have been others, but... I loaned this video to a friend to see what her impression of the movie would be. I know her well, and she was trying to add a bit of "spark" to her sex life with her husband. First-her husband had no interest in watching the movie at all. None. We couldn't figure out if it just didn't appeal to him, or videos in general didn't appeal, because we know he likes the sex! (Foreplay-not his favorite activity.) She enjoyed the movie. She primarily related to Marie. What she connected with was the relationship aspect of the movie. How it was about real people. This socio-emotional connection involved in the movie really pleased her and she enjoyed herself. That's in sharp contrast to my own opinion where I was simply distracted by what I considered a tacky set. I still think the special effects and camera angles are pretty good. Once again it's about knowing what the movie is, so you know what to expect.
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  • Essin' Em
    Interesting.  The first time I saw this movie (streamed online), I thought it was brilliant; erotica that was both porn and passion in one, and sent the link to everyone I knew, ever, including my grad school list serve.

    Shows you how porn is in the eye of the beholder :) 
  • Additional thoughts...  This is an adult movie, so the first question is does it turn you on?  I ran out of words in my review, but I'm realizing this needs to be added.  My husband and I had a really rough night when we first watched this, and were finally ready to unwind.  There are certainly other movies with a lot more *hot* sex scenes, but this one is nice.  The sex is both hot and tasteful and we had a lot of fun when it was done.
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