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Nikita's Extreme Idols

Overall the video was pretty good. I did find myself getting bored during a few scenes, even annoyed at times. I thought the scenes were very repetitive nothing really unique or sexy about the scenes. The only sexy thing was Tommy Gunn and Eva Angelino's rock hard bodies. I thought the plot was some what unique and humorous at times. Especially some of the judges comments. It is a nice video to have in your collection, however it won't be one of the first grabs for movie nights.
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Cast: Nikita Denise, Eva Angelina, Brittany Skye, Barbara Summer, Sandra Romain, Tommy Gunn, Talon, Randy Spears, Tyler Knight, and Sascha

Length: 95 minutes

Date of Production: November 2005


Behind the Scenes: This is an interview with Nikita about the production. She explains the layout of the movie and her experience doing her very first production. A few blooper scenes with the host are contained. Then there are fun and interesting photo shoots with each girl.

Audio/Video Quality: Throughout each scene the lighting is great with very little touch-up giving a believable coloring to skin tones. Great camera angles by the crew, only getting the best of each cast member. The normal soft porn music was loud enough to be heard, but low enough to hear ever moan, groan, and slapping sounds coming from the cast.

Plot: Being the porn knock off of "American Idol", you can figure out how the plot goes. There are 3 judges and are staged to appear and act the same as the judges of American Idol. The nice but honest black man, the beautiful sweet lady, and then the asshole judge that finds every negative. Yes I know pretty corney yet humorous.
There are 3 couples and 1 DP'ing threesome. The judges pick the best girl, and the best guy out of all contestants. Only the best, which Nikita chooses, get to have a steamy sex session with Nikita.
Each couple have an introduction to judges and then straight to the sex scene. Afterwards, they stand before the judges and tell the judges where they thought was their best moment. Then the judges criticize what they were good at and where they were lacking.

SCENE ONE Cast: Brittany Skye and Talon
The gorgeous Brittany starts the scene with an amazing blow job. Showing off her deep throating skills, Wow! She makes eye contact with the camera so you can lock into her beautiful eyes. She let's Talon control the pace and deepness. Great POV angles during the entire blow job. From the very beginning of the scene, loving Brittany, however Talon's continuous "oh.....yea" over and over and over, annoyed me instantly. From blow job to missionary. Brittany is viciously rubbing her clit. Unfortunately, in the close ups it looks so painful because she appears to be completely dry. Also, in my opinion, it was a bad shot of her tits, because you can see her implant bags wrinkle, very unpleasant.
The doggy scene was the best. There was a great camera angle, and nice close ups. Talon was really laying into her. Brittany was very vocal, telling him to " Fuck my Pussy" and " Fuck you motherfucker". On from the great doggy style, they finished off with the reverse cowgirl. At this point I am so sick and tired of Talon going " oh.....yea", I'm ready to skip the scene. The pop shot was a fail, he aims for her face and misses completely. The one judge really lays into him about it being horrible too.

SCENE TWO. Cast: Barbara Summer and Tommy Gunn
Like the previous scene, Barbara starts it off with a blowjob. Unlike Brittany, Barbara is horrible at it! It was sad to watch this. It was like it was the first blowjob she has ever given. There was absolutely no deep throating at all. Nikita was even fed up with it and "helped" Barbara by pushing the back of her head down and speeding up the pace. The worst blowjob I've ever watched. From one horrible oral sex scene, to Tommy trying to change the scene by showing Barbara how to give head.
Tommy goes on with what he does best, eating some Pussy! Again great camera work in getting the best shots. Tommy eats her Pussy for a long time, then goes to Barbara riding his huge cock. Barbara really grinds her clit on him. There are a few good close ups, but for the most part its kind of boring part of the scene.
Tommy Gunn takes control finally in the doggy style. You can really tell both are really enjoying themselves finally. Barbara saying "Feels so good" and Tommy looking like he is ready to blow. Also, you can see what great bodies these two have in this position.
The reverse cowgirl anal position was very slow pace but exciting. Tommy rubs and fingers her pussy, until she is screaming with an intense orgasm. Nikita enjoys this so much she comes into the scene and gives Barbara a big kiss and tells Barbara she's doing a great job. Finally, the pop shot. Tommy blows his massive load into a glass of water. Barbara, then drinks it down. This was the judges favorite part of their performance. A very unique way, I guess you could say.
SCENE THREE. Cast: Eva Angelina and Randy Spears
If you're into loud and vocal girls, then Eva is the girl for you. Eva starts off with giving an intense and sloppy blowjob. 5 stars for Eva's dick sucking skills. Barbara Summer should watch and learn, take notes, and hope she could ever come close to Eva's performance.
Next part of scene, Eva gets very loud and vocal. She is in the reverse cowgirl position in a really cool chair. Once again camera crew work their magic and get some really nice close up penetration shots. Eva screams loudly and cums to an intense orgasm. Eva then rotates to cowgirl and gets aggressive. They finish off the scene with her bending over and taking it from behind. Randy shows Eva all he's got by pounding into her. Randy quickly blows his load all over her face and glasses. Eva takes her glasses off and licks his cum off of them. She then, as giving a sacrifice offering, places her cum smeared glasses on the judges table. The judges appeared to appreciate her offering.

SCENE FOUR. Cast: Sandra Romain, Sascha, and Tyler Knight
Scene starts with Sandra giving double blowjob. She seemed to be more focused on Sascha than Tyler. Tyler seemed to have more of a limpy than anything throughout the scene. Sascha was more aggressive than Tyler as well. Sascha would force Sandra to deep throat his dick and she would tongue his balls. While Tyler would gently hold her hair. Sascha then gave Sandra some anal action. Tyler was no where in the scene. The camera angles were not so great in this scene. It was like the camera was at a 45 degree angle. Maybe the camera crew needed a break and Tyler took over for them. Tyler finally shows back up for a very short session of some missionary anal. At last the DP action, reverse cowgirl style. Tyler being on bottom doing his best at doing nothing, leaving Sascha to do all the work. The guys finish off with both cumming on the judges table and Sandra licking it off. Nikita helps Sandra by moving her head around making sure Sandra gets every last drop.

SCENE FIVE Cast: Nikita, Sandra Romain, and Tommy Gunn
Nikita picks her favorites and goes straight to her and Sandra fighting over Tommy's cock. They take turns slapping, spitting, and cursing each other. Both forcing each other to down the massive cock in front of them. Sandra takes the first turn with the reverse cowgirl, leaving her pussy open for Nikita to help herself to. Nikita gives Sandra's clit a good licking and shoves her fingers into Sandra's pussy. Nikita does a lot of ass to mouth during this scene too. Tommy then pile drives Sandra for a while before ass fucking Nikita. Nikita also takes the reverse cowgirl position a whirl. While Sandra slaps the hell out of Nikita's pussy. Tommy then showers the girls with a huge load of cum. Great POV angles during this pop shot. The girls swap his cum back and forth, licking each other swallowing every bit of Tommy's juices.
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