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I’m Not Afraid! Everybody! I’m Not Afraid!

Creepy but not scary, been there done that. It seems that a lot of so called porn horror films only seem to hit on a creepy factor if anything and not the scary factor. Jesse Jan’s Scream is no exception to this. Bizarre is not always scary. While the story, plot and overall scariness were nothing great, the sex was. The pairings were great and even unique, especially Evan Stone and Jesse Jane lighting up the screen.
Great chemistry, great talent, and lots of variety.
Not scary/confusing story and some noticeable filming and editing errors.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover of Jesse Jane’s Scream features warm colors clashing against cool colors. Jesse Jane is front and center with what appears to be a gold/red/yellow aura around her. In the background is a picture of Jesse looking frightened and left of the center picture is a picture of a mysterious shadow figure.

Overall I felt the cover to be strange, which may or may not add to the whole “Horror” feel. I thought the color scheme was strange, as was the pictures of Jesse.

The menus are very simple to navigate, and are eye pleasing, but there is nothing special about them aside from the explicit pictures.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts off with Evan Stone’s Car breaking down. Evan leaves his car and approaches an old manor, looking for a phone in order to get a tow truck. Evan knocks on the front door and it mysteriously opens, and to Evan’s surprise no one is on the other side of the door. Evan walks in and finds a woman (Jesse Jane), who is roller skating in circles around a couch in the parlor. Evan tries to get her attention but she ignores him. Finally he gets her attention, it seems that Jesse is a little disturbed, as she calls Evan a silly rabbit and she pushes him down onto the couch. After the two roll around touching each other on the couch, the two perform oral sex on one another before moving onto vaginal sex in multiple positions before the scene ends with a cumover.

The next scene takes place in the same house, perhaps (but never established) in the past. Marco Banderas sits on a bed masturbating while sniffing and sucking on an earring. In the bath room across from the bed, is a woman (Faith) lying in the bathtub motionless, her legs jutting out awkwardly. Marco gets up and enters the bathroom and begins playing with Faith’s hair and all the sudden the room’s lighting and atmosphere change to a lighter setting and the Faith comes alive. Immediately the two begin to have oral sex before going straight to vaginal sex.

The next scene seems to take place in the present and features Jerry, Rebecca Linares, and Madison Young. Jerry dares the girls to go into the house that is reportedly haunted. The girls reluctantly go in while Jerry waits outside. Jerry does not wait as he told the girls he would, instead he ventures into the old house and proceeds to make loud noises to scare the girls. Eventually he comes forward and reveals it is only him scaring them. The girls punish him by having sex with him (not what I’d call punishment). The girls take turns having vaginal sex with Jerry and oral sex with all three. Both girls perform anal sex, and the scene ends in typical porn cumover fashion.

The next scene shows, Jesse’s boyfriend showing up at the old house with flowers. Samantha answers the door. Apparently Jesse and her boyfriend have recently gotten into a fight and split. The boyfriend is attempting to reconcile. Samantha invites him in and the screen goes black. The next scene shows the boyfriend gagged, blindfolded, and bound in a bathtub. Jesse comes home and Samantha quickly shuts the door, and tells Jesse that she got her flowers and that she needs to forget about her boyfriend, that he is gone forever. Samantha and Jesse exit the room and enter the parlor. Here Samantha puts the moves on Jesse, and before you know it the two are getting dirty. This scene is a girl/girl and features typical oral and fingering.

The next scene shows Micah Moore taking out the trash. Micah sits a ball down beside the trash and turns to enter the house and in the door way is the same ball she just put outside. Micah takes the ball and throws it outside. She quickly walks into the house and into the living room. The ball goes rolling past her and rolls into a chair. On the chair there is a note that says “Play with me”. Marco then shows up and the two have vaginal and oral sex.

The next scene shows Jesse and Shay Jordan sneaking through the house, the two find a bedroom to hide in. The two have been dared to stay in the house for a single night. While they are lounging around the big cupboard starts to shake and rattle. The girls scream in fear, Jesse works up the nerve and opens up the cupboard door to reveal it is empty. The bedroom door handle begins to rattle, and in enters Tommy Gunn.

The girls tackle him and throw him to the bed and begin going at it. This scene features oral and vaginal sex with a standard cumover.

The end.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The Camera quality was very good, as was the angles and camera direction. The director did a good job adding some creepiness to the film, some of the weird horrors things fizzled and were not very scary, but some of the creepy aspects worked well.

The sound quality is hit and miss, for the most part there are not too many issues with sound and dialogue, however during the opening scene with Jesse Jane and Evan Stone, I had to rewind and attempt to understand what it was Jesse was saying, perhaps the mic was not hooked up properly or perhaps the sound of her roller skates over powered the audio feed.

Bonus Features:
Photo Gallery/Slideshow
Behind the scenes.

Personal Comments:
This is film for me touches on a delicate subject when reviewing films. How should I rate a film that has great sex but a lack luster story? It is somewhere in between three and four stars. I feel too generous giving a four star rating and too hard on it for giving it an average three star rating.

What little plot there is here is very confusing. So are all of these people living in this house? Who owns it? What is its past? All is open for interpretation. All I can tell you is that it seems that the house has a horny “make-a-fy-ing” aura. There is definitely a strange factor here. There really are no scary moments though.

The acting was alright for the most part. Shay started laughing when she was supposed to be afraid, but I guess this was not worthy of a retake. I am no director, and far be it from me to tell Robby D. (One of the best) how to run the show, but he does know he can shoot a retake of the scene right? It seems that in adult films, people are so time restricted that they do not care about fixing mistakes. Even the most noticeable mistakes are left in. The credits listed Marco Banderas and Jerry’s name together as “Marco Banderasjerry”.

As I mentioned earlier the film has great sexual action, and Rebecca Linares hardly ever disappoints. This has something for everyone, from basic sex to hardcore sex. Jesse Jane’s and Evan Stone’s sex scene was great, the two just seemed to be into one another, the chemistry level was sky rocketing, maybe one of the best pairings I have scene. I have got to say though; I think this is just because they are both top players in the adult film industry, and less about direction. It appeared to me, that the director just said “fuck it, let em’ go!” and filmed it, either way it looked great.

It would be very hard to be disappointed with a film that features Jesse Jane, Evan Stone, and Rebecca Linares, even with a strange and not so scary plot. It’s not the best film ever shot, but if you are looking for great sex then this is a good film for that, just don’t be expecting much more than that.
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