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Okay Intro To Jenna Jameson

Overall, I was personally a bit disappointed with the DVD. The scenes weren't the hottest I'd seen Jenna in, and I was really expecting more of a full-length film. The DVD left me unsatisfied and wanting more. The hottest scene in my opinion was Scene 2- "Photoplay", and that wasn't even that wonderful. Still, I'll keep it in my Jenna collection. This DVD is probably better suited to Jenna newbies, someone who just wants a quickie, or people with short attention spans.
Jenna Jameson, good for short attention spans, a good introduction to Jenna.
Scenes are dated, not high quality, not the best of Jenna Jameson, bad editing.
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While I am not a hardcore Jenna fan, I do consider myself to be a fan. I've read her book, seen many of her movies, I even follow her Myspace. There's something about Ms. Jameson that just makes me feel more uninhibited and sexier than usual.

I picked up Heartbreaker one lazy afternoon hoping to lose myself in another erotic Jenna tale. There wasn't anything depicted on the cover that made me realize that this DVD was, in fact, ten scenes of Jenna past. Some scenes were familiar, some were new. The breakdown of the scenes are as follows:

Scene 1- "Jenna's Gallery Blue" - Jenna Jameson, Dee, & Nicole Sheridan
The girls are together on a bed hanging from the ceiling. They are adorned with bright, hippy-like makeup. Honestly, the makeup was a little overkill. The bed was neat because they could make it swing a bit which was fun. Being an all-girl threesome, there was a lot of licking and fingering going on. I probably would have liked it more had there being a male involved. I wasn't overly impressed with the whole scene; I felt it was a little cheesy.

Scene 2- "Photoplay" -Jenna Jameson, Felecia, & Bobby Vitale
This scene takes place in a hotel and begins with some nice oral sex all around. Jenna performs an enthusiastic blow job on Bobby Vitale all the while Felecia licks her wet. Booby Vitale then takes advantage of this nice wet pussy of Jenna's and fucks her. Jenna's not looking her hottest, but I enjoyed this scene much more than the last. Still, the overall look was a bit dated.

Scene 3 - "Where the Boys Aren't #7" - Jenna Jameson & Janine
The girls get it on in the bathroom in a forgettable, slow-moving scene. The scene seems to be pretty short, but I wasn't really complaining. Definitely not the best one-on-one girl scene of Jenna's.

Scene 4 - "The New Devil In Miss Jones" - Jenna Jameson, Rachel Rotten & Savanna Samson
I had seen this one before. Savanna gets herself off in the shower as Jenna and Rachel get it on on a table in the dark. The scene between Jenna and Rachel has a gothic-y / bondage feel to it. Executed in a way hotter fashion from the previous scene, this clip features some nice strap-on and anal action. In the end, Savannah watches the two girls through a window, so there is a voyeur element as well.

Scene 5 - "Photoplay" - Jenna Jameson, Ashlyn Gere, & Tom Byron
This scene starts out a bit corny. An innocent-looking Jenna is flipping through photos and the other two characters join in, talking about rent and whatnot. Soon, the two girls begin making out and then turn their attention to Tom Byron's cock. Tom Byron fucks them both vaginally, and cums on them in the end. This scene seemed a little too fast moving and slow, but there was a really good doggy-style part on the behalf of Tom & Jenna.

Scene 6 - "Jenna Loves Kobe" - Jenna Jameson & Kobe Tai
I had seen this previously, but seeing it again was a nice flash-back. This scene did have an artsy element and had some odd music, but seeing Jenna screwing someone as sexy as Kobe was hot. A strap-on is used, and things do get a little rough for a bit.

Scene 7 - "Where the Boys Aren't #14" - Jenna Jameson, Raylene, Briana Banks, & Taylor Hayes
This scene was just too much. It takes place in what appears to be some sort of strip club littered with men in thongs. The techno is bad, the lighting effects should be enough to induce an epileptic seizure. Typical multiple girl naughtiness, but too much of a headache to appreciate.

Scene 8 - "Where the Boys Aren't #17" - Jenna Jameson, Mercedez, & Taya
Taya and Mercedez team up to seduce a willing Jenna on an airplane. A lot of oral, but the chemistry between the girls isn't very good. The whole thing seems a bit too unrealistic.

Scene 9 - "Starting Over" - Jenna Jameson & Bobby Vitale
I enjoyed this one. Jenna and Bobby start it off in a bathroom lit with candles. Jenna starts it out with giving Bobby some oral, then there is some nice doggy-style and reverse cowgirl boning. It wasn't the best, but it definitely wasn't bad.

Scene 10 - "Where the Boys Aren't #16" - Jenna Jameson & Sunrise Adams
The feel of this one is some sort of dark angel dungeon. Sunrise and Jenna get it on with lots of licking and fingering of one another. I expected this to be more hardcore judging by it's theme, but it worked okay.

Extras - nothing but previews
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I'm not a big fan of the scene by scene description in reviews. It feels very.. "piecey" to me - although, it may be more appropriate with this type of work. How do the scenes work together? Is there any sort of intro or does it just cut to the next scene? Does it say which previous film the scene is from?
  • MuffysPinguLove
    I agree with Adriana Ravenlust, I believe your review would be more effective if you also looked at it as a whole instead of by each individual scene.
  • Airen Wolf
    I dunno in a dvd like this one a scene by scene description seems to be about all you can say about the movie as a whole. It doesn't sound like Ms. Jameson's best work and might be a fault of the editor more than the actress. Sounds boring and stage-y to me. Which is what MonaFry seemed to be trying to convey.

    I would agree with Adriana and Muffys if this was a full story type DVD, I wouldn't like a blow by blow of each scene if the dvd were telling a story.
    It would be like getting too many exerpts from a book in a review.
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