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Old School

Russian Institute Lesson 6 is a well made movie with tons of hot school girl action that will keep you watching time and time again. Unfortunately the documentary like narrative along with the lack of English subtitles on the behind the scene feature, really keep this feature from reaching its potential.
Beautiful women in school girl uniforms and hot action.
No English subtitles, and documentary like narrative.
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Front Cover:

On the front cover is a picture of a sitting blonde and a standing brunette, both of which are topless. The background is designed to appear like art paper. In the upper right hand corner is a picture of the fictional institute that appears in the film. The front cover is very tasteful, but if you do not like the nudity you can flip the cover and all the nudity is gone. On the flip side is the same pictures, but the girls have bras on.

Back cover:

On the back are small screen captures of specific scenes on the film. There are also seven pictures of the female performers, all of which are topless and a few with no panties. If you do not want to see the nudity, you can flip the cover and just like the front flipside-ed cover, the girls have bras and panties on. I love this; it is giving the consumer a choice. If you have company and you accidentally leave this out, it would hard to notice it as a porn flick.


The home menu has the same picture of the topless brunette and the same picture of the academy as the cover. The background is also the same as the DVD cover; the only difference is the addition of a small window that has a full motion clip from the movie, and the subtraction of the blonde performer. The music that accompanies the home menu is a little rock number (no vocals).

From the home menu you can navigate to the following:
Film (play movie)

Scene 1 -

Scene one starts out with an introduction of the school and where it is located. After the introduction, we are shown the school girl named Natalia, who received a phone call by her boyfriend. The boyfriend shows up and the action starts very quickly after only a few seconds of kissing they go straight to a blow job. After the oral sex (on both performers, by both performers), we are treated to vaginal sex. After awhile they move on to anal sex, and after multiple positions the scene ends without a cumshot.

Scene 2 -

The next scene starts out with an introduction; it seems that one of the students has skipped class so that she does not have to take a test. The school doctor and his nurse go to the dormitory to check up on her. The student is a beautiful brunette, and while the doctor is examining her, she drops her shirt. The blonde nurse then begins to make out with the student, after awhile they convince the male doctor to join them. There is a double blowjob and the doctor moves in and has vaginal sex with the student, while the nurse kisses him and watches. They have vaginal intercourse in a few positions before finally moving onto anal sex. Afterward, the student and nurse change places and after both vaginal and anal intercourse the scene ends without a cumshot.

This was my favorite scene, the brunette was beyond stunning.

Scene 3 -

The next scene starts out with three girls who are planning to sneak into the headmistress’ office and find the answers of the exam that would take place the following day. The two girls (a blonde and a dark haired girl) begin to make out in the lobby, while the other finds the security guard. When the guard and student arrive on the scene the two girls are having sex. They quickly seduce the guard and blindfold him. One of the students slips out and enters the office where she finds and memorizes the answers. She returns to join in on the action. There is some oral, vaginal and then some anal sex before the scene ends with the movies first cumover.

Scene 4 -

This scene starts out with two students sneaking out of their rooms after dark, they make their way up to the male staff room, where the blonde goes in while the other who is too nervous stays behind. The blonde lifts up the sheets of one of the three sleeping men, waking him once she begins to perform oral sex on him. The brunette soon overcomes her shyness and joins in. The blonde then goes over to one of the other sleeping men and repeats herself. After awhile all men are awoken, and there is a three on two scene. This scene features double penetration and ends with triple cumshot.

Scene 5 -

One of the girls failed her exam, she being the headmistress’ favorite; she gets a special visit from the headmistress. The headmistress comes in to comfort the blonde student and they begin to kiss. This scene features a lot of oral and a lot of toy play.

Scene 6 –

The final scene starts out with two girls in detention, a blonde and brunette (seems like a pattern). The blonde ends up seducing her male teacher while the brunette pleasures herself. Soon the brunette joins in on the action. This scene features vaginal sex with both girls in multiple positions and anal sex with the brunette.

Camera work:

The picture quality is great; the picture is clear and crisp throughout the entire film. The camera angles for the most part were good, in a few scenes, an angle I would call “Old school” was used, you know those extreme close ups when the guy is just starting to penetrate the ass /vagina that you seen back in the day? I think that is one angle that is best left in the past.

Sound work:

The sound quality is fair, most of the audio is clear, with the exception of a few scenes. The Narrator sounds like she belongs in one of those PBS documentaries. She does not have a bad voice, but I am not sure it fits in with a porn film. There is also that same PBS documentary style music in this film.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Scenes (Mostly in French, with very little English spoken)
Two Strip tease scenes
Two very humorous safe sex ads!

Personal Comments:

I enjoyed this DVD, this is not a home run but it is a nice RBI (old baseball term). I liked all the scenes, and I thought the action was hot. I also thought the role-playing was very well done.

However, I thought the documentary feel to the film to be a little off putting. I also did not care for the lack of English subtitles, there were subtitles in four other languages, it’s not a big deal but it would have been a nice addition. The film itself is in English. I found the behind the scenes to be fairly boring, while I am not a natural French speaker I had problems understanding what was being said, here would have been a great place for subtitles.

I loved the two humorous safe-sex ads, but is it not a little hypocritical when you show three men cumming on a woman’s vagina and pelvis? Regardless, the Ads had a nice message and I can respect that.

All things considered, I am giving this a four star rating.
Follow-up commentary
While I am slightly confused about the whole “Russian” part in “Russian Institute: Lesson 6”, seeing how this is a French film, but it still is quite good! This film has something for everybody, a little bit of girl/girl with some toy play, and a whole bunch boy/girl. This film features some very good role-play, albeit it is not in English, the performers actions speak louder than words.

Still my favorite scene is the one involving the school doctor and nurse with the “sick” student. The brunette, as mentioned in my review, was in my opinion a very attractive woman. This was a great threeway scene, one of my favorite to be more specific. There was a good variety of things going on in this scene, a little girl/girl, and lots of vaginal and anal sex. This scene alone makes me come back for more, and the other scenes have a lot to offer also.
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