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Pam & Tommy Lee. Hardcore & Uncensored Pam & Tommy Lee. Hardcore & Uncensored

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Part Sex Tape, Part Documentary!

Pam and Tommy Lee's sex tape won't turn up the heat in the bedroom, but it will at least be some light entertainment for anyone who's been interested or curious about watching this infamous celebrity sex tape. You will get to see Pam in the nude and see what all the fuss is about with Tommy Lee's penis and not be disappointed. However, be prepared for a lot of random, boring, mundane, sometimes silly but unnecessary scenes of the day in the life of Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson.
The nude scenes of Pam, Tom Lee's penis, very candid, previously unseen footage
Hardly any sex, dark/muffled scenes, long and tedious
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I'll admit, there may be something wrong and unfair to watch sex tapes of celebrities who never intended for their "secret" tape to be let out for mass production. Unfortunately, as in most celebrity sex tapes, there's not a whole lot of sex going on, but one can't help but be curious anyway in watching it.

Being that this is a private sex tape, obviously there is no plot/story or traditional sense of direction to where the film is going as you would expect from a planned, well produced film. What we are viewing is basically a private video of a newlywed couple doing what some couples do on their honeymoon- taping themselves making love, filming random things, and acting silly on camera.

The start of the film is titled "The Big One". There are random scenes of the stunning Pamela chilling in the hot tub, of she and Tom talking about their surroundings and their dog, and then of the two getting married. The wedding scene is sweet and intimate, where all the people in it except for Tom and Pam are pix elated. This scene at times is dark and blurry and the sound is muffled. Admittedly, the scene is boring, but I thought their space/alien themed costumes and masks that some of the guests were wearing was amusing and funny. Following the wedding scene is the reception, with not much being filmed except for one of the wedding guests dancing (obviously drunk).

Twenty minutes into the film, there is still no sex. The next segments ("On the Set" and "The House") is of Pamela being on a movie set and then of a shot of Tommy and Pam stepping into their new home, which lasts for only 5 minutes. The scene following is called "Pam's Birthday" where things get more interesting and fun. They're on the yacht, where the moments following are perhaps the most infamous and well known to even those who've never watched this film in its entirety, such as Pamela blowing bubbles at the camera while wearing a cute bikini, where we finally get a first peak at Tommy's penis, where we see the two getting lovey dovey with each other on the camera and cooing "I love you," etc. The part where Pam and Tommy are having sex is badly and oddly angled and makes you wish that somebody could have been there to properly film the two going at it, but it's still fun to watch, though not at all titillating enough to make one want to masturbate to it. After only fucking Pam for five minutes Tommy is already cumming. The cum shot was well done though (and the random rock music being played in the background once he started cumming was hilarious). Thankfully, there is a better shot of Tom thrusting inside of Pam later in the film that makes you forget about how bad the first sex scene was filmed.

The naughty adventures of Pam and Tommy may not be the most interesting to watch, that is, until we finally get to see the two naked and having some sexy fun. Otherwise, most of this film feels more like a documentary of the day in the life of Tom and Pam before and after their wedding, most of it boring, mundane, and uninteresting. We must not forget though that after all, it's their own personal home video that was meant to be filmed for them to keep, not for the public eye to watch, so obviously when filming this they didn't think "Let's have more sex, let's have better camera angles, let's put on a show for others to enjoy!" Though I couldn't help but wish they did.

If you are curious about watching this infamous sex tape just for the sake of it, it's worth checking out at least once. If you've always wanted to see Pam's vagina and nude boobies or have a hankering for watching Tom and his magnificent penis in action (and in Pam Anderson), you won't be disappointed in what you'll see, though you may have to do a lot of fast-forwarding to get there. As a whole though, this sex tape is pretty disappointing. It's not the least bit "hardcore" and is more tame than one would expect from such an attractive looking couple. Take away the hype of this film being one of the first if not the first mainstream celebrity sex tapes, and all you got is a long and tedious film that does not make great porn. You won't regret watching it, but you won't find yourself re-watching it again either. Without a doubt you'll forever remember Pam's beautiful body and Tom's penis, but you'll forget everything else.
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