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This movie features average looking women receiving internal cum deposits in both their vaginas and assess. The action is decent; however the men in this film are far too talkative and their dialogue adds nothing to the film and only serves as a distraction and mood killer.
Lacy Heart’s performance.
All the talk was contrived and more of an annoyance than a turn on.
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Front Cover:

Lacy Heart graces the front cover; she is dressed in a see through powder blue top and bottom. Her top is pulled down to reveal both of her breasts. The background is mostly yellow and cream colors. The background appears to be the interior of a well lit home. Due to the color scheme, the countertop appears to be floating in mid air and attached to nothing, more over, part of the counter-top is transparent (is there such thing as Ghost counter top, how does one go about….sorry, back on topic). Clearly the background was edited heavily to make it look like the interior of a home. All the text, which is mostly blue with black and white borders, stands out very well. Overall I liked the front, it was very pleasing to the eyes, yet it was still confusing if you look close enough.

Back cover:

There is absolutely nothing special about the back, it is just your typical porn back cover.


The home menu’s color scheme is mostly an array of blue colors, with the same picture of Lacy Hear as the front DVD cover. In the blue background there are some moving lights and effects that really bring this to life. The menu has an aggressive hard rock style musical track, one without any vocals, that plays in the background.

From the home menu you can navigate to the scene selection (has full motion clips of the scenes), special features, or you can click “play movie”. All the submenus follow the same format (color scheme and music wise) as the home menu.

Films Introduction:

The film opens with all the girls talking about how they “love” when a guy cums inside of them. There are also clips from the movie before the first scene starts.

Scene 1 - Lacy Heart

This scene starts out with Lacy talking very dirty, talking to the camera about how she wants you to “cum inside” of her. Eventually the camera pans over to reveal a guy. Lacy starts out by giving the male performer a sensual blow job, which was very nicely done. They move straight to vaginal sex and after multiple positions the scene ends with a messy internal cumshot. The yappy guy then uses his fingers and retrieves some of the cum and feeds it to her with his fingers. To me the guy came off as a thug and a very annoying one at that, I was disgusted by him.

Scene 2 - Aaralyn

This scene starts out with Aaralyn in a bath room and looking into a mirror, she then turns to the camera and talks dirty into it.

After the dirty talk the scene cuts away and now Aaralyn and a male are on a couch, the male performs oral sex and fingers Aaralyn to start the action. Another male soon enters, and she performs oral sex on one while the other has vaginal intercourse with her, and after this formula is used in multiple positions they move on to double penetration. There are multiple positions wherein DP is performed, before finally one of the male performers’ cums in her vagina. Afterward she declares she “wants some more in her fucking ass”. The scene ends with an anal creampie.

Scene 3 - Estella Leon

This scene also starts out with some dirty talk before moving on to a POV style blow job. This scene was filmed fully in the POV style. After the blowjob they move on to some vaginal sex and after multiple positions end the scene with internal vaginal cumshot. Again this scene features a yappy and annoying male performer, giving me the same impression of him as the male in the first scene.

Scene 4 - Cindy Sterling

This scene starts off outdoors where Cindy gives us some background information and some dirty talk, then moves indoors where the action begins with a double blowjob (featuring Mark Wood). After multiple positions where vaginal and oral sex is performed the scene ends with an anal creampie as well as a vaginal creampie.

Scene 5 - Sasha Knox

This scene starts out with Sasha touching and fingering herself and eventually after a location change and a male performer enters the fray, a blow job is performed. After oral sex, they go straight to vaginal intercourse and after multiple positions they move on to anal sex. The scene ends with an internal vaginal cumshot. That is right they went vaginal, anal, and back to vaginal. Not very safe...

Scene 6 - Haley Young

The final scene starts out with the very skinny and petite Haley in a bathroom, sitting on the edge of a bathtub talking dirty. She talks about how she just loves having men cum inside her, any man, go find one off the street and she would have no qualms about him cuming inside her. Really? Come on, this is really supposed to turn me on!?

After a location change the action starts with a blow job, and goes straight to vaginal intercourse. After multiple vaginal positions the scene ends with an internal vaginal cumshot.

The credits then roll.

Camera work:

The camera quality and angles were fantastic, a top notch production. The image and the action were always clear and visible. The editing was seamless and very well done.

Sound work:

What little music in this film there was in this film was great. As for the sound quality, it was superb and the action and the dialogue were very clear. Now for the dialogue itself, it was very annoying, which, at this point, seems like an almost given in any Red Light District production.

Bonus Features:
Bonus Scene (your typical POV style blow job scene that Red light District often includes as bonus material)
Photo Gallery
Web Access

Personal Comments:

This film was just alright, nothing special. If you are looking for a creampie feature, this would be a decent film, however if you are looking for hot models then you might want to look elsewhere. I will never call a woman ugly, and these women are certainly not ugly, they were average (excluding Lacy Heart, who was very hot), which might appeal to some. I would say the best scene for me, was probably Lacy Heart’s, and my least favorite was probably Aaralyn’s. The film starts with a big bang, but then just goes down hill quickly.

The film would be so much better if the male performers would just embrace their right to remain silent. The men in this film just never stopped talking, and all they had to say was pure filth.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Probably not, however this is not a bad movie, but there is nothing special about it. There is nothing that would make me want to watch this multiple times (or even one more time), there was no specific girl or specific scene that would make me want to. Without the yappy guys you have a three star feature, after adding them you get a two star feature. So I am giving this a two out of five.

Too me, the movie just seemed too gritty and dirty for me.
Follow-up commentary
This is a totally forgettable DVD, one that i have almost forgotten about entirely. The intro are lame and the dirty talk lamer. The constant location changes, and editing in general was poor at best.

Basically what you have here is a twenty minute movie, with over two hours and forty minutes of filler. Lacy Heart was the best scene by far, and the rest were sub par by far. Lacy's scene is the first on the film, which creates zero build up if you are crazy enough to try to watch this fro start to finish (granted not a lot of people do this with Gonzo style films).

I would suggest to everyone to stay away from this unless they are a big fan of one of the performers.
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  • Contributor: bzzingbee
    I like men and porn to make sounds of enjoyment during sex etc, and a little dirty talk is nice, but I agree, nonstop talk that probably seems forced is a total turn off. Another great review!
  • Contributor: bzzingbee
    **men IN porn (oops)
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    I agree,I suppose some may like these if they are into heavy degrading style BDSM, which is fine, but since that is not my thing, I just did not like it. This wasn't exactly marketed as that either. The talk with the women just seemed forced.

    Thanks for reading and commenting bzzingbee!
  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Good review. I think the talking would have been distracting, too. Not my thing.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks ZenaidaMarcroura for reading and commenting!
  • Contributor: KrystalFayeO
    my favorite part of this review was your concern for their safety when going from anal back to vaginal! Great review!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thank you KrystalFayeO
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