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Quick Condoms With Keri

I got this DVD with limited knowledge about who was in it, but I knew Julia Ann was. I was hoping for more than just the 1 scene with her that only lasted 9 minutes, but the rest of the DVD was unique. Very short scenes, condom use, but plenty of toys and multiple anal scenes. A lot of parts were above par in my book, but there were below par parts as well, so an average of just 3 stars.
Toy use, anal, condoms
Very short scenes, 9 facial cum shots, condoms
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Forever Keri
Keri Sable, Eva Angelina, Arianna Alyse, Alex Sanders, Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Rod Fontana, Tommy Gunn, and Trevor Zen.

DVD Menu
Play Movie, Chapters, DVD Extras, and Pop Shot Recap. DVD Extras has a bonus scene with Keri and Evan, Trailers, Wicked DVD Catalog, and More Adult Fun, which are just sex adds.

Main Feature
Scene 1
We go immediately into scene 1, and it shows the names of the performers, Keri, Barrett, Eric and Tommy. She gets shoved onto stage at a rock concert, and we hear some inner dialogue from Keri about how excited she is. She then has Barrett's pants down and is sucking his cock on stage, piv sex with a condom, before she flashes back to the concert. She then sets her sights on Eric, who then has her on her back for piv sex, and switches from her vagina to her mouth with a condom on. She then flashes to Tommy, who has her bent over in doggy. After they finish their song, all 3 give her the facial cumshot, and this scene lasts 15 minutes.

I'll give it 3 stars for being unique with her inner dialogue, and imagining all of her sex just in her head. But the individual scenes were all too short, just a few minutes, and weren't exciting enough.

Scene 2
This scene includes Arianna, Julia, and Keri, where they go from laughing, to ripping open Julia's shirt to suck and play with her breasts. There is kissing, 2 pairs of short shorts removed, cunnilingus, anal rubbing, a dildo up Keri's vagina, then Keri and Arianna both riding dildo's strapped to Julia's thighs with harness's. A curved dildo dp's Julia as Arianna and Keri share a massive dildo, and finally a harnessed dildo anally in Keri as she sucks a strap-on from Arianna. This scene lasts 9 minutes.

I'll give it 3.5 stars. I liked all the toys, and an all women threesome was nice. But I would have liked to see more of Julia, she seemed to be the 3rd wheel almost, and the scene was too short and jumpy.

Scene 3
Just Keri and Rod in this scene, she comes in as a blonde now instead of brunette. Fellatio on a couch, and he must be really relaxed, because as she is sucking him, he is eating a chicken wing. He then is giving her cunnilingus, but he must really like the wings, because he puts some bbq sauce on her pussy. Doggy style on the couch, cowgirl, then the facial cumshot after 14 minutes.

2.5 stars. This was a longer and more of a normal scene from start to finish, and they stayed in a few positions more than just a minute. But the bbq sauce and wings were strange, and it wasn't anything too exciting or special.

Scene 4
Eva, Keri and Barrett are up next, and its back to Barrett the rock star, Keri's outfit from scene 1 which is white boots, short shorts and a small top, and Eva as a groupie in the back of a limo. Fellatio by Eva and fingering for Keri, then fellatio by Keri and Eva both, Eva in reverse cowgirl, Keri in cowgirl as Eva rubs and fingers Keri's ass. Eva on her back for PIV sex, then a massive facial cumshot to both girls, but it mostly hits Keri. This scene lasts 14 minutes.

I'll give this 4 stars. While being in the limo made things cramped, the 3 of them did a pretty good job with the space, both girls got piv sex, there was some anal play, and I liked their outfits. I still don't like the facial cumshot, and maybe some actual anal sex would have made things nicer.

Scene 5
Keri is sucking Barrett kneeling on a bathroom floor, and all the scene includes is this oral. No other positions, no condoms, no position change even. The only difference is where she is moving her head for the sucking, or he has her stay still as he fucks her mouth. 4 minutes.

I have never seen a scene like this, and it was pretty boring. I was surprised that this was all that there was to the scene.

Scene 6
Keri is lying down naked in what looks to be an operating room, and Alex starts feeling her like for surgery with gloved hands. A gloved finger up her pussy first, cunnilingus, fellatio, piv sex in doggy, anal sex in doggy, anal on her back. After removing the condom, the facial cumshot once again after 13 minutes.

3.5 stars for being in a different location and for the anal sex. But the scenes are still way too quick, and the annoying cumshot downgrades the scene.
Scene 7
Keri and Eric are outside sitting down for a picnic. They start with a banana, and Keri plays around with it. Next up is a strawberry, then whipped cream on her breasts, fingering and cunnilingus. Fellatio with Eric standing up, Keri in reverse cowgirl for piv sex, spooning. Then the condom dissapears, and Keri takes the facial cumshot after 12 minutes.

4 stars for being outside and for the picnic atmosphere, and for some decent foreplay. But the scene was still a hair too short, and they had a condom on, which they removed for the same old facial cumshot. If the scene was just a few minutes longer, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Scene 8
This scene includes Eric and Keri again, and Keri is a great fan. He has a camera of his own, and she starts with fellatio. PIV sex with Keri on her back, breast slapping, and Keri in doggy while sucking on a dildo. But this dildo quickly finds its way into her ass for some lovely double penetration. Nice! But we have a sound issue, as she clearly says fuck without moving her lips at all. Hmmm. Then more dildo in her ass as we see Keri's ass up in the air, and back to deep throating Eric's cock. After 11 minutes, the scene finishes with the facial cumshot.

3.5 stars, with the main thing bringing up the scene being the dp with the dildo, and not having this only last a few seconds. The scene felt better than the others in term of length, but it still passed too quickly, and it was surprising that they had the same pairing 2 scenes in a row.

Scene 9
Keri is on her knees sucking Trevor, then without any foreplay, she is riding him in cowgirl while fingering her own ass. Doggy style, anal fingering by Trevor, reverse cowgirl anally, but no view of the insertion. Condom removed, another facial cumshot stroked out by Keri. 9 minutes.

3 stars. I liked the anal sex, and I probably would have rated the scene higher if we would have seen the anal insertion. But the fact that they just cut to it hurt the rating.

Scene 10
Hopefully the last scene, it has Keri and Evan in a shallow pool with statues. He starts with rubbing her breasts, then heads south for her pussy. Fellatio, cunnilingus, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl. With the setting, they are severely limited on positions, and it gets somewhat boring. And once again because they didn't show the insertion, they move into anal sex and it took me some time to realize it. Another facial cumshot after 16 minutes.

2.5 stars. The setting for the scene was something different, and they included anal sex. But the setting limited their positions, and this was one scene that felt too long.
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    Thanks everyone for reading. The BBQ sauce and wings was definitely the strangest part.
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