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Roughed me up!

This film features some very bizarre yet amazing dark imagery, and also has a dark and twisted plot to match. The sex was very good in this feature and never leaves the viewer feeling unfulfilled. This film is worth multiple viewings, if not just for the plot alone.
Great camera quality, great mood, and awesome acting.
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Front Cover:
The front cover is gorgeously designed, with an awesome picture of Lacie Heart, and with its great color scheme this really stands out.

Back cover:
On the back is another picture of Lacie as well as description of the film. There are also seven screen captures from the movie on the back. This has a very attractive back cover.

Just like other Vivid productions, this also has a cluttered home menu. The background is very attractive, but the clutter can draw to much attention.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The movie starts out with Lacie who is under a lot of financial pressure trying to figure out how to pay her bills. Things have gotten so bad that the city has turned off her water, this was the straw that broke the camels, and Lacie begins to spiral into mental instability. Lacie is shown talking to herself, and when she opens the refrigerator to find an empty carton of milk she looses it, and shouts “Who does this kind of thing! Its not right!” . To Lacie’s surprise the phone rings, and she reluctantly answers. Lacie is told that her Aunt has passed away and has left her something in her will, her Aunt’s lawyer has set up a meeting.
Stor231 Stor12

Lacie sets off to the meeting, her mental state is declining with every moment, and she becomes more and more erratic. She pulls into a parking lot and ends up crashing her vehicle. Moments later she is out of the car and sitting on the ground. A tall man in a business suit exists the building she has crashed near and picks her up and carries her inside.

Once inside, Lacie sleeps on a lavish bed, Lacie then is woken up by the man. He explains to her that Lacie’s Aunt has left her this property and wants to show her around. Lacie agrees and the two set off. As they descend a stair case Lacie continues to mutter (about the milk incident) and the man starts to get louder and louder and keeps insisting that “You’ll love it down stairs!”. As they reach the bottom, their cloths are much different. The man is no longer wearing a business suit but now is wearing a Goth/BDSM outfit, while Lacie is wearing a BDSM outfit as well.

The man shoves Lacie against the wall and kisses her. He then picks her up by her throat and taunts her. Lacie must be turned on, because she performs a blowjob on the male performer. This is a pure oral scene and ends with a facial cumshot.

Afterward the man asks Lacie if she would like to see the rest of the building, Lacie agrees and the man leads her to a room. In this dark and dank room there is a woman who is suspended by her wrists and being paddled by two guys. After they release her from the suspension (her hands still tied) they have oral, vaginal, and anal sex, while Lacie masturbates in the corner.

Lacie wakes up and finds herself bound in chains; the people that previously occupied this room are gone. Lacie tries to regain herself but ends up screaming and running from the room and down a long hall way. She screams for Anton (the lawyer) as she rips at the collar trying to get it off to no avail. Anton’s laughs can be heard all around her, yet he is not there.

Anton finds her and lays her down on a mattress where she falls asleep. When Lacie awakes she now has a rope tied to each of her thighs and one on her waist, on the other side of the ropes are four men. The men all take turns pulling on their particular ropes, while Lacie struggles. One of the males (Tommy Gunn) pulls out a knife and cuts Lacie’s panties off of her. She then crawls over to him and unbuttons his pants and performs a blowjob on him. This scene features a lot of oral and vaginal sex and ends with all three men cuming over her (stomach, chest, and face).

Lacie is shown triumphantly walking out of the room and down a hall way, she passes Anton who asks her “How is that pussy doing?”, to which she replies “Fantastic! Jealous?” . They then trade insults as she walks on.

The next scene shows Lacie finding two bound girls, which she then kisses and releases. The three have a threesome together. This scne features lots of licking, kissing, and oral sex.
Story5643 Story2345

Anton is shown writing the words “Virgin” on the white walls as well as taunting Lacie. Anton tells Lacie that he has a surprise for her, enter Scott Nails. This was Lacie Heart’s first ever anal scene. This sex scene featured oral, vaginal, and finally anal intercourse before ending with a chest cumover.

Lacy is now shown outside, visibly shaking, due to the cold and her declining mental health. One of the caretakers of the old abandoned building walks up to her and asks if she is alright and tells her she has been sitting there for fifteen hours. The movie ends with Anton walking up and kneeling down behind her and laughing into her ear.

Lacie Heart
Monica Sweetheart
Celeste Star
Lisa Daniels
Anton Michael
Ben English
Chris Charming
Scott Nails
Tommy Gunn
Tony T

Camera work:
The camera quality was fantastic, as it should have been; given the fact this was shot in HD. The lighting was superb, as was the locations.

Sound work:
The sound was top notch; every bit of dialogue could be heard as well as the sounds of the sex.

Bonus Features:
Position Room
Behind the Scenes
Vivid Extra Girls (5 bonus scenes)
Photo Gallery
Vivid Previews
Telemarketing ads ($0.99 minute sex lines)
The Web

Personal Comments:
This was a very good movie. I am not typically one that is into the rough stuff but I felt this movie had superior quality to it. This film was very dark and moody. The camera work adds a lot to it, whether a blur filter that is being used to represent Lacie’s vision or the vibrating came to represent her instability.

The locations were fantastic, and very spooky, which added a horror movie type of atmosphere to this film. The dark imagery was very bizarre yet very amazing. The use of low light made for some spectacular shots of Lacie.

As for the acting, Anton Michael did absolutely great! It took me a couple viewings to come to respect Lacie’s performance. My knee-jerk reaction to her acting was very negative, but after watching this a few times, I have come to respect and enjoy her acting.

I am giving this a 5 star rating, even as someone who is not into the rougher stuff I find this movie enjoyable. I also always take in to account those who are into the type of acts performed in each film I review and how they would like it. I feel that if you are into BDSM or rougher play then you will find this to be a very enjoyable film.
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  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    I made each picture should be under 30kbs. I think this will help load times. In total it is like 300. Just thought I'd share that
  • darthkitt3n
    Great review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    This one looks interesting!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Its funny because after the first viewing I wasn't in love with it. I wasn't going to review it since I know nothing about the rough stuff or BDSM, but I decided to, I think I was fair.
  • leatherlover
    Great review. It does sound very interesting, I am going to have to wish list it. Thanks.
  • namelesschaos
    I like the rough stuff so this movie is definitely interesting to me. Thanks for another great review.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks everyone
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review! I'd be curious to see this one.
  • Kindred
    Great job on this review. I think you're turning me on to porn!
  • Redboxbaby
    Mmmm. This one looks like fun!
  • leatherlover
    Your review definitely sold me on this one. It is sitting at home right now waiting to be reviewed.
  • Angel deSanguine
    This sounds like an interesting movie, the plot really interests me.

    I like how, even though you do not care for rough play, you still gave the movie a good rating because you considered it from the perspective of someone else that does enjoy it. Very good review.
  • boobookittyfuk
    Awesome review. Thanks.
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