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Take A Trip To Buckback Mountain: You Won't Regret It!

This is no ordinary Brokeback Mountain porno. It stars the amazing Buck Angel, the first ever transsexual porn star, as he has his way with his southern cowboy lover and his boss. Everything from the setting, the acting, and the sex is top-notch, and will certainly make you wish you were there at BrokeBUCK mountain.
Great acting, music, and setting, hot steamy sex
Can be a bit slow placed
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By now you’ve probably seen a countless number of Brokeback Mountain parodies, skits, porno's, and references, but none has been as unique, sexy, and entertaining as this. Proclaimed as “the man with a pussy” and the first ever transsexual porn star, Buck Angel truly shines all his glory in BUCKback Mountain.

It starts slow at first. The music sounds very similar to the kind that is played in the actual movie, which definitely makes it feel semi-authentic. The setting is in a desert-like area, where Buck Angel and another cowboy are stuck in the middle of nowhere, being offered a job protecting and herding sheep. Their boss, who is awfully suspicious of the two, will keep their eye on them from afar. There isn’t much dialogue, other than Buck’s hilariously funny line that he says to his new coworker: “Enise Dellwood, that’s a fucked up name! Alright, nice to know you.” Then the film transitions to the two camping out together and beginning to bond. Again, not much dialogue is spoken here, other than them saying “Teamwork!” and staring at each other’s chiseled muscles and staring longingly into the sunset. Until five weeks later, Enise begins to undress in front of Buck while he is smoking his cigar. Buck doesn’t seem to care at first because he is more concerned about how much their boss is a pain in the ass, until then, naturally, sexual tension arises. Buck plays with himself in his tent solo, rubbing himself and then using a dildo. It is a pretty hot scene; Buck Angel is just absolutely gorgeous with his various tats, toned muscular body, and lovely vagina. The uptempo, techno-like music fits very well with the scene (surprisingly, it isn’t corny), very much enhancing the moment of Buck having erotic bliss with himself.

Afterward, Enise returns from working out in the fields with the sheep, and they both bond by drinking, talking about their boss, and getting wasted. Later that evening, Enise sleeps outside, and he gets chilly; Buck tells him to get inside of his tent so he can warm up next to him. Spooning then leads to them tongue wrestling each other and fucking. That is when things finally start getting steamier and hotter…enough to make you want to grab a sex toy or play partner pronto and enjoy the ride! And then there’s when Buck starts to fool around with his boss…oh boy! So angry, so aggressive...mmm!

Buck Angel and his co-star, Lobo, make such a great pair; not only are they both smoking hot, but they ooze sexual tension and chemistry. Although this film chooses to take things nice and slow at first, once it gets hot and steamy, it makes it worth the semi-tedious wait. The two having sex outdoors also makes it a bonus (which is a nice change from the generic bedroom or living room). Lobo eats Buck Angel out like a dog in heat, and Buck Angel, of course, is “a force of nature.” Buck Angel and Mylo Derlin (who plays the boss) also make quite a pair...the sex between them is raw with a hint of anger, enough to make it believable and all the more sexy.

Brokebuck Mountain also includes some special features and photos.

If you have never witnessed a Buck Angel film before, this is a good place to start. It is hot, entertaining, and just sexy as fuck. The premise is nothing new or original, but Buck Angel does make it his own. Everything from the setting, the music, and the acting is absolutely perfect, and never once does the film feel cheesy, forced, or affected. You won't see any other porno like this; it is absolutely worth every penny.
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  • Minxy
    Great review! I think I have to check this one out.
  • Jobthingy
    I have this sitting in my room and havent had time to watch it. Buck Angel fascinates me. Now I want to watch it like.. now LOL
  • ToyGeek
    This sounds really interesting, I loved the original movie. Thanks for the review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I want to eventually see a movie of his but I had chosen a different one to put in my cart. I think you've changed my mind!
  • Foxxy Kitty
    @ jobthingy- yes, Buck Angel is fascinating, truly incredible!

    @ ToyGeek- I loved the original movie too, which was one of the reasons why i wanted to review this. I didn't expect Buck to do such a good job at doing his own version of Brokeback.

    @ LaUr3n- Def. get this one, it's so hot .

    @ minxy- thanks!
  • Airen Wolf
    Hmmmm I own two Buck Angel movies and love them...wishlisted!
  • Nicky
    I have been wanting to check out a Buck Angel movie for a while...Think this one will be my first! Thanks for the great review!!
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