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Tattoo'd and Taboo'd.... but barely.

If you need some new porn, and need to get it cheap, this DVD is sure to please a wide range of viewers. If you want something kinky, or specific, or are looking for something new, this is not for you. Most of the scenes look to be filmed in the last decade, but there isn't any thing that you probably haven't seen before in porn.
20 scenes, 4 hours, all sex/no plot = Variety and non stop action. Cheap price.
The title/theme could be misleading to some. Nothing particularly new or exciting.
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The name of this DVD suggests that you will be seeing a lot of "Taboo" sex with people who have tattoos. While this IS true, I was a bit disappointed. In some scenes, you can barely see one tattoo and not very well. I love tattoos, and they have always turned me on. I was expecting lots of tattoos, and I also expected them to be shown, or at least focused on for a second. In some of the scenes, I found myself playing "Where's Waldo?" or in this case specifically, "Where's the Tattoo?". When I did spot them, it wouldn't be focused on. You may only see the actual tattoo for a second here and there, and from far away. I may sound picky here, but I actually would have liked to see what the tattoos were. Also, some of the tattoos were just tacky. No big deal I guess, but this was the only reason I picked this DVD to review, so the lack of tattoos disappointed me.

As for the "Taboo" side of things, I'm not really sure what they would consider "Taboo". While there is a great selection of different positions and scenarios, they didn't really seem taboo to me. I guess every one's definition of taboo is different, but I guess I expected some kink or something. The only thing would call taboo in this DVD, are the few scenes where people are spying on the couple having sex and video taping it.

As for the scenes themselves, there are 20 in all, with about four breaks throughout for advertisements for sex talk lines and such. The scenes include a variety of scenarios and positions as well as male/female couples, lesbian couples, threesomes, and group scenes. This DVD is a compilation so, there is no story line. The scenes just get right down to the sex and that is a plus for me. I can pick a scene from the menu and don't have to fast forward. The scenes aren't too long and they move along pretty quickly through positions. With a total running time of 4 hours, you have plenty to choose from. All the sex is pretty typical for porn, and there isn't any kink, fetish, or BDSM. To be honest, I was hoping there would be some of that to make up for the tattoo disappointments, but there wasn't. That is not to say that the sex scenes were always boring or that the sex wasn't hot, it's just well... sooo typical.
    • Anal sex
    • Mild
    • Threesome scenes


You'll have to bear with me on this part of the review. I don't watch a lot of porn, so I don't have any "favorite" porn stars, or even know any of them. Each scene starts out with the names of the actors on the screen. The only three in the whole DVD that I recognized were Evan Stone, Mr. Marcus, and Belladonna. The only reason the names sound familiar is because I have read a lot of other DVD reviews.

For those who want to know, I will list some of the names from the box here:

Daisy Chain, Dominica Leoni, Inari Vachs, Janine, Krystal Steal, Sky, Hunter Scott, Arianna Jolie, and Bridgette Monroe. Belladonna is on the cover, which can be misleading as she is only in one scene. In fact, I think there are no repeat names in the whole set of 20 scenes. If you are a fan looking for a movie with a lot of action from one of your favorite stars, you may disappointed.

As for the performances, it's a mixed bag. Some scenes are really good and the actors play their parts well. Some scenes aren't so good, where there is no chemistry felt at all between the couples. However, this is all subjective, and it can be hard to feel chemistry when there is no story line or much dialogue. It's all sex, all the time with these scenes and of course the super "cheesy" porn music in the back ground.
Follow-up commentary
While this movie has tons of scenes, I don't particularly enjoy any of them. After watching them once, replay value goes down for me, because none of the scenes were very hot the first time around. I guess this is just my specific tastes, but I'm not sure. I think if some one buys this thinking they are going to see lots of taboo/kinky sex and get to see lots of hot tattoos, they will be disappointed. The good thing is, the price is super low compared to other DVDs, so it won't hurt the wallet too bad to just give it a shot.

Unfortunately, it's like anything else: you get what you pay for. It's like going to a buffet. You get a lot of different food to choose from and you can eat as much as you want, but the bottom line is, the food isn't all that great. Depending on your tastes, if you are looking for a more satisfying meal, your going to have pay a little more and eat at a nicer place. Same goes for the movie. If you really want to see something new or "taboo", your going to have spend a little more. Otherwise, you spend $13 on some regurgitated porn from the last decade.
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