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The Buck Stops Here

Objectively, this film has something for everyone. It's got a very real feel to it, there's no pretending in the scenes, it's all just sex and no story line. There's oral, manual, toys, vaginal and anal sex. There's women, FTM, and a transvestite. It's not personally something I'm into, but all the same, it was interesting to watch and it gave me a better idea of the world of FTM and I enjoyed being able to see Buck's work.
Safety taken with use of gloves and condoms, lots of variety in the scenes.
Lighting too dark at times.
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The Buck Stops Here is a DVD produced and directed by Buck Angel, a.k.a “The Man with a Pussy”. It features three scenes plus a bonus scene, or “boner scene” as they call it. While normally this video isn't my thing I decided to give it a go and review it when offered. I had recently read the interview with Buck in the Eden Community forums and I was intrigued by him and had been wanting to check out one of his films. While I can say that this still really isn't my cup of tea, I did appreciate the insight into a different world of sex than I am used to.

The DVD starts at the menu with music in the background by Snap-Her, a punk rock band that provides the soundtrack to the entire video. Punk Rock isn't what I've normally heard in porn so that was pretty interesting. On the menu you have the option to either play the video , choose a chapter or see photograph stills of the film.

The first scene stars Buck, a tranny-boi Fallen and adult film star Michele Aston. There's something for everyone in this scene: lots of oral, some “strap on” time without the actual use of a harness and some double dildo time between Michele and Fallen. I actually found it really interesting that Buck doesn't actually use a harness but rather holds the dildo in place or uses it with the balls in his underwear to keep it in place. There were condoms used on all the toys in this scene, which was great to see the safety precautions on the porous toys. No dental dams were used when giving oral in this scene, actually no dental dams were used in any of the scenes. One turn off in this scene was the cigar that Buck was smoking. I hate cigar smoke, and so even though I wasn't actually there just thinking of the smell was a bit of a turn off. At one point he blows smoke in Michele Aston's face. Yuk. Michele Aston I really liked. I liked that she wasn't skin and bones like a lot of porn stars and she has beautiful tattoos up and down her body. I liked the scenes when she was completely nude better as it shows off her tattoos and her outfit was very bright and almost like a kinky clown costume.

After this first scene is the “boner scene” which is Buck and Michele are laying on the shower floor and are each masturbating with toys. Buck has a double ended dildo and Michele is using the hitachi. This scene is pretty cool since Michele squirts and squirts hard.

The next scene is Buck and Lyla Lei, opening with her on a gynecological table. Never have I thought of one in such a sexy way. But it seemed to work very well for oral; Mike said maybe we should get one for the house! This scene has oral, Buck using the dildo again without a harness and then Lyla using a hot red harness and wonderful blue swirled dong on Buck. In this scene I could see the benefit of not using the harness as Buck was able to switch between holding it against him and then switching to using it solely in his hand to offer a more forceful thrust. Lyla's dildo doesn't have a condom in this scene, it looked silicone so I'm going to assume that's why.

Finally, the last scene is Buck and Chastyti Lane, a transvestite. I have to say I really didn't enjoy this scene as much, something about the faces that Chastyti made were just a bit off. Also, I guess this scene was just the farthest from the genre I'd be into. It has oral both ways though and some anal and vaginal sex. There is a condom used on Chastytyi but one is not used on Buck's dildo in this scene. Since there was one in all the others I am assuming this scene featured maybe a silicone dildo that could be sterilized. When Buck fingers Chastyti anally he does use a glove.
I have to say that I didn't overly care for the feel of the film because it was a very get down to it kind of film with no story line and Buck seemed kind of bossy and rough in some scenes. There were times where he put his hand on Fallen's throat and lightly choked him and that was a turn off for me. Also I have never liked when there's a lot of down talking to people in porn. That's just not my personal preference, but it was something a lot of people would probably not mind. Actually, it's something a lot of people probably really like, I've just never been into that. When they showed the behind the scenes footage though, he seemed like a really nice guy. I liked him much better in those scenes and I liked the behind the scenes footage as it was very real and some of the scenes shown were pretty humorous, showed a lot of what the reality of porn is like and you can tell all the actors has a lot of fun filming this video. The film is the type where you know it's a porn, they don't pretend that this all happened naturally and that no one is filming them. You can see the crew in the mirrors and windows and the lighting is not always 100% wonderful. Some shots are dark and hard to see because of the lighting in the room.
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