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The Legend of Debbie Benton

If you are looking for an x-rated movie with a storyline, a great classic porno with all the signature 70’s style, or just curious about the movie that helped to set the standard, withstood the test of time, and practically became a household name, then you really should check out Debbie Does Dallas!
There’s a storyline, lots of great action, contains one of my all time favorite scenes.
I am not really into the whole cheerleader fantasy.The acting is bad, but entertaining.
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Well well well, what do we have here? Debbie Does Dallas is not just your typical chunk of sleazy unshaven 70’s pornographic gold, it’s also a pop culture phenomenon that has lasted for over 30 years now (it was released in 1978). I was just reading in Xbiz, that VCX is releasing a special 30th anniversary edition of Debbie Does Dallas, along with a 40th anniversary edition of the Devil in Mrs. Jones. If I had to take a guess, I might even say it is one of the most famous (if not thee most famous) x-rated movie of all time. “According to the documentary Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, this film is one of the top-five highest grossing pornography titles in history.” - IMDB. A tidbit of trivia for you… this movie was filmed in July 1977 in and around New York City (not Dallas).

The movie starts off with all the girls jumping around for a few seconds, showing you their panties, and then they all get together and start talking. They all congratulate Debbie Benton (Bambi Woods), the cheerleading squad captain, on getting a tryout for the ‘Texas Cowgirls’. Debbie then tells them about her problem. Her parents do not want her to go, and if she insists on going, she is going to have to raise all of the money for the trip by herself. Something I found particularly funny, is that Debbie’s mom calls cheerleading ‘Outdoor Burlesque’.

All the girls then go into the locker room to undress, and to discuss how Debbie is going to raise the money to go to Texas in 2 weeks. The rest of the cheerleaders decide to help her raise the money, AND they also decide that they are all gonna work extra hard so they can all go along with her to the tryouts. While stripping and soaping up in the shower, the girls all speculate as to what jobs they can each get. They also agree not to date at all for the next two weeks so they can really focus on the task at hand, going to Texas. They decide to call their company ‘Teen Services’, and then they all go out to get jobs.

Scene 01: (Christie Ford, David Morris, Hershel Savage, Kasey Rodgers, Steve Marshall)
This scene starts off with all the cheerleaders showering, and as the last two are still in the shower, 4 football players stroll into the showers naked (all 4 soap the girls up, but only 3 guys end up in the sex scene). This scene is kind of like three scenes in one. First is a MF scene (BJ, Cowgirl, Doggy, Cumshot). Then there is MF scene (Missionary, Doggy, Cumshot). Then the last part is a MFM scene (Blowjob, DP, & 2 Cumshots).

Next the movie goes into a montage of the girls all struggling at their new jobs and being sexually harassed by their employers and co-workers (I have learned from watching classic porn, that this type of behavior in the workplace was mandatory back in the 70’s). Eventually Debbie’s boss (after much begging and pleading) pays $10 to see her boobs, $10 to squeeze them, and then another $20 to suck on them. Next, there is a cut-away to a locker room of half-naked cheerleaders, standing around listening to Debbie announcing they’re all about to raise the money for their Texas trip by more-or-less becoming prostitutes.

Scene 02: (Christie Ford, Eric Edwards, Robin Byrd)
This scene starts out with Roberta (Christie Ford), working at a candle shop. She’s cleaning up, then answering the phone, and before you know it...the porn music comes on and she is masturbating with a red candle. Next thing you know, the candlestick maker and his wife (Mr. & Mrs. Hardwick) come back, bust Roberta masturbating, and then proposition her into a 3-way. (FF Heavy Petting, MF Missionary, & finally MFF action into the Cumshot).

Scene 03: (David Pierce, Jenny Cole, Rikki O'Neal)
Annie & Rikki are outside washing a car in the rain, while simultaneously spraying each other with the water hose until they are both practically naked in that ‘wet t-shirt contest’ sort of way. Then Mr. Bradly (David Pierce) comes home and sends them into the house to dry off. The girls offer their services and Mr. Bradley ends up paying $10 to see them undress, then $25 to kiss them all over. Next thing you know, the porn music comes on and... (BJ from both girls, Doggy, Cumshot).

(review continues into the ‘Experience’ Section)
Scene 04: (Hershel Savage, Merle Michaels)
Donna (Merle Michaels) goes to her job at the library. She gets followed around and drooled over by the creepy librarian. Her boyfriend then sneaks in, and she gives him a truly awesome-to-watch blowjob. Then, just as they finish up, they get busted by the creepy librarian. The boyfriend takes off, and Donna has to go to the librarian’s office. Once in the office, Donna is begging and pleading that she will do anything if the creepy librarian will agree not to tell her parents. It ends up coming to a bare-assed spanking with Donna laying across the librarian's lap, in exchange for the librarian's silence about Donna’s activities in the library. Cute but creepy!

Scene 05: (Ben Pierce, Georgette Saunders, Peter Lerman)
This scene starts out with tennis lessons, but ends up with a girl and two guys all naked in the sauna together when that 70’s porno music comes on. (Even though this scene is a 3 way, you really only see a close up of the BJ portion. Right Before the cumshot, there is a quick view of all 3, but then it goes back to the close up for the cumshot.)

Next it cuts to Debbie’s boss pawing at her and propositioning her. Finally he offers to pay for her and the other cheerleaders' entire trip in exchange for something ‘special’. Then it cuts away to the tennis court for a few seconds, and then to the record store.

Scene 06: (Arcadia Lake, Georgette Saunders, Tony Mansfield)
In the Record store, there is some screwing around and then some really silly round-about conversing & propositioning. This eventually leads into a pretty quick FMF BJ scene where the two girls both alternate going down on the guy. This scene is very short.

And now for the big finale… The moment you have all been waiting for…

Scene 07: (Bambi Woods, Richard Bolla)
Debbie walks into the sporting goods store, dressed up in her cheerleader uniform, and locks the door behind her. Her boss, Mr. Greenfeld, is waiting for her and dressed up as football player. He chases her around for a few seconds, while she makes shrill chirping noises, and then the porn music begins. (Breast Fondling, BJ, Pussy Eating, BJ, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Missionary, Cumshot, & then the credits roll).
Follow-up commentary
I think I first saw this movie about 12 years ago. I was at work and some crack-head came in selling some stuff (which was normal), and I ended buying Debbie Does Dallas, & Behind the Green Door on VHS (both still shrink wrapped), for $5.00. I have been a fan of Debbie Does Dallas ever since. Although to this day, I much prefer Marilyn Chambers to Bambie Woods!
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    I always thought this one was kind of cute Smile.
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