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The loud and silent type.

The governess seems to be torn from wanting to be an artistic film and wanting to be a hardcore pornographic feature. You certainly can have both, for sex can be art, but this film fails miserably at it. The storyline is confusing and drawn out, with no dialogue whatsoever to help the viewer. While the story is far below average, the sex is not. The sex is quite stimulating and the performers seem to be enjoying themselves. Unfortunate that is not enough to keep viewers engaged.
Lots of variety in sex.
Strange and convoluted storyline with no dialogue to help.
Rating by reviewer:
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Front Cover:
The front cover features a pictur
e of Sandy Cage standing in front of an old leather chair, while licking a lollipop. Sandy Cage is gorgeous, but it baffles me why she is on the cover, I find it a little bit misleading, fore she is not the main character.

To me I got a bad vibe off of it, the old wooden doors and cabinets and the old leather chair just gave off creepy vibes, which really does represent the film's “psychodrama” claim.

Back cover:
The back cover is your typical adult film back cover, with thirteen very hardcore “bang shots” from the film. I did not see anything special or different with the back cover, but I suppose it serves its purpose and will attract people looking to buy a film based on the sex provided inside.

The menus could not be any simpler; the menus are simple to a fault. While being super simple, it is also super bland with only one image that was similar to the front cover. No imagination involved here.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The opening sequence also serves as opening credits, and shows a group of girls being taken by van to an old private school. After all the credits are finished, the headmistress leads a silent Alexis Love to a room where two men are with a young woman (Sandy Cage). The men lift and dip a rope bound Sandy into a tub full of water. Sandy does not struggle or show any signs of distress. The headmistress gives Alexis a glass dildo, and she uses it on herself as Sandy looks on. Soon Angelina Crow enter and Alexis makes an exit. The men DP Angelina and the scene ends with a cumover.

The next scene starts off with Alexis walking into the schools kitchen and finding a drunk and sleeping man passed out in a chair. Alexis unbuttons his pants and strokes the guy's junk. Alexis gets scared off as the headmistress enters the room (Lydia St. Martin). The headmistress awakens the sleeping man and gives him oral sex as well as a hand job. The scene ends as the guy ejaculates on the headmistress's chest.

The next scene looks to take place in the past and features the schools nurse (Naomi) and three masked men. The men are naked and wearing different animal masks (Pig, Wolf, and Deer). This scene is a gang bang featuring oral, vaginal, and anal sex. This scene also features double penetration. At some point the men seem to ditch the masks.

The next scene features Carman Moore and what appears to be a butler. Carman is laying on a table, and the butler approaches, the two kiss, and then have sex.

The next scene features the nurse, and Sandy, in a girl/girl scene, that features lots of toy play, kissing, licking, and even some squirting. This scene features a wide variety of toys, plugs, double sided dildos, to name a few.

In the following scene, the headmistress leads Alexis to a room, in the room is a heavily bandaged man who is wheelchair bound. The two perform oral sex on the man, and move on to vaginal sex before the end of the scene.

The next scene shows a buff guy walking into a room where Alexis stands naked. There is some touching, kissing, and fingering before the two move on to oral and vaginal sex. This scene ends with a facial cumover and finishes the movie.

Camera work:
The picture quality may feel slightly dated, but it still is fairly clear and easy on the eyes. The camera angles were good and well documented the action. The filters were a little too heavy in the Nurse gangbang scene.

Sound work:
The sound work was average, everything could be heard. There was no dialogue and very little music in this film. The sex sounds were clear.

Bonus Features:
Bonus scene

Personal Comments:
Let me start off by saying that this movie was not completely bad, not good or great. I have more gripes with it than things I liked about it. Let's get the likes out of the way first; it's a much shorter list. I loved Naomi in this movie, she is great, and she is a really good performer. Her girl/girl scene was not boring or repetitive, which often happens in a lot girl/girl scenes. The locations/sets and the costumes were done expertly and added to the films rustic private school theme.

Now for the bad, this film had no story driven dialogue, yet it had sounds of the girls saying “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, right there! Yes!” and so forth. So basically it is a silent film with a bunch of moaning in it. The viewer is supposed to decipher the convoluted storyline and come up with something. I came up with nothing. Maybe I lack the director's intellectual prowess, which is entirely possible.

This film wants to hard to be an art film, while also being a porn film. You can have both art and erotic material, but this is a fail on that concept. The back cover says “Will our heroine become their plaything?” Well excuse me; I didn't see any heroics in the film! Nor did I find anything for anyone to overcome, no obstacle, nothing! I saw a lot of people having sex, and they seemed to enjoy themselves, where is the dilemma in that?

Now, the sex was extremely hardcore, which will appeal to some, and not to others. Personally I kind of like it, to an extent. As far as the sex is concerned, it was a little rough, which again will appeal to some and not others. I think that the sex was done fairly well, all except for the bonus scene. The bonus scene featured a guy and girl having sex, the man repeatedly went from anal sex to vaginal sex, and back and forth. That is not safe, and I found it to be a little barbaric, but maybe that is just me.

I am giving this film a two star rating; the concept was there but was not executed.
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    great review on a bad movie, by the sounds of it. sorry it was not better.
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    Give me more hardcore, but this sounds strange, at best.
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