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What is this, amateur hour?

Sister Midnite is just terrible in every way. It lacks story, a good camera, a good cameraman, passion in its sex, and many other things. The movie is watchable, but I was so bored through the whole thing. The only good thing about this movie is the mouth with the eyeball on the back cover which has NOTHING to do with the movie.
Nothing really. Maybe the Razordolls trailer.
Boring sex. Bad lighting. Amateur cameraman. Douchebag pimp. Everything.
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Case: The front has 3 naked girls, the blonde in stockings being the focus of the cover with eyes, wings, and a compass, in the background making you wonder, "What exactly are they going for?" Below the name, it states it is "a Vonn Fink loop". The bottom has Pulse, Razordolls and Razordolls Entertainment logos listed.
The back of the case features images of the DVD such as vaginal and oral sex, and dildo and strap-on play, alng with 2 of the girls posing naked, and a mouth with an eyeball in it. When I saw this I thought it was gonna be good and have some kind of horror story, but no... Below all this the stars are listed like so: Jade Jolie, Mei Kasahara, Stoya, Reagan Maddox, Brass, Violet Marcell, Amber, Riley Mason, Violet Skye and there are also credits for other people involved.

Menu: The menu has a weird techno/trance music playing while you see shots of a street, interrupted by a double exposure-type effect of girls dancing. The options include: Play Movie, Chapter Index, and Special Features, and throughout the menus, it is very "bare bones". There's no previews of what you're clicking on as most other movies have. The Chapter Index simply had 9 scenes numbered and named, but that is all.

Extras: There is a "Photo Slideshow" extra with shots from different scenes in the movie, but it is better left untouched. Not only is it very short, but they are all terrible quality pictures that look like they were taken from an old phone and have a grainy effect. "Sister Midnight Trailers" has the word written "Midnight" throughout the menu instead of "Midnite" as the DVD is titled. The extra features 2 trailers for the DVD. "Sister Midnight Teaser" is just the girls showing breasts, licking and touching each other a little, while "Sister Midnight Hard" is an extended version, showing the girls sucking on guys, and each other as they are named.
"Pulse Trailers" gives 2 trailers for Razordolls (a "soft" and "hard" version), Suthern Cumfort, and Stunt Girl 2. "Razordolls Soft" shows clips of multiple different scenes from the movie with some music in the background that fits the style, but isn't that good. "Razordolls Hard" shows just one girl giving a blowjob to 2 guys, having sex, and going anal. Suthern Cumfort shows 2 people passionately making out in a car, shows a security shed, then girls in short shorts showing their asses, then a bunch of tools. It is a really weird trailer. After it shows some slow motion clips with some music, that doesn't really fit. Stunt Girl 2 is just a bunch of close-ups that are so close, you can't tell what's going on. Int the last seconds, it shows a little of the actual movie, and names the stars. It's a really terrible trailer.

Lighting/Camera: The lighting throughout the movie is very dull, and causes tons of shadows to appear, sometimes ruining shots. The light is there, and you can see the action, but you can instantly tell that an amateur team was behind this movie.The camera angles are very amateur and not good at all. The cameraman seems to be an amateur whose only ability is to keep the camera steady. The quality is watchable, but you can tell it's not a good camera at all. In the very rare times that there is a good shot, it is usually short lived, and killed by bad lighting that causes shadows and ruin the scene.

Film: The actual movie is not good either, due to it's lack of story and diversity in appearance of the people involved. The girls are almost all pale with small breasts, piercings, tattoos, and thigh highs that make it obvious this film was aimed to fans of "alternative" girls. The men are just skinny guys who look like they fit the scene, no buff or muscular guys here. There are moments in every scene that people just randomly aren't there anymore, or the scene appears it will end only to continue on, and the worst part of all is that in all the girl on girl scenes, not one truly sounds or looks happy. This is not easy to ignore since the sex overall is just so amateur. Every scene starts with a different song, but has the same techno/trance style. There is very little dialogue in the entire movie and I'm guessing it was created just to make a quick buck.
The film starts with random street shots, and some pimp basically offering a girl a job, the entire movie just jumps between random clips of this douche pimp, and random sex scenes...I don't get it either.
The first scene is a sad attempt at what I'm guessing is BDSM. A blonde and black haired girl play alone, the blonde being portrayed as a dominant bitch, then they alternate between blowjobs and sex with 2 men. One is just lying still with a mask on his face and hardly moves, the other wears some fetish gear. The scene ends with both girls lying down and getting cum on their faces. The money shot however was weak, due to the fact that there was very little semen. Overall, the people in the scene look like amateur kids trying BDSM for the 1st time who don't know what they're doing.
In the next scene, 4 girls play with each other for a couple of seconds before one crawls over to a guy who's playing with himself to suck on him. The 3 others join in on sucking him, before it randomly switches to one girl banging him while the others just vanish, then another for a short time before all the girls reappear. He does another while the rest watch and make out with one another, then it switches to something actually different as he goes anal on a girl. Sadly, the anal was just as unentertaining as the rest of the sex The scene ends with a mood killer as the girl gives him a blowjob, then transfers the cum to his mouth.
Next we go back to the douchebag pimp again as he condones prostiution, saying that if you're low on money it isn't the worst thing you could do.
It then cuts to a lesbian scene with 2 girls making out, licking each others nipples and pussies. Girls finer each other, eat each other out. The purple hair girl straps on and gives it to the brunette doggie style, then the brunette gets on top for a bit of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with the brunette sucking the strap-on. There's not much passion in the scene at all, and no orgasms on either end.
The next scene is an all-girl 4-way with lots of rubbing, licking, and such. The girls moan, but it all just sounds faked. It ends with 2 girls holding ones legs open as a fourth one uses a dildo on her.
The final scene shows two girls stripping, then both playing with each other, surrounded by lit candles, until a random guy appears. They both
start licking him through his boxers then pull it out and take turns sucking him. A random dog barking in the background made me laugh hard and wonder, " Just how hard is it to re-shoot that or edit out the dogs barking?" Finally, one of the girls takes it, as the other randomly vanishes. The whole time, it sounds like she's in pain and not feeling any pleasure. They switch position a few times, and the scene ends with the guy cumming on her chest but it is not very visible because, yet again, there is very little semen. To put the cherry on top of this crap sundae, we go back to the douchebag pimp who's now talking about drugs and starts referring to girls in general as "bitches". It ends with him saying "I'm not so bad."'re terrible.
Follow-up commentary
Still as terrible as the first time I saw it. I still don't like it, and I don't plan to watch it anymore. Watching this twice is more than enough for me, thanks.
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