Beladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 Beladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4

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What will be inserted into Belladonna?

Overall, I was pleased with this film. You get three disks full of Belladonna doing many different things. If you enjoy Belladonna, or enjoy aggressive sex with lots of toys, or just don't want any plot, this is a great film. However, be prepared for large toys, rough play, slapping, chocking, and lots of anal to mouth. I was not at all disappointed, this is just what I was expecting.
Toy use, nice close-ups of action, only one scene has plot, 3-discs.
ATM, minimal lube, skips on Blu-ray but not on computer, lots of Jelly looking toys.
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Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4
Evil Angel DVD

Belladonna, Katsumi, Sasha Grey, Claire Adams, Danielle Foxxx, Vicki Richter, and Briana Love.

DVD Menu
The DVD starts out with the opening of warnings, but there are some very loud moanings going on in the background. After less than a minute, you are presented the main menu, which features Play Part 1, Chapter Menu, Audio Options (Commentary on/off), and Special Features.

Special Features has Behind the Scenes, Photo Galleries, Cast List, and Websites. The behind the scenes is 44 minutes long.

Scene 1 Katsumi and Belladonna
They start with a little kissing, before Belladonna starts licking Katsumi's privates through her dress. Both girls receive cunnilingus, and we see Belladonna leaning backwards over quite a lot, having her pussy licked, and playing with her nipples. Quite hot! This scene turned me on quite quickly. Both girls then deep throat a massive double dildo, and it is probably a 1.5 feet long. Some tit slapping and asphyxiation, a large plug up Katsumi's ass, and then 69 on the floor. They pull out the 1.5 foot long monster again, and Katsumi deep throats it while the other end is in Belladonna's ass. Now the dildo is in Katsumi's ass, but it is like they started with the largest, the plug, then went smaller and smaller. The scene got a little boring and repetitive towards the 40 minute mark and luckily the scene ended after 46 minutes.

Docking stars for the ATM, repetitive toy use, and the lack of lube. But two very enthusiastic hot women, with toy use. 3.5 stars.

Scene 2 Sasha Grey and Belladonna
The scene starts with behind the scene filming, before they get started about 10 minutes in. There is some humping and fingering, and next Belladonna starts playing with Sasha's ass. Sasha is a little loud during this part, and Belladonna must think so too since she silences Sasha with a pillow! Some spanking, Belladonna licking and fingering Sasha, some foot sucking, and foot slapping against Sasha's face. Next they move to a small hot tub, and Sasha is having a large dildo shoved down her throat. There is some definite fighting over who is supposed to be the submissive. Next, Belladonna pulls the super duper, no way in hell being inserted plug out, and starts shoving it into Sasha's mouth. This doesn't last long, luckily, and now Belladonna finds another dildo in the tub, and gets Sasha's ass ready for it. Some ass fucking, some mouth fucking, and some pretend strap-on play with this dildo. The last part of the scene features water play, which is a new one for me. This scene lasted for 54 minutes.

This scene I will give 4 stars. Not too much anal to mouth, different toys than the first scene, and water play. It just didn't really truly arouse me fully and wow me.

Scene 3 Sandra Romain and Belladonna
Belladonna is sitting in the corner talking to herself, and in walks Sandra. Sandra is definitely in control, and very rough with Belladonna. She shoves Belladonna's panties in her mouth, and then shoves her face into the toilet and flushes. Yikes! Sandra grabs a bottle of lube, squirts some in, and then shoves the bottle into Belladonna's pussy. Sandra's foot is also inserted into Belladonna's pussy and mouth, and a large dildo is inserted into Belladonna's mouth, pussy, and ass. Sandra shoves the entire dildo into Belladonna's ass, no flared base, and then shoves a large butt plug in next with the dildo still inside. Sandra shoves the same dildo into her pussy, and then double penetrates Belladonna with the dildo and the butt plug. Belladonna then holds the plug in her mouth, while Sandra rides it. This scene lasts 33 minutes.

I didn't like all the unsafe toy usage, but the action for the most part was hot. 3.5 stars.
Scene 4 Claire Adams and Belladonna
Belladonna is submissive throughout this scene, to Claire who is in a hot pink bodysuit, with a zipper crotch, high heels, and a black underbust cincher. This scene features asphyxiation, pussy slapping, and Claire fingering Belladonna's pussy. Claire sucks and pulls on Belladonna's tits, then has Belladonna suck her feet, before inserting the foot into her pussy. The first toy they use is a foot long glass wand, which is lubed via Belladonna's mouth, and then inserted into her ass. There are a lot of good close-ups during this scene. Belladonna then fingers and stretches out her own asshole, before Claire dons a monster strap-on. They then pull out a stainless steel looking wand, which looks like lube was added to it, and inserts it into Claire's ass. Clarie also uses the strap-on on Belladonna's ass and pussy. This was the loudest scene of the movie.

The scene lasted 57 minutes, and I will give to 4.5 stars. Great lingerie, multiple toys, vaginal and anal.

Scene 5 Danielle Foxxx, Vicki Richter, and Belladonna
The scene starts with Danielle and Vicki on a couch, and Vicki starts licking and feeling up Danielle. Then they go find Belladonna in the bathroom wearing a posture collar. Belladonna switches between licking both cocks, there is spanking, and both women licks and fingers Belladonna's ass. Danielle does some very strange licking/tongue fucking on Belladonna's ass which just looks really weird. Danielle is the first one to get to penetrate Belladonna's ass, then she shoves her cock in Belladonna's mouth with Vicki up Belladonna's ass. Then as if they were bored, they gave a new meaning to double penetration. Both Danielle's and Vicki's cock were in Belladonna's ass at the same time! This scene features some gagging, and it ends with Vicki blowing her load on Belladonna's and Danielle's face.

This scene lasted 40 minutes. I didn't like no vaginal sex for Belladonna, no toys, and no anal sex for either she-male. 2 stars.

Scene 6 Briana Love and Belladonna
Briana is pregnant and she calls for a nurse to come out. Nurse Belladonna shows up and starts by licking Briana's nipples, and rubs Briana's pussy through her panties with a stethoscope. Cunnilingus for Briana is next, before Belladonna dons a glove for fingering, but uses her own saliva. A dental dam comes out for anallingus on Briana, then a very small anal probe for Briana's ass. Briana gets spanked even though she is a great patient. Briana then starts to rub Belladonna's pussy, before playing with her feet. Then Briana licks her own big toe, wow she is flexible, before inserting it into Belladonna's ass. Next Briana inserts a butt plug into Belladonna, but she doesn't just leave it there. She thrusts it pretty aggressively, and then they both taste the plug. Then a Njoy Pure Wand and a vibrating bullet gets pulled out, and Briana uses the bullet and squirts twice.

This scene lasts 42 minutes. I liked how it wasn't as aggressive as the others, the toys were more normal sized, and she pulled out an Njoy Pure Wand. But they didn't use it! 4 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy this DVD, but it isn't one I reach straight for when I go to masturbate. Looking through the scenes from my review, I would probably want to watch the scene with Sasha or Claire most, based on looks with lingerie and performers, and the toys used. The first scene with Katsumi was just ok, the scene with Sandra is always really intense, almost too much, the trans scene didn't turn me on, and I'm not into the whole pregnant women thing either.

I recently had to move some DVD's out of the nightstand because I had so many in there. I left the ones that I enjoy in the nightstand, and moved the ones that probably won't get watched very often if at all to the closet. This one stayed in the nightstand.
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  • Contributor: married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing. Does not sound like my kind of movie.
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    Thanks for reading. It's definitely not for everyone. I like it because of all the sex with toy use.
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Really nice review.
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    Thanks Tuesday.
  • Contributor: El-Jaro
    Good review!
    I changed Katsumi to Katsuni for you
  • Contributor: leatherlover
    Hey thanks JR, but it is a totally different person. I thought the same thing until I saw her name on the DVD.
  • Contributor: MrWishyWashy
    Thank you for the detailed review!
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    Thanks MrWishyWashy.
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