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Where is Dirty Eastwood? Tha’d be the wrong series, but eh… Riley is Hot!

This is without a doubt one of the most hardcore films I have come across in a long while, not only is it very hardcore, but it features a wide variety of sex acts. Riley Mason has one of her best performances, and Gwen’s performance is not too far behind. Along with the standard Gonzo style, this film also features the hottest POV action that I have come ever across to this point.
Great POV action, beautiful performers, and tons of hardcore action!
May be too hardcore for some!
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Front Cover:
The front cover features a super sexy picture of Riley Mason in a revealing pose, without any nudity. While there is a decent amount of text (title, director, production company, and etc.) on the cover, it doesn’t feel cluttered or overwhelming. The purple, grey, and black color scheme is fantastic and really stands out in a good way. I liked the cover, and I feel it serves its purpose.

Back cover:
The back cover is extremely provocative, with sixteen “bang shots” (sexually explicit screen captures). The “bang shots” include several sex acts, including POV, double penetration, and girl/girl/girl (strap-on). While not being as classy as the front cover, it does serve its purpose; the sex shots are well done and are a well representation of the action contained in the film.

The menus utilize the same purple, grey, and black color scheme as the covers. While the menu itself is not provocative, the background noise is. The background music consists of heavy metal music mixed in with sex noises (groans and moans).

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with the cameraman interviewing Riley, they discuss the gauntlet and all that it entails. As the camera man decides to take Riley to the beginning of gauntlet, by leash, she pulls back on it and tells him she wants to have some fun before they go. This sex scene is shot in the POV format and consists of oral and vaginal sex before ending in a cumover facial.

After the cameraman is finished he leads Riley by leash (as she crawls) to a group consisting of three males and one female (Aaliyah), who are already having sex (oral sex to be more specific). Aaliyah gives and receives oral, while she receives anal, vaginal, and double penetration. Riley only gives and receives oral and vaginal intercourse.

Once finished, the cameraman leads Riley by leash to a group of five men, here she performs oral sex, and one by one they ejaculate into her mouth (Riley swallowing before moving to the next guy).

The next scene starts with the cameraman interviewing Alexa, and after a short time they move into room where five men are lounging. Alexa performs oral on all five of the men, all the while telling the group that she is a “nasty white whore”, why that is relevant I will never know, I suppose it is a tool for the viewer, but to me it just gets annoying. After awhile Alexa bends over and has vaginal intercourse in the doggystyle position with one of the guys. The first part of Alexa’s gauntlet ends after all five men ejaculate into her mouth.

Alexa walks up stairs and interrupts four guys who were playing a game of pool. This part of the gauntlet features rough oral sex and ends with all the men ejaculating into her mouth. Once finished with those four, she looks over the railing and spies six more guys, she heads down stairs and repeats the same process and all six guys ejaculate into her mouth.

The next scene starts out just like the previous two, the cameraman interviewing Gwen Diamond. After some time, Gwen busts out a dildo and uses it on herself. Afterward Gwen rushes into the ladies room, where surprise, there is a guy. Gwen sits down on the toilet but decides she’d rather have sex with the dude behind the camera (different guy from earlier). This scene is shot in the POV format and apparently is not part of the gauntlet.

After Gwen exits the restroom, the cameraman from earlier (the interview) leads her to a room with Sandra Romain and Kelly, both of whom have strap-ons with rather long dongs attached. This sex scene features some very rough sex, and some extreme dirty talk.

After Gwen has finished with Sandra and Kelly, she crawls to another room where four guys await. Here Gwen performs oral and vaginal sex with male performers and each take turns ejaculating into her mouth. Once finished, Gwen gets up and leaves the room, walks into another room that consists of five guys playing pool. This scene is purely an oral sex scene that culminates with her receiving a messy facial.

Camera work:
The picture quality is as good as you would expect considering that this was shot in HD. The camera angles were very good, and the direction of the camera was great. The film was shot in a first person style, there was some POV, and when it was not POV sex it was as if you were an onlooker. This may appeal to some, and not to others.

Sound work:
The sound work was good and had no issues with dialogue or volume. I wasn’t crazy about the background noise that accompanied the menus, the music part was great but the sex noises were annoying.

Bonus Features:
Cutting Room Floor (Extra footage)
Bonus Scene
Aftermath interviews
Hardcore Slideshow

Personal Comments:
I liked this film, there was a lot of variety and there was a little something for everyone. This film was very hardcore, possibly one of the most hardcore films I have seen in awhile. Someone who has a weak stomach or prefers a softer style of porn may want to look elsewhere.

I really liked Riley Mason’s scene, this was without a doubt her best scene I have watched. After losing a lot of respect for her lack luster performances in “No where Angles” and “Neu Wave Hookers”, Riley regains a lot and then some with her scene in this film. Perhaps this style of film suits her more, less acting and more action, or perhaps I am reading too much into it.

The POV parts in this film were very well done, some of the best POV action I have come across (which, admittedly I have not come across much). The positions that were done in POV were shot to perfection, zoomed out enough so that you can see everything, but zoomed in enough to actually put yourself into the scene.

If there was one thing that got on my nerves, it would have to be Alexa’s "dirty talk". We get it, you are white and they are not. I would think that most porn viewers have eyes and can tell that the men are not white, and that would be good enough, at very least come up with some more creative dirty talk. Otherwise this was a great scene with some hot action. On a brighter note, Alexa did have a lot of energy and did do pretty well with her sex scenes.

I am going to give this a 5 star rating, If you are into hardcore action, then you will most likely love this film. If you are not into the more hardcore films then it is best to look else where.
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  • namelesschaos
    Good review as usual.
  • El-Jaro
    Great Review! I love a good POV/Gonzo flick!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for another great review. I don't know if I would enjoy something this hardcore, but you still make it sound really interesting.
  • markeagleone
    Great review! I love hardcore.
  • Kitt Katt
    Thanks for the terrific review!
  • Kitt Katt
    Thanks for the terrific review!
  • ijako9
    Sweet review thanks
  • oldman
    Are you calling this "hard core" because of the # of men cumming in/on the woman and because of the "rough sex" scenes? I am assuming POV stands for "point of view" and refers to close ups of the penis/vagina/mouth/penis it the same as what is referred to as "gonzo". Both of these terms are new to me and hence I am unfamiliar with them.

    Good review and it got me to purchase this one!!
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