Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal

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Wickedly Good Guide to Anal

With marvelous commentary, real experience, and advice from experts, this guide to anal sex covers all the basics. From prep, to warming up, to fingers, toys, and the main event, this guide will take you from fearful/curious to anal pro in no time.
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Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal is a real gem. If you're looking to get into anal sex for the first time, or have tried it a couple, or even many times and still have yet to feel really comfortable with it, this guide will help you relax, and even come to enjoy anal sex. Just follow along with the lovely Jessica Drake, bring a notepad, a partner, some lube, and maybe a couple toys, and you're all set! Jessica Drake will do the rest.

The DVD has a running time of one hour, with two 20-minute bonus sex scenes you can watch with or without instructional commentary. It also comes with a 5-minute demonstration on proper enema administration. That alone is worth watching this DVD for!

Your host for the guide is Jessica Drake, blonde bombshell and adult film star extraordinaire, well-known for her anal sex scenes. She's also well-known for her working in cohorts with Wicked Pictures to create several instructional guides, including her guide to fellatio and sex positions. This one falls in line with the others in the series and is truly informative and helpful.

The guide goes into detail on prep for anal sex, anal training, the use of fingers and tongues, toys, and finally, penetration. Jessica highlights a few warnings for those attempting anal sex, and finally we're lead through a hands-on demonstration on the proper way to use an enema. Yep, that's right. An enema.

We're introduced to two male/female couples who are all stars in the adult film industry. They're interviewed about their experience with anal. They answer such questions as 'How was your first time?' 'Why do men like it?' 'What fears do/did you have about anal sex?'

In a classy, nearly all-white, homelike studio setting, the glammed-up actors detail in a rather candid way their own hangups and funny stories surrounding anal. One gal had a first-time experience that was painful, one was afraid of the mess and taboos surrounding sex.

For prep, the guide advises to go slow, be patient, and outlines a couple top positions for anal (girl on top so she can be in control, spooning, for example). One major key for anal sex is to use lots of lube, and there can never be too much! Be sure to warm up with lots of lube, a toy, possibly an alcoholic beverage! And get clean, if you're worried about the mess. One of my favorite quotes from the video here is one of the female stars who says 'Shit happens.' She's right! Just relax.

Jessica touches on her favorite ways to shave her bum-parts, and states that if you're worried about a mess, all you need to do is be sure not to eat a huge meal the day of, eat less fatty foods, and use an enema 2-3 hours before sex.

It's important to be very turned on before trying anal. Clitoral stimulation is definitely good to add into the mix. Start with rimming, then slowly move your way to play with teasing fingers, and eventually work your way to anal toys, graduating their size until you're ready for a cock. This may take weeks, months, or even a few hours depending on your body and your situation. Just don't rush anything!

The video's highlights are the instructional sex scenes. The porn stars show us their favorite techniques in rimming, ass-fingering, and toys. Jessica's soft sultry voice interjects over the acts, illustrating the tips the actors are using as they go along.

An important thing to note here is that the ass is not the main focus of any of these acts. Kissing/stimulation of the entire body is beneficial to relaxing your partner or yourself, and takes the pressure off the need to 'perform.'

A few tips outlined in the DVD

*Oral sex while sliding a finger in the ass, to make sure the partner's relaxed and being pleasured while the potentially 'unpleasurable' act is occurring
*Spinning toys instead of thrusting
*Starting small! whether it's fingers to toys, or small toys to larger ones
*Using the finger or a toy to simply sit immobile in the ass, to loosen and relax the muscles, while pleasuring the partner in other ways
*Take a deep breath in and let it out as something enters your bum. Take another, hold it, and feel the sphincter relax
*It's ok to be nervous - Anticipation is a big turn-on for some

*Use a condom for all sex, but especially for anal, to prevent HIV/AIDS, prevent prostate infection and also to make insertion easier
*Don't use a numbing or anal 'relaxing' spray or cream. The anal tissues are very sensitive, and you could damage them due to using something that doesn't allow you to feel when you're going beyond your threshold
*Never go back and forth between anal and vaginal sex without sterilizing what you're using to penetrate, and/or changing the condom on it

The Main Event
We see our actors hooking up for the main event, too! It's pretty intense, and actually some of the classiest porn I've seen, considering it's for educational purposes. The gals are pretty, though they're wearing too much makeup. It's a bit distracting. Still, the setting is neutral, if not a bit 'super-mod-office' style.

We also meet a real-life couple who's tried anal but not had good luck with it. They follow Jess' tips and explore the nether-lands once more, with you as their audience. I was mesmerized watching this real-life couple. The male was so gentle, patient, and interested in relaxing, pampering, and opening his gal up. She was obviously nervous, possibly because it was one of her first times with anal, as well as being in front of cameras! Her boy was really good at stopping to re-lubricate multiple times, and was so gentle and easy. They communicated alot throughout the session. He used his tongue, toys, massage, fingers, the whole lot, for a good long while before working up to the main event. They both loved it. And it really turned me on! Got me ready to try out the tips myself.

The hour-long main section is accompanied by two 15 minute steamy sex scenes, which you can choose to watch with or without Jessica's sultry commentary. Then porn star Dana De Armond takes us inside her bathroom to show us how she gives herself an enema. So very candid and informative! My favorite line was the last in the movie, from this scene:

"Now I'm going to run to the toilet and expel my butt water. See you later!"

For me this was a pretty good, albeit necessarily racy educational guide. It got me excited again about the endeavor of anal. My boy and I have been practicing anal sex for a long time, and on occasion I've even been able to enjoy it (!) but just not as much as I'd like to. I was curious to see if there were more tips out there for me, that I could possibly use to amp up our anal sex life. Armed with the information that Jess Drake gave me, I do feel more confident about anal sex. I will grab my silicone lube and anal toys to head out this weekend and see what my boy and I can do!
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