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Passion throw

Adult game by Kheper Games

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Passion throw review

Passion Throw won't revolutionize your sex life, but it is a relaxing way to add variety. It can be easily adapted to perfectly fit your desires.
Simple game that allows adaptation and variety; relaxing.
Game play may interrupt flow of foreplay; cheap materials.
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Passion Throw|Passion throw - Adult board game is simple and straightforward, but it passes the real test for any sex game: we barely finished the first time we played, and didn't finish at all the second.

The game consists of a fabric playing board (40 inches by 60 inches, which is big enough for both people to sit on, but not big enough to stretch out on.  This is fine if you play on a bed, but if you play outdoors your legs will end up on the ground), two soft playing pieces, and a large foam die.

The materials are not luxurious – the fabric of the playing board is thin and feels slightly plasticy – but they do seem durable.

The game itself is also simple.You roll the die to move along the path and perform the actions you land on, working your way from "begin with a kiss" to the final space, which allows you to (finally!) select a position and go at it.

Along the way, you indulge in lengthy foreplay that builds at just the right speed, resulting in a wonderful climax for both players. I did notice that the game never tells you to take your clothes off, though, so you must either start naked, take clothes off as the mood strikes, or make up your own rules for stripping.

Actually, the adaptability of Passion Throw is probably its strongest asset.  You can use different dice (or new rules) to speed up or slow down your progress through the game.
My husband and I also brainstormed a few ways to jazz the game up, such as using our hands instead of the playing pieces to mark our places, which would add a Twister-like quality to the game.  And, of course, any action that doesn't appeal to you can be easily changed with a permanent marker.

Most of the actions were fairly run of the mill.  There were a couple of things that we hadn't tried before ("bite ass" was one example) and a few we don't find arousing (neither of us got much from "tongue naval"), but for the most part the kisses and massages and occasional dances were well within our repertoire.

I found this game did help me relax and enjoy foreplay, which led to intense orgasms which left me melted into a puddle at the end of each session.

My husband, on the other hand, found the game occasionally frustrating – it interrupted foreplay too often, so that he found it difficult to build arousal. Passion Throw isn't a game that will revolutionize your sex life.  But it is a relaxing way to add a little variety.

I loved the thrill of making my husband weak at the knees and cross-eyed with passion, and then turning around and saying "your turn!"
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  • Nashville
    It sounds like a cute game in theory.
  • That's exactly what it is. If you're looking for a *good* game, check out Bliss. (You'll need to google for it, since EF doesn't carry it.) Worth every penny.
  • Timaree
    very thorough, comprehensive review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • Kiwi
    game sounds fun!
  • dlw
    sounds like I would get in trouble for wanting to continue playing while my partner wants to skip to the end! ha ha
    Thanks for the review.
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