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The notes are fun and refreshing without focusing too much on romance or sex. The notes are attractive in appearance and feel like high-quality items. They're frustration-free and provide a fun way to get closer to your partner.
High-quality paper, Refreshingly fun ideas, Cheap/easy to do
Some are marriage/kids related, Some are female-focused
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"Love Notes" is a little book produced by Redbook that is full of coupons to give to your partner. The book has 100 little coupons. Each one of the pages is perforated, so it's really easy to tear out the coupons and give them to a partner. Each page is full-color and made from stock cardboard.

Redbook is a woman's magazine whose readerships is married women from thirty to fifty. So what is the readership for this book? I wouldn't say you have to be married or in your thirties, but it looks like this book was intended for those that, at least, are in steady relationships and live together. Some of the coupons reference children, but you could ignore those. For example, one of the coupons mentions doing laundry together which would be silly if you weren't in a steady relationship. Most of the coupons, though, could apply to any type of couple of any age.

The coupons aren't all sex-related, but I could call them romance-related. They don't tell you sexual positions or anything, but they all are intended to be romantic and possibly lead to sex. For example, there's one that says you should wash your car with your partner - and maybe turn the hose on themselves. Another talks about how you are claiming the television remote for three hours.

The coupons are all held together by the binding inside the book. It's really easy to tear each coupon out. Each coupon is just about four inches long and three inches tall. The coupons have a front-side which is basically just a little clip-art looking picture that demonstrates the statement on the backside. The backside is the one-sentence statement about what the note is worth. (Give me a bubblebath, compliment me, etc.) There is no To/From lines to fill out, so it's really easy just to tear it out and give it to your partner. The front sides of the notes are actually really pretty, and I could easily see someone choosing to collect/display these somewhere to motivate them to complete more of the notes.

Something I did notice is that these coupons are intended to be used by the female. They are intended for the female to read, tear them out, then give them to their partner. A lot of coupons talk about female things like painting toenails, complimenting, and bubble baths. Some of them are pretty gender-neutral though, so you could take turns exchanging the coupons.

The coupons themselves are pretty varied. They aren't all sex-related, but they are varied. Some talk about having breakfast in bed, others talk about trying new sex positions, others talk about doing the laundry, and some are about massages. None of them take a large amount of effort though, so all of thse coupons are things that your average couple would have no problem accomplishing. Most of them are cheap or price-free. A couple (like going out for drinks) may cost a bit of money, but none of them require you to take a vacation or rent a hotel room or anything like that.

The "Love Notes" book is actually a really cute idea. I'd recommend this for couples who want some cute ideas on things for the two of them to try together. However, if you are looking for sex-only little coupons, these aren't it.
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    Good review, Mistress. But you said, Some of the coupons reference children, but you could ignore those Why would I do that? I have kids.....
  • Kayla
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    @P'Gell - Pssht. I don't have those minions running around. I guess I could invent some just for the purpose of the coupon, but that seems silly.
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    Thanks for the review. MIght give me some ideas for pleasing the wife.
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    I have these, love them.

    @DarlingJen- I was thinking the same thing
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    Thank you for the written and video review! Now I know it's probably more suited to my GF than me.
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    the video is great. I like how your man helps!
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