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Adult game by Chocoholics divine desserts

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Sweet Deal

We loved this game so much that my partner is going out to buy her own copy. It's silly, fun, and easily customized by leaving out elements you're less fond of, and incorporate outside elements that you enjoy. I'll definitely be pulling it out again in the near future.
High quality, tasty, fun, easily modified to your tastes.
You'll need to replace the chocolate for future games.
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Purpose / Audience

This board game is definitely aimed at a couple, so if you want to play with more than two people it takes a little tweaking to make it work. You'll need to grab additional playing pieces, and decide on a rule to determine whom you perform certain actions on. A couple of suggestions: Saying that whoever drew the card gets to decide is an easy way to settle it. Another is to pull out a die and decide that certain numbers on the die denote certain players and then roll for it.

If you are playing with 3 or 4 players, the six sided die included in the game would do the job just fine. For 3 players, numbers 1-3 denote one of your partners, numbers 4-6 denote the other; with 4 players, numbers 1-2 denote the first partner, 3-4 denote the second, and 5-6 denote the third. We found that we tended to use the paintbrushes and chocolate paint pots interchangeably, and there was waaaaay more paint than we used over the course of one game, so I wouldn't worry too much about arranging to have extras on hand for those particular supplies.

Rules / Content

Instructions for game play were included printed on the inside of the box, so they were easy to find and won't be easily lost. Aside from one minor point (specified further down), they were clear and easy to understand and modify to one's own tastes.

The game is simple and straightforward. One rolls a die and moves a pawn around the board. The square one lands on is inscribed with one of several different words, which specify what comes next.

If the square says "chocolate", one draws a card from the deck of cards labeled "Chocolate". This card features a simple illustration of some sort and a body part. One then uses the chocolate paint to draw the picture featured on the card on the body part specified or the nearest bared body part.*

If the square says "strip”, you take off an item of clothing of your choice.

If the square says "dare", one draws a card from the deck of cards labeled "Dare". There are several different kinds of dares. Some of them will instruct you to lick off one or more of the drawings on your partner. Others tell you to take off a specific item of clothing. Yet others are saved for future actions. Most fun of all, some of these cards can be used to force your partner to perform a favor of your choosing for you.**

Other squares include "rub", "kiss", "hug", and "favor". The instructions say that if one lands on a "massage" square and has a dare card labeled "massage" that one can redeem it for a full minute of massage for the body part of one's choosing at that point in time; given that there are no squares labeled "massage", we assumed that the instructions were referring to the "rub" square. When one lands on the "kiss", "hug", or "favor" squares, one receives either a kiss or a hug or a pre-determined favor from one's partner.

The game is won when one partner is fully bared, thereby losing the game. That partner then performs a pre-determined favor for the winning partner.***

The game also includes instructions for an optional extended play version, where the game continues with the nude person performing favors of the clothed individual's choosing for the clothed individual whenever the nude partner lands on a "strip" square - but beware! When the clothed individual is forced to remove the last item of clothing, the other partner may force a reversal of any or all of the favors previously performed.

* It is worth noting that the illustrations on the cards are all very innocent in nature. An easy house rule to make things a tad more interesting is to say that you can draw or write whatever you want. It is also more than worth it to go through the deck of cards beforehand and remove any cards featuring body parts that you would rather not find yourself licking things off of, given that some people may not be interested in licking toes and such.

** The game recommends deciding on the nature of potential favors before beginning the game. Once a favor has been performed, you can decide on another favor to use for upcoming cards or the end of the game.

*** The game doesn't mention anything of the sort, but we thought it made things a little more interesting to have favors performed during the game be smaller ones building up to an "ultimate favor" at the end.


I think this game is very nicely designed.

The pawns are standard ones, similar to pawns we are all familiar with from Parcheesi and other such board games, which have been well-proven to stand the test of time and are easy to replace if ever lost. The die is also of standard design. The board folds out from a single central fold. It is made from materials similar to those used for Scrabble boards and I expect it will last a long time.

A very nice point to note - the material for the board is impervious to chocolate spills, so if a bit of chocolate does happen to get on the board it is easily wiped off. The cards arrive as a single sheet from which one punches out the individual cards, so they are not quite as nice as ones that have been pre-cut and will have little tags on the edges, but none of mine tore when punching them out, so I was nevertheless happy with them.

The paint brushes that accompanied the chocolate body paint struck me as similar to the type that come with children's paints. It might well be worth picking up something a tad nicer for a couple of bucks at a local crafts store if you want to do more detail work, but they do the job just fine if you don't mind the wider brush strokes.

I had fully expected to dislike the chocolate body paint, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes much better than chocolate syrup and it was actually worth using. It came out of the jar in a very liquid state, easy to use for painting, but very quickly adhered to the skin so it didn't drip or make too much of a mess.

The two flavors that came with our game were Midnight Mocha and Espresso Dream, and it was a little difficult to tell the difference between the two. They were both a medium-brown shade and didn't taste much like coffee. The instructions say to refrigerate the jars once opened and that they are good for a week after that. I'd recommend opening one jar at a time and having everyone involved use the same pot of paint so that they last longer.

One very nice thing we discovered about this body paint was that it washed out of clothing (even a white bra!) very easily when spilled. This is definitely a bonus when one is painting someone who is still partially clothed since it means it's not as big a deal if a bit of the chocolate gets on the clothes.

Since the chocolate body paint is clearly a limiting factor with this game, I'm going to take this opportunity to offer a couple of suggestions for what to do when the body paint is all gone. Edenfantasys offers a range of different edible body paints, including multiple types of chocolate body paint, sold either individually or in bundles, which might be worth investing in.

A cheaper alternative that doesn't force you to wait on UPS may be to make your own chocolate ganache, although that would involve a little more prep work the day of. A ganache also has the benefits of being customizable to your own flavor preference, as well as making it possible to use different varieties of chocolate, so you don't end up with the problem another reviewer had where the chocolate body paint was not visible on a particular color of skin since it only came in a uniform brown color. With a ganache you can make dark brown paint, light brown paint, even white or colored paint if you want to use white chocolate and/or food coloring.

Making a ganache involves taking chocolate and melting it in a double boiler* or the microwave** and mixing in a liquid such as milk or cream. Make sure to mix in enough liquid so as the chocolate cools, you can still paint with it. You can also mix in different flavoring and coloring agents at this point if you so desire. Different extracts, maraschino juice, and/or alcohols would all work well with chocolate. Allow the ganache to cool - check the temperature before using it! You don't want to risk burning anyone involved.

* If you don't have a double boiler on hand, a metal bowl placed over a pot of boiling water but without the water touching the bowl or a pot with a long handle manually suspended over boiling water do the trick just as well.

** In 15 to 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until just barely melted. Keep a close eye on this since chocolate will go from melted to burnt in no time flat.

Personal comments

It's definitely worth putting down an old sheet and wearing clothes that you don't mind staining if you're going to play this game. Since you're working with chocolate, having to worry about stains can mean having to break off in the middle of the game in order to run and rinse out a spill or a smear, and no one wants to have to do that in the middle of foreplay.

Taking the time to pull out the cards that don't interest you ahead of time is also worth it, although it's easy enough to skip over them if you do come across them mid-game.

I really like the degree of customization you can bring into this game, due to its relative simplicity. It's really easy to add in your own rules or modify theirs to suit your tastes.


I really enjoyed this game. It was silly* and fun, and it's always great when you can easily define which object of clothing your partner most wants you to take off and teasingly remove everything but - although you may find yourself turned over a knee for a spanking.

If nothing I've said so far has convinced you that it's worth a try, here's something else to ruminate about: after play testing this with me, my partner is now going out to buy her own copy of the game since she liked it just that much.

* The Dare card which instructs you to don one of your partner's discarded items of clothing, for instance, is priceless.
Follow-up commentary
The game was fun once, but I just haven't felt compelled to pull it out again after the single time I played it for the original review. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have any more chocolate paint left from that time, and it feels like a lot of effort to manufacture my own or buy a replacement set for another one-time use, maybe it's something else. Whatever the case may be, it's just been sitting on the shelf, unopened and unused.
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