Acryl-x anal arc - vibrating probe by Pipedream - review by Jimbo Jones

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Acryl-x anal arc sex toy review

This is an interesting toy that is inexpensive. Having many of the features of glass at a much lower price point is very nice. It cannot be boiled for sterilization, but is stiff and smooth which can be nice for stimulation. I enjoy that it can milk my prostate better than most toys I have encountered.
Good for prostate milking. Acrylic has similar properties to glass
Cannot be boiled for sterilization. Vibrator breaks easily.
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The Acryl-x anal arc|Anal Probes: Acryl-x anal arc is a very fun toy. It is my first acrylic sex toy and I was intrigued with the properties of this material. It has a lot of the properties of glass – extremely hard and smooth as well as being non-porous and odorless. These attributes make it easy to clean, although it cannot be boiled for sterilization like glass. It also means that silicone lube is safe to use with the toy, which I appreciate. Finally, it is difficult to break, but it can be scratched. This particular application of acrylic is set up with four bulbs on a curved shaft. The largest bulbs are on either end with one of them housing the vibrating portion of the toy. The other two bulbs are smaller with the smallest one being closer to the vibrating end of the toy. Also, since it does not appear very phallic in nature, we are not as worried about where we store it as the kids are less likely to ask questions about it.

On to the fun stuff… after putting the toy together and a little warm up, I was able to successfully insert the non-vibrating bulb in my ass. Due to the curved nature of the toy, I found I could not insert it very far, and in process of trying to do so, I was met with the pleasant surprise of seminal fluid release from my penis without orgasm. My experience with this particular event is pretty limited, and it was nice to find a toy that made it so easy. Needless to say, I was quickly able to bring myself to orgasm and considered that a successful first trial.

The second experience with the toy uncovered some of its other potential uses. This time my partner and I were playing together and we decided to try out the new toy on her. For g-spot stimulation she has always liked a stiff toy with a decent head on it. Needless to say, this one really hit the spot. The curve of the device kept it from being inserted too far, and she loved how it felt sliding in and out. She reached orgasm pretty quickly and exclaimed afterward "I may have just found my new favorite toy!" I know I have a battle on my hands every time I want to use it.

I would definitely give this device an enthusiastic 4 stars. It has a lot of good features. The improvement that would be necessary for a perfect score would have to do with the vibrating portion. It isn't very strong and it seems to break very easily. Other than that, this toy is awesome and I would definitely suggest it if you want a device that will help you milk a prostate or two.
Follow-up commentary
The Acryl-x anal arc is an item that will probably always remain in my toy box. It is my only acrylic toy at this point, so it has a unique combination of stiffness with some give to it. It's almost as stiff as glass, but not quite. I don't have any glass toys with a curve that drastic, so it will always have a place as my prostate milking toy of choice. I don't necessarily indulge in that activity all that often, so it does tend to work itself to the back of the toy box, but its location there is sure. The vibrating portion of the toy has long since quite working, but that is not a big deal to me. In fact, if I had it to do over again, I would probably purchase the non-vibrating version. I suppose if I ever do purchase that one, then this item will probably find it's way into the garbage, but so far I have not seen sufficient reason to do that.
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  • Airlia
    This is exactly what I found using this toy. I was always scared to begin using it because of the angle but after the first successful attempt I haven't stopped! (Warming up with a less intrusive butt plug.) I can't get the whole thing in; but like you said as soon as the first two balls were in my ass and it was pushing upwards I had the most intense orgasm squirting unexpectedly. It normally takes a lot more for that to happen!

    When your partner used it did she use it anally or vaginally? I keep this strictly as an anal toy and enjoy the intense curve more now that I know the results.

    I haven't broken my vibrator but like you I find it pretty weak. However, I think the angle makes up for that fact tenfold.

    Thanks for the review, wish I could write my own and add all my tidbits. Enjoy your toy, like I do mine :)
  • Jimbo Jones
    My partner doesn't like the anal play herself, so we just used it vaginally on her. It didn't make her squire like it did you, and I find it interesting that it caused you to do that when inserted anally. The rigidity of the curve makes it very interesting. Why can't you submit an unassigned review on it? Thanks for your comments, Sienna.
  • Airlia
    Because the product is discontinued I can't grab it to write about it even though I own it! I think the extreme curve of the toy definitely was the reason for the unexpected orgasm, I've never experienced anything like it before anally.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Glad it represented such a great experience for you. The stimulation it provided surprised me as well. I didn't realize that it was discontinued. I've got a similar situation with another toy that I really enjoyed as well. It's too bad that occasionally a toy won't sell enough and will get discontinued even though it is a very good toy.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    Haha, the exact same (or opposite, depending on how you look at it) happened to me with my boyfriend. I got the cobalt bubble glass plug for an assignment but he took one look at it declared it his... I can't say I didn't have fun with it though ;]

    As for writing reviews for discontinued products, I believe it to be possible. My claim is based on the fact that I wrote one such review for a Doc Johnson double bullet vibrator that was discontinued about a month or so ago. The "grab it" button is certainly still on the product page. Sienna, maybe give it a shot and see if it will let you write the review? I'd love to hear about how it worked for you!
  • Jimbo Jones
    It actually isn't that bad when your partner takes a toy and claims it as their own because it means that you got something that is really worthwhile for them.
    The discontinued item I have been trying to submit a review on is the Sherbet. You are right that the "Grab It" button is still there, but it is disabled. You can go to that product page and see for yourself.
    Thanks for the comments.
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