Gerbil stimulator - prostate massager by Cal Exotics - review by Firemeup

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Bullet Onna Stick

This is definitely not worth it for anal use - pick up a normal bullet and have fun. If you're having trouble using a normal bullet, though, this might be just what the doctor ordered.
Better positioning than a normal bullet, might be useful for pregnancy or some disabilities.
Not that big of an improvement on a regular bullet, not safe for anal insertion.
Rating by reviewer:
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I loved the idea of the Gerbil Stimulator - a bullet you could insert anally and control easily. The execution, unfortunately, was not nearly so good.

The Gerbil Stimulator arrived with instructions for battery insertion, but no directions for suggested use. The construction was simple: a bullet on a flexible stick, with a plastic controller at the other end. Both bullet and stick were covered in jelly rubber, with the bullet styled to look very vaguely like a rodent of some sort. The controller had one button for On/Off, one for low speed, one for high speed, and an indicator light that lit up whenever it was on.

My first thought was "there's no way that's getting inserted into my ass". It wasn't the size (at 1.25" diameter, the Gerbil Stimulator is on the slim side for an anal toy), but the construction. Despite being listed as an anal probe, the Gerbil Stimulator does not seem at all safe for insertion. There is no flared base, and in fact the bottom end of the bullet is rather flat and would be difficult to pull out. In order to pull it out, you must pull on the stick and hope it doesn't come apart – and honestly, the toy just doesn't look well-made enough for me to trust it not to come apart. I don't mean to say it looked like it would break immediately, but it looked like it would break eventually – the first dozen uses would go fine, and then the 13th or 20th or 50th would result in a trip to the emergency room. Not worth the risk.

However, I figured it would still have some use for external anal play, so I inserted batteries (3 AA batteries – the loading process was reasonably easy) and turned it on. It seemed louder than most bullets, but the two speeds were reasonably well-chosen and it was clearly functional. The buttons confused me some, since it turned on at a low speed, and then went to high speed when you pressed the high speed button. You have to turn the high speed off to get low speed again, maybe a switch would have been a better choice?

At this point my husband came home, and I had to leave to get dinner ready. This was followed by a period of not feeling well, and it was two weeks later when I picked the Gerbil Stimulator toy back up for a proper run and found that the batteries were dead. I rolled my eyes, and went and found new ones.

(I discussed the dead batteries later with my husband, who is an electrical engineer, and he said there must be a serious defect in either design or manufacturing for that to have happened. Apparently any device with batteries in it will draw a little bit of current even when turned off, but it's normally so little that the batteries can be expected to still be good for at least a year. We brought out the multi-meter to poke around, but didn't find anything interesting.)

As a bullet for external anal play, the Gerbil Stimulator does a pretty good job. The noise isn't so noticeable when it's behind you and pressed against your butt, and the vibrations did feel good. The stick meant I could get the positioning I wanted pretty easily. I had better leverage, and was more comfortable than I would have been with a normal bullet. I'm not sure the extra comfort is enough to make having a separate toy worthwhile, but it was there. All in all, it felt pretty good.

It also occurred to me that the Gerbil Stimulator would be very helpful in another way. I recently found out that I was pregnant (hooray!), and I suspect that as my belly gets bigger it will be increasingly difficult to hold a normal bullet in position. The bullet-on-a-stick construction of the Gerbil Stimulator should make clitoral stimulation much easier. I imagine people with certain disabilities might find it similarly useful.

Since the bullet is jelly-coated and cannot be sterilized, I kept it covered with a condom to keep things sanitary. Washing it with soap and water would not be a problem, though there is a tiny seam where the stick meets the bullet that could trap dirt, lube, etc.

All in all, this is not worth your time or money as an anal toy. As a handled bullet, it might be helpful for people who have trouble getting stimulation to the clitoris.
This is jelly rubber, so cover it with a condom (or finger cot) to keep things nice and clean.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • her.royal.redness
    Sorry to hear this wasn't quite what you were hoping for. Wonderful review tho! Thank you!
  • Epiphora
    GERBIL!? Hahaha, oh, that's too good.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Gerbils are so not sexy to me. Nice review
  • Firemeup
    lol. yeah, I don't much appreciate the gerbil thing either, but it's kinda the least of the issues I had with it Smile You can ignore what it looks like, after all.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • residency2012
    great review
  • Eucaly
    Very nice review!
  • Top Living In A Lie
    nice review!
  • ViVix
    The name alone grossed me out...
  • Falsepast
    not safe for anal?...well no need for me to look for more info on this.
  • badk1tty
    I'm surprised it's not safe for anal seeing as how it's touted as a prostate massager, which is, you know..
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