Remote control butt plug vibrator

Creator Wasn't Kidding About The Name of This Toy! Rocking and Throbbing Your Booty Away!

This is a fascinating and exciting new concept. It's a great idea for a sex toy. I think they should make one in a penis shape for women like rabbits. The fluttering wings and vibrations would be perfect for G Spot stimulation.
Big, powerful, remote operated, rechargable
Have to relube if using a long time, expect to share this with the spouse
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First impression

First of All, I was surprised at the price of this. $64.99 if quite a bit for a vibrating butt plug. It does vibrate, has a remote, and nice big size. So I decided to get it. When I opened the box, I was wowed by its size. Reminded me of the Doc Johnson Original. I noticed the ribbing design on the side of the plug. I powered it on, and Wow! The two side things were bouncing in and out like crazy. I put the charger on so it would have a full battery charge. For sure, I was going to use it for a long time.

Charging, Light will blink until fully charged

To use this, you must power it on first on the bottom of the plug, as shown in my video. Once on, you use the remote to control both the vibrations and throbbing. The bottom button powers the remote on and also controls the vibrations. The top one controls the throbbing. On the sides, there are ribs. They will dance in and out when turned on. That's the throbbing action on this toy. Of course, you can use both vib and throb at the same time.

First Use

After it was fully charged, I applied some thick water-based lubricant gel on the top half of it. It's made of silicone, so I know it will dry out fast. I inserted it and felt a good stretch. Being tapered, it went in pretty easily, though. I activated the vibrations and throbbing from the remote after already powering it on before insertion. Since I had to work on the computer, I wore it while sitting at my desk. The throbbing felt fantastic! The vibrations made it even better. I played with the settings while working on my computer. It was strong but tolerable. However, when I got off the chair, the intensity more than doubled. I guess sitting muffled everything. I could barely walk with it on the high setting. I walked around and enjoyed the action deep inside my erogenous canal. I could only take it standing up for 10 or so mins. I had already cleaned it out before putting it in but felt immense pressure in my rectum. My penis was also pretty aroused.

I put it back on the charger and found less than 2 hours to charge up. I think the first use was about 45 mins.

Further Experience

My next experience was in the shower. I like using some dildos on the shower seat. This being tapered so much would be a good starter to open up for larger toys. The suction cup stuck on fine. It even held with some gentle bouncing up and down on it. The remote is water-resistant (not submersible). The neck is thinner than the plug, so it stayed in with no problems even while throbbing like crazy.

I like to go outdoors plugged. However, this was so loud I couldn't turn on the functions. I enjoyed some prostate and anal stimulation while wearing this in bed and watching TV. Under the blankets, it can be heard easily, though. A great use for this is to have my wife perform oral on me while this was throbbing away. Talk about dual stimulation! The BEST experience was using this while having intercourse. It was utterly fantastic!! The only drawback is, I came really fast. So as not to disappoint her, I let her use it after I cleaned it up.

She put a condom on it and used it in her vag since I was already spent. She loved vibrations inside, so I knew the throbbing would put her over the top. She was moaning in no time and had an intense orgasm. Great, now I will have to fight her for my toy. I told her if she uses this and a wand at the same time to put a thick towel under her booty first. She will for sure wet the bed.

Vibration Map

pg 1 booklet
# Pulsating intensities, 7 vib patterns, waterproof/ charging instruction

bk side leaflet
Instructions on how to use and care for

remove protective tab
Comes with a watch battery. Remove protective tab by pulling after sliding back lid.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I seldom ejaculate from anal play. I have with the Pure Wand and come close while being pegged. I always feel a lot of blood circulating in my groin area. I always get that feeling of euphoria in my lower regions.

I did orgasm quickly and strongly while having it in my rectum while having intercourse. I emptied completely and was spent. Actually took me a few minutes to catch my breath.

She, on the other hand, had a great intense orgasm almost instantly. The Booty Throb got her very heated. It's shorter than her dildos and rabbits. So she used the Kai rabbit to really get fulfilled.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I still like it but use if less often now. It's hard to sit on and tends to slip out while walking. I like to wear plugs outside but can't with this. The one time I did, I had to put my hand under it. I do think one neighbor noticed. :(
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    Great review! I was on the fence about buying this toy, but now I'm sold! Thank you!
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    Great review
  • Contributor: Trysexual
    Great review
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