Nexus G-play (Small) - g-spot vibrator by LB Trading Ltd - review by Jul!a

Nexus G-play (Small)

G-spot vibrator by LB Trading Ltd

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It's Not Small, It's Fun Sized!

The only real downsides to the G-play small are that it takes a more difficult to find battery (AAAA), isn't waterproof, and isn't quite big enough to do anything for the G-spot or the P-spot. However it can be worn comfortably, easily, and discreetly by either sex, and the motor is really quiet for the amount of power it puts out.
Safe material, Can be used by either sex, Comfortable for long term wear
Battery can be harder to find, Not quite big enough to stimulate G-spot or P-spot
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The small stature of this uniquely shaped toy from Nexus makes it less than ideal for hitting the G-spot or P-spot, however it is a great anal starter for a member of either sex. In addition to being a great beginning anal toy, it also sits very nicely between partners during vaginal sex for clitoral stimulation.

Material / Texture

All three members of the G-play series from Nexus are made of the same luxuriously silky silicone. It's phthalates free and has just the slightest bit of drag when dragging your finger over it. It doesn't really have much of a smell on its own, but does have a tendency to pick up scents from other things like lubes, soaps, and even the butt. If you think your silicone sleeve is getting rather aromatic, you can wash it really well, and then leave it out to air dry for a few days.

Design / Shape / Size

This little guy is pretty tiny. He comes in at just under 3" in total length, with just under 2 1/2" being insertable. At 2 1/2" around at his widest, the G-play small is perfect for beginners to anal play, however won't do much vaginally.

G-play small is shaped very uniquely, with a head that's designed to stimulate either the g-spot or the prostate. Because of his small stature, he's not likely to do either though. You start out with a wide head that narrows slightly into a gently bulging curve, and then heads down to flat base in a sort of willowy S shape. At the base you have the on/off button for the vibrating portion, as well as the battery compartment. The vibrator also removes from the sleeve very easily, making cleaning a breeze.

His small size does make him great for traveling with, and his pretty discreet shape mean that most people aren't going to be able to guess what he's supposed to be used for.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

It doesn't get much easier to use than this little guy. One button, on/off, one speed that's actually really strong for the size, and very quiet. It's about on par with most cell phones for noise, but won't be heard underneath a blanket or behind a closed door. The vibrations feel pinpointed at the head, but travel very well throughout the rest of the toy as well. The vibrations themselves are somewhere between medium and low pitched and are just buzzy enough that they might cause the itchy fingers that most people so desperately hate.

He functions better anally and clitorally than vaginally. Unless you have a very very shallow g-spot and don't like much girth in your toys, you're not going to get a g-spot orgasm from this. If you have a more sensitive clit, this will be more than enough to give you orgasm after orgasm, although fret not if yours is not as sensitive. You can either work for your orgasm clitorally, or you can insert this little guy anally. Being in a tighter cavity makes the vibrations seem to feel more pronounced, and while he's too small to hit the p-spot, G-play small is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and won't pop out on its own.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty easy. First remove the vibrator from the sleeve. Mine comes out pretty easily, but if you have problems, you can just pull back the lip of the base a little bit and wiggle it out. Then you can either spray the sleeve down with toy cleaner, wash it with soap and water, boil it, or run it through the dishwasher. Make sure that you don't use any silicone based lubes with any of the Nexus G-play boys since the same things that make the silicone lubes liquidy could do that to your toy, and that would suck, hardcore. Oil based should work, but water based is the best choice.

For storage, you can either use the box it came in, or you can store your whole set in a toy pouch. It is highly recommended to remove the AAAA (yes, that's quadruple A) battery while not in use.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Mine came in the set of all three sizes, so my packaging will differ, but should Eden start carrying this again, on its own I hear that it comes in a clear plastic cylinder that has a removable top like a cap, and comes with instructions.

Personal comments

If you're going to share this between partners, you should either boil the sleeve to sterilize it between uses, or make sure to use a condom (preferably unlubricated).


My first vibrating anal toy. Wow. I really didn't need much lube to insert this little guy anally, on myself or my fiance, and didn't need hardly any at all when I put it in vaginally. It does more for me anally than vaginally, so this is how I use it primarily, however I have put it between us during sex and it didn't get in the way at all. This is a great start for anal exploration, for either sex and something I do definitely recommend trying to find on your own, either at a brick and mortar store or through a google search.
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  • LittleBoPeep
    thanks for the review
  • SydVicious
    I have been thinking of trying one of the G-play toys. Great review!
  • twistedheartsx
    I was looking at one of these over the weekend, trying to decide what my first anal toy will be if I ever get the guts to get one AND use it. Great review
  • Jul!a
    This is definitely a great anal starter, very comfortable to wear. I say go on the hunt for one! Heck, look for the trio. Save a little money and get some good g spot toys too, lol.
  • ScottA
    How did you find it worked best clitorally? Especially how did you keep it in place as a vibe during partner sex?
  • Blinker
    I had no idea they even made AAAA batteries O_o

    Great review, girlie!
  • Owl Identified
    I checked useful when I actually meant to check extremely useful. Meh. I wish we could change our votes! Great review.
  • Kindred
    Thanks for a great review.
  • Jul!a
    Scott, I decided since it didn't do much vaginally to try it clitorally and found it worked pretty well, as far as it being between us it worked better if I was on top and since it was so small it lays very comfortably between me and him, sort of hard to explain, but long story short it lays on him and stays put

    Oh yes Blink, they do, lol. I'm gonna check Amazon for bulk deals maybe.

    Its not a big deal S, L, & L, it happens, lol.

    Thanks for reading everybody
  • new southern girl
    That gave me great info! Thank you!!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks for reading, I'm glad I could help
  • ScottA
    How did the toy work best for you solo? Did you hold the base and use the tip, or the rounded side, or what?

    It's nice that it worked handsfree during intercourse.
  • Jul!a
    When I used it clitorally, I held it by the base and used the head in different positions, since the vibrations seemed most concentrated there. On my own however, I generally prefer it anally, since there are more powerful things I can use clitorally and this is a great size for an anal newb such as myself.
  • Selective Sensualist
    This is so cute. Great review!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks Selective Sensualist
  • hiroshiro
    Too bad this was discontinued
  • Jul!a
    I know
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