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Are you looking for just the right anal toy to spice up the night? This product may be just the right one for you. It has a total of 10 vibrating patterns that will leave you shaking in your seat. Its beaded body works out well to hit all the sweet spots. It works out well if you just want a toy to give you some pleasure or if you want to involve your partner.
silicone, strong vibrations, easy to control, anal bead design
Needs Batteries
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First impression

When the package came in it was labeled with WEB MERCHANT Inc on it. Inside of this packaging were two air pillows which kept the product from shifting in transit. The product was in a box with a purple mist like background with an Eden Fantasy Apple on the front of it. Underneath the design were the words Intensifier in white letters. Below that it mentions that it is silicone, waterproof, and has 10 Patterns.

When you open the box, the toy is inside a clear cut off specially made for it. When I picked it up and held it, I realized it was a smooth silicone toy with some bead like grooves for anal stimulation. It had me very excited to try this new toy out.

Box the product comes in

Cut out that holds product

First Use

When I first used this product, it was a solo session. This product was simple to figure out. It even has a light to let you know its on to prevent from wasting your batteries. With any anal toys, the most significant thing you have to be concerned with is making sure it is very lubed up. Since the anus doesn't naturally produce wetness through sexual arousal lube is a necessity. Starting off with a little foreplay really helped me get into this new toy I used a smaller anal toy and fingers before proceeding to the Intensifier. When starting it up, I started on the lowest function to test the waters out before switching to the stronger settings. Turning it up the higher intensity helped me to receive the big O. After I was finished, I cleaned the toy with toy cleaner. I was able to feel amazing and have an excellent time.

Lights up in Use

Insertable length

Further Experience

With my first experience with the toy, I tried out the first three vibration patterns. As I got more use to the toy, I wanted to try out the other seven pulsating patterns. When trying those out combined with the silicone material I was on cloud nine and thoroughly enjoying every second of it. The anal bead-like texture worked out well for getting the right areas stimulated for pleasure. It is more enjoyable with the broader base like handle makes it more enjoyable with the fact you don't have to worry about it getting lost in there.

Size: The product is 8" total with 4 1/2" insertable and a 1" width. The intensifier has the right size for an anal sex toy. The size helps when hitting just the right spot. This toy has just the right healthy medium

Vibration Map

The intensifier is a powerful anal toy overall. It has excellent vibrations that know how to hit the right spot and keep you coming for more.

3.Tip: The tip of the product has stronger vibrations that are felt as compared to the other parts of the product. It also goes deeper than the rest of the beads allowing for a lot of targetted pleasure.

2. Beads: The beads have a little bit less than the tip, however, are still a nice powerful vibration to them for a generalized area. They help amplify to make it feel even better when inserted.

1. Base: Vibrations can felt in the bottom. However, they aren't for penetration. They don't have to be entirely compelling since the main vibrations are the tip and the beads.

Different stimulation: Since this is an anal toy I did not use it on other body parts. However, Since the vibrations are powerful if the toy was not used for anal purposes it could be used for other areas like the clit, G-spot, and nipples.

Beginners or Advanced users: This product would work well for beginners and advanced users. Beginners will like the smooth silicone material, lower vibrating functions, and the natural controls. Advanced users will enjoy that it is specially made for anal play, stronger vibrations and the uniqueness of the patterns.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This toy provided a very lovely anal orgasm. I wanted to see the difference between having someone else help out with the orgasm or doing this solo. When trying this, I was in the doggy position, and she was controlling the vibrations. It was amazing how much different it was to have someone else help out. All I had to do was focus on my pleasure. Trying a different position at a different angle was terrific. I received a fantastic orgasm from doggy style.

Position increase the stimulation for me:

Doggy with a partner: You can have your partner control the toy adding the sense of surprise and hitting spots that are more challenging alone. This position is an excellent way for foreplay and having a sweet O before a perhaps more intense session.


1. Cleaning out:
Before I did any anal play, I wanted to use an enema to clean everything out. So I wouldn't have to worry about getting any fecal matter on the toy. This action helped me focus on the pleasure and not worry if anything was going to come out.

2. Lube it up:
Using a water-based lube before anal play is essential since the anus does not lubricate itself naturally. To lessen or prevent any discomfort from using a toy always ensure that the toy is well lubricated.

3. Use foreplay:
If you aren't used to any anal stimulation, You will want to do a little foreplay before putting the toy in. You want to maximize pleasure for yourself. Using a finger covered with a water-based lube to loosen it up helps out significantly.

4. Only use a water based lube on this type of toy:
When using a silicone toy, you will want to use a water based lube to prevent damage to the toy. Other types of lube may damage the toy.
Pleasure Meter

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Follow-up commentary
The intensifier is a great product, whether you decide to do it solo or have a partner assist you. My first time using this product was solo; it was nice, felt good, and made me want to explore it. When I used this product with a partner and was able to relax and allow someone else to please me with it. It was completely different. I enjoyed it more without worrying about awkward angles, and that silky silicone was still awesome.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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