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Mini anal arouser

Vibrating anal plug by Nasstoys

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The Incredible Disappearing Toy

I'm really disappointed to say that the Mini Anal Arouser was not worth the time. One of the most important aspects of any toy, especially anal, is how safe you feel using it, and my experience with this toy wouldn't allow me to recommend it for its designated use to anyone.
Good vibrator, liked the shape, nub at the end great for the clit.
Base was not at all safe, couldn't be used as intended.
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The best part about the Mini Anal Arouser is its vibration; strong for its size but moderately quiet. I was actually really surprised that it vibrated that well through its thick casing using just a couple AA batteries. It also has a nice smooth shape and no sharp unfinished edges. The jelly material was great for this because it was flexible with just enough give so that it held its shape firmly but wasn't hard. There was even no nasty overpowering odor given off when I opened it up for the first time like other toys sometimes have.

The size was also really nice although a little large for a beginner, the first two bumps would go in fine but the final ball was pretty big at first. I found out later that this was actually because of a problem with my screen resolution: when I got the toy and realized it seemed bigger then I remembered, I brought up the 1:1 scaling tool that Eden offers and when I held up the toy to the screen the image was a good 1/2 inch smaller then the actual toy. (And yes I used the ruler on the side to adjust the scale.) But with plenty of good quality lube (I prefer AstroGlide) and a little warming up the size wasn't a problem, even for a beginner.

However, all of these good qualities can not outweigh the one major flaw that this thing has: its base. The base was designed as a very thin flimsy suction cup that bunches up on itself and in effect causes the toy to slide all the way in the anus. Although the cord allows for a somewhat easy retrieval, the suction cup coming back out does not in the least bit feel good. Even though the cord did retrieve the toy, it is after all only a thin amount of rubber and wire, which is not at all impossible to break. And if the thin cord was to break, well lets just say the best case scenario would be a rather embarrassing visit to the ER.

The only thing that saved this toy for me was the tiny little nub at the tip. It works as a great clit stimulator and my girlfriend enjoys it. Although because it is jelly and sanitation is a bit of a problem, we have to put a condom over it now. She absolutely loves the way it makes her feel and I love using it to get her hot and watch her squirm. Even then, because it is designed as an anal toy it doesn't offer the best control and handling as a clit vibrator. $17 is also a reasonable price, but all in all if you're in the market for a good anal plug vibrator, I'd recommend to keep looking.
As I said in one of my previous reviews, my girlfriend has gotten me interested in anal play recently so we decide to pick out something small and simple to try for me. When I actually got to unwrapping the Mini Anal Arouser I quickly realized that it was much bigger around then the computer screen made it seem when I picked it out. Regardless of the slightly intimidating size for a beginner we decided to give it a shot. It felt nice at first but once I got to the base part it got a little more difficult and uncomfortable. She went very slowly so as to not make it painful and through a some patience it went in all the way. Once in it felt great for all of two seconds until I discovered the real problem with this toy: the suction cup-like base is much to flimsy causing the toy to do a disappearing act. Luckily there is a cord that attaches to the vibrator control that let us retrieve it safely (if rather uncomfortably). Needless to say I left it alone after that scare, until later when my girlfriend suggested that it may need to be secured to a base using the suction. So, without too much optimism, we tried again but this time securing it to the top of a bathtub. It went in much easier this time around seemed to work pretty well... That is until I moved up to take it out; it lost its suction and I once again found myself in a very uncomfortable situation. We got it out again with the cord, except that the base that holds the egg in place started to tear as it was pulled out. After that experience we have decided to no longer consider it for its intended use; a bit disappointing for me but safety comes first...
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  • Cock Wrangler
    That is scary. This one should definitely be avoided, because there are better clit stimulators out there too. Just a note, the best case scenario for getting something stuck up your ass is actually that you can push it out yourself at home. Worst case is that fun trip to the ER.
    Check out a good vibrating butt plug or anal vibrator like this.
  • Epiphora
    Ugh! I wish Eden wouldn't carry stuff like this.
  • Lady Neshamah
    good review
  • LavenderSkies
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
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