Hot pinks butt plug - vibrating anal plug by Cal Exotics - review by Crystal_Rose

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There's a fine line...

From A Woman's Perspective: I ADORE this toy. I want to make that clear before I begin. This was a very good buy and one I don't regret but there are points that I want to make because this plug won't be for everyone. The following is my personal experience and opinions, and in no way am I assuming that this toy will function the same for everyone as each person has their own individual physiology, preferences, and level of experience.
Size, Vibrations, firmness and texture, color…
May be too large and sensations too intense for some individuals.
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For starters I would like to point out that the dimensions given on this website are incorrect. It says that the circumference of the plug is 5 ¾ inches. This is false. This baby is EXACTLY 6 inches around at its widest point. That being said, I would like to caution those new (and even those not so new) to anal play to be careful. I'm not saying don't buy it (I AM giving a five star review after all) but I am saying be prepared.

I would also like to state that I am relatively new to anal play. I've only been exploring this area of my sexuality for the past four months. I agree with those who have reviewed this product and said that it is generally NOT for beginners, but personally, I've always liked to push the limits with just about anything in my life. ( Just ask the tread mill that cried “uncle” only a year after I got it. :p ). This plug firmly falls into the intermediate/advanced category, and I already knew I didn't want anything small.

I quickly determined that the best way of adjusting myself to this large of a toy was to stretch out on my back. This position allowed all of my internal muscles to relax. Any other position had those same muscles tightening down and although that can be a good thing sometimes, it can be a bad thing when you know you are pushing your limitations with something new. At least for me.

Stimulation of the clit and/or g-spot during any type of anal play is necessary in order to achieve orgasm for a woman. For this, I use a bullet. After inserting the plug to the point where I began to notice resistance, I began to slide it back and forth in very small strokes, applying more and more pressure, slowly working my way up to the crest of the flare.

Before I go any further, I would like to mention that I do enjoy some extreme sensations when it comes to sexual pleasure. It's one of the reasons why I selected this toy.

So simply put, if you don't like a bit of pain with your pleasure, then this toy is not for you. And I definitely would not recommend it for the average beginner unless you already know you enjoy walking that fine line. Now, I know that there will be a reader or two out there thinking that I must have not taken my time or gone through a decent amount of prep work before attempting to accommodate this toy. That is not the case. I'm well versed in proper anal preparation. But this toy is a lot bigger than about 95% of the butt plugs out there. Even with a LOT of prep work and a lot of lube, getting this toy inserted past its thickest point the first few times pushed me further than even I would have thought I could handle but because of my individual preferences, I really enjoyed the ride. The only advice I can give to those women who will experience this toy with the same level of sensitivity that I did is to take your time and stay relaxed, don't tense up, and don't fight the sensations. Ride them out and see just how much of it you can take. If it gets to be too much, then back off a quarter of an inch and go back to rocking it in and out, which will loosen up the sphincter muscle or just quit the session entirely and go back at again later. Once you get it inserted past the thickest part though, any discomfort you may be feeling will disappear. Having the vibrations on helps, too.

And lovers, LISTEN to your partner if you are assisting them with this large of a toy or an otherwise highly erotic encounter could be a very bad experience for all of those involved. I have met several women who have been turned off of anal play because an inexperienced lover got in a hurry.

The first time I came close to getting it all the way in, but couldn't seal the deal. I took a break for a few hours and then went at it again that night after taking a hot bath to relax. That helped, because the second time worked. The sensation was still intense, but I had worked myself into a zone where I was prepared and enjoying it. Once I was past the flared ridge though, it slid in the rest of the way easily, and the discomfort disappeared, leaving me feeling incredibly full, tingling, and enjoying an endorphin high like no other I had experienced. And that was before I turned on the vibrations...
Oh. My. I am usually pretty controlled in just about anything I do and I am not very vocal during a masturbation session, but this plug literally made me writhe and gasp in a way that was totally unexpected. I never thought anything could feel like that. It's like grabbing onto a live wire, all heat and tingle, yet it doesn't hurt. At least, not in a bad way. It's like you know it should hurt, but your body didn't quite get that message. Instead, it just feels positively decadent and the orgasms it creates enter the category of earth shattering.

No other anal toy has created this sensation for me and I know it's because of pleasure/pain dual sensations that it creates due to its size. And despite its size and the sensations that it creates, I would like to point out that there was no sensitivity or soreness for me afterwards. It's conformed well enough that though it does prove to be quite a tight fit, it didn't leave me uncomfortable afterwards. That's a serious plus with any anal toy, let alone one this large.

It is an incredible source of foreplay as it will push you to the edge of orgasm yet will not send you over the edge no matter how much you may want it to on its own. With that in mind, this toy would be PERFECT for any level of BDSM play, whether mild or extreme. I'm not personally involved in that scene (even though I do admit to a certain level of curiosity that seems to be deepening of late. ;) ), and I do not normally possess a submissive nature, but even I can appreciate the idea of what this toy could bring to one of those types of sessions, just through the intense orgasm deprivation the vibes in this toy are capable of creating when not used with a clitorial stimulator. No other toy I've used has been capable of doing this. Yeah, you can tease with any toy, but the flirtation with the edge of an orgasm is usually like a wave... Almost peaking, but then receding.

Not with this baby. It will hold you on right on the edge indefinitely with no give in either direction unless you couple it with some sort of clit/vaginal stimulation.

It would also be VERY good for use during oral sex but I would not recommend its use during intercourse as, unless you are SERIOUSLY experienced with dual penetration involving larger plugs, you and your partner won't be able to pull it off. Even someone who likes this toy as much as I do would draw the line at that and use a smaller plug instead.

The vibrations on this toy are VERY good for the price. There might be a plug out there that's stronger (and if there is I'd like to know about it!) but I doubt it would make much of a difference. The first several levels are great for teasing, while boosting it to the max will definitely get your attention and make you burn. It's also surprisingly quiet for such a strong toy...
Follow-up commentary
I like the texture and feel of the plug. Firmer than I thought, yet still has some give to it. Some people have complained about its base not being tapered enough to stay in well, but I don't have that problem. Once it's in, it doesn't go anywhere no matter how much moving around I do. If it was tapered any more I'd actually be worried about getting it out easily which I think is why this toy is designed in such a way. As far as removal is concerned, it's easy to remove and easy to clean. The only two fusses that I have about this toy is that the material tends to attract lint (which I guess is just jelly in general, and like all toys made with jelly it is a very good idea to use a condom with it if you have a partner who you will be sharing with) and the battery compartment. There are no markers to tell you the appropriate way to stick the batteries in so you have to figure that out through trial and error each time you load it up. You also have to get the cap aligned and screwed on just right, or it won't turn on. You also don't want to accidentally press too hard on the cap during your playtime, as it might lose its connection to the batteries within. Other than babying it a little due to that consideration, I have no other complaints. It's an awesome toy. Just be aware of your own limitations when using it and take your time. Chances are, you will not get it all the way in the first couple (or more) times you use it. It all depends on your individual preference. Due to the level of extreme sensations that it creates for me, it doesn't get dragged out on a daily basis like some toys. But when I'm in a mood for something edgier that pushes my limits, then this toy fits the bill. I look forward to seeing how it holds up over the coming months (hopefully years) and will happily replace it if it ever decides to cry “uncle” !! ;p
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