Thump to Bump

The Thump is a go-to for sure. In my beginning anal days, I wished I had this. The ease and positioning of the item provide gentle arousal for even the tightest ass. The thump does not have your ass feeling like the door that was just knocked out by the cops in a raid. More so, provides the eagerness and temptation to want the head in and out. Smooth and easy
The size of the head
Material was clean
Easy to use
Makes me cum quick
I always go to it first
Makes me want more
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First impression

When I first saw this product, I wanted it. When it arrived in its secrecy, I was again surprised at how canceled the delivery came. Not thinking that it would actually arrive labeled as 'ANAL BUSTER". Eden Fantasys does an outstanding job maintaining privacy. Again two thumbs up.

When I opened the box, I immediately felt a tingle in all areas. The attraction to this item made me want to jump to action. So yeah, I did. Just seeing this item makes me want to use it. As I touched the Thump, I knew it was what I had been wanting. Don't let the cord be a setback. It is long enough to prevent accidents and in the way tangles.

First Use

The pulse of the Thump gave me an initial tease. The probing of my area gave me the sensation that I wanted more. I then tried the different pulses, leading me to feel its entirety in me. I was so taken by the arousal of the Thump I didn't even realize it was thumping me into a complete wetland of an anal orgasm.
The Thump is my go-to in my bedroom. Enjoying it the most as I lay on my back with legs up, positioning the Thump to pulse and knocking its way into my sweet area.

Further Experience

The Thump gets better and better each time I use it. I use it an estimated 4 times a week. The fulfillment and attraction provide me with satisfaction. Knowing I made the right choice. The thump is also my initial starter, pending if I want to go larger and longer in my area. The Thump opens one up to more options if needed.

Vibration Map

The vibrations were strong enough to where I wanted more and more. I could feel the vibration inside from the outside, leading me to want more. Having these strong vibrations allowed me to lay and relax, having The Thump thump its way inside me with no trouble.
I would love to try The Thump in my pussy, but my ass always gets jealous.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

OMG, the orgasms I get from The Thump are awesome. If you are familiar with anal orgasms, the pause feeling you get before the explosion is only intensified by the Thump. The pulses provided that teasing element of surprise. As you become entangled in The Thump, you will reach O-Yeah Land without even knowing it.
In my opinion, the best way to use The Thump is to lay on the back, arch your legs up, position The Thump on a pillow, and Gently rub the head of The Thump on your area to get the "butterflies" feeling. Slide away, hit power, and enjoy.
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Follow-up commentary
I'm learning new things about this guy every time I use him. OMG... the positions I can put him in. I still can insert, feel the thrust, and explode every time.
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